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Sokoban A Sokoban puzzle being solved. Sokoban (倉庫番, sōkoban?, warehouse keeper) is a type of transport puzzle, in which the player pushes boxes or crates around in a warehouse, trying to get them to storage locations. The puzzle is usually implemented as a video game. Sokoban was created in 1981 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi, and published in 1982 by Thinking Rabbit, a software house based in Takarazuka, Japan. Rules[edit] The game is played on a board of squares, where each square is a floor or a wall. The player is confined to the board, and may move horizontally or vertically onto empty squares (never through walls or boxes). Selected official Sokoban releases[edit] Sokoban published by Thinking Rabbit[edit] Sokoban (1982) (NEC PC-8801) with 20 levels.Sokoban 2 (1984) (NEC PC-8801) with 50 levels.Sokoban Perfect (1989) (NEC PC-9801) with 306 levels.Sokoban Revenge (1991) (NEC PC-9801) with 306 levels. Sokoban published by Spectrum Holobyte[edit] Soko-Ban (1988) (DOS) with 50 levels. Sokoban variants[edit]

iScen Gamification in Enterprise Technology Jeux sérieux gratuits Vous voici devant la plus récente version de notre célèbre Répertoire des Jeux sérieux gratuits. Principales nouveautés : Septembre 2013 : 22 jeux nouveaux ! Les nouveautés se situent dans les catégories suivantes: Pour les tout-petits (1), Administration - Finances - Marketing (2), Alimentation - Agriculture (1), Biologie-Nature (1), Droit et justice (1), Entraide - Bénévolat - Citoyenneté (1), Environnement-Développement durable (1), Informatique-Internet (2), Langues (3), Mathématiques (1), Musique (1), Orientation professionnelle (2), Physique (1), Psyché (1) et Santé-Hygiène-Prévention (3). Pour vous éviter de parcourir une très longue liste, nous vous proposons de cliquer ci-dessous sur les sujets qui vous intéressent. Sommaire du répertoire N’hésitez pas à explorer les catégories que vous ne connaissez pas, vous y découvrirez certainement des merveilles ! Bonne découverte, et bons jeux ! Pour les tout-petits (1 nouveauté) Administration - Finances - Marketing (2 nouveautés) (1 nouveauté)

Game-Based Marketing: Inspire Customer Loyalty Through Rewards, Challenges, and Contests (9780470562239): Gabe Zichermann, Joselin Linder Angry Birds Comes to the Computer - Free The most popular mobile game in history has officially made the move from mobile platforms to the personal computer thanks to some help from Google. The new version of Angry Birds can now be downloaded for the app store of the chrome browser. Millions of users who enjoy the addicting birds vs. pigs game can now take their addition to the next level with a version of the game specifically developed for the chrome browser. Rovio, Angry Birds’ mother company was quoted on its blog as saying: " This is only a beta release of the game, and so far we have 63 levels of the original game available, with an additional 7 special Chrome levels. At the recent Google I/O developer conference the head of Rovio Peter Vesterbacka demonstrated the game on the Google Chrome browser. Downloading the game is simple.

CrowdTwist | Customer Relationship & Loyalty Platform | Welcome Oracle is currently reviewing the existing CrowdTwist product roadmap and will be providing guidance to customers in accordance with Oracle’s standard product communication policies. Any resulting features and timing of release of such features as determined by Oracle’s review of CrowdTwist’s product roadmap are at the sole discretion of Oracle. All product roadmap information, whether communicated by CrowdTwist or by Oracle, does not represent a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements This document contains certain forward-looking statements about Oracle and CrowdTwist, including statements that involve risks and uncertainties concerning Oracle’s proposed acquisition of CrowdTwist, anticipated customer benefits and general business outlook.

Persuasive Games: Exploitationware In the meantime, there's another lesson to learn from Frank Luntz: don't let the opposition set the terms of the debate. Instead, concoct better concepts with which to oppose them. In addition to his many verbal offensives, Luntz is also the architect of defensive phrases like "death tax," which invokes considerably more dissatisfaction than "estate tax." The latter phrase sounds like it applies to the wealthy (which, as a matter of fact, it does), but Luntz managed to help win much more mainstream support for its possible repeal by removing resentment about its association with wealth and replacing that resentment with disgust at the idea of being taxed just for dying. And more recently, Luntz has advocated that Republicans opposing Obama's health care reform by calling it a "Washington takeover" that will force citizens to "stand in line" for care. In particular, gamification proposes to replace real incentives with fictional ones. When seen in this light, "gamification" is a misnomer.