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Sheldon Brown-Bicycle Technical Information

Sheldon Brown-Bicycle Technical Information
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Wikiversity Create the Silver Spring Circle: A New Campaign for Montgomery County | Washington Area Bicyclist Association Improvements are Needed in Downtown Silver Spring Downtown Silver Spring is growing. Young adults, families and older residents are attracted to the convenience of living near the places where they work and play. And with the dense mix of transit, offices, entertainment, shops and homes, it should be a paradise for walking and biking. But, it’s not. Today, WABA’s Action Committee for Montgomery County is pleased to announce a campaign to Create the Silver Spring Circle. The Silver Spring Circle would convert excess road space in and around downtown Silver Spring into protected bike lanes, and place parked cars or vertical barriers between bicyclists and car traffic. Come to our Campaign Kickoff! On Saturday, May 14, join the Action Committee in Silver Spring for a walk around the first arc of the Silver Spring Circle to see for yourself how protected bike lanes will make Silver Spring a more bikeable, walkable, and livable downtown. When: May 14 9:30 amWhere: 2nd Ave & Spring St

Choisir son vélo : Le vélo : Dossier pratique de voyage Le bonheur de pédaler On ignore parfois les bienfaits de la découverte de l'étranger sans voiture. Pour la santé, mais aussi pour les facilités de déplacement, le vélo vaut le détour parce qu’il est : - Agile et rapide En vélo, on peut voir plus de choses qu'à pied. - Tranquille et indépendant Le vélo se gare facilement et offre une grande liberté de mouvement. - Convivial et bon pour la santé Le VTT permet de jouer avec les gosses, et donc de se mettre bien avec le reste de la famille. Choisir le deux-roues de ses rêves Maintenant que vous êtes convaincus (si vous ne l'étiez pas déjà !) - Le VTC ou vélo tout chemin : bon à tout faire, ce vélo se comporte correctement sur route, peut être utilisé en ville et convient très bien à la randonnée. Le choix du matériau Le cadre et la fourche sont les pièces qui vont déterminer le niveau de performance, la maniabilité et surtout la fiabilité de votre vélo. – La selle : sur une bicyclette, la selle est un des principaux points d’appui du corps.

About Me — A Quick Brown Fox I'm a twenty something woman of color on a mission to get as many humans on bikes as possible. I'm rooting especially for women and women of color, but really i'm happy for anyone who wants to get on two wheels and go! As an advocate by example, I have dedicated myself to working towards becoming the first ever African-American female professional cyclist! I've seen a few rad BMX ladies of color, but not so much of the road and track variety! I'm hoping to add a touch of color to the cycling world and hopefully open a door for others to follow! Over the years i've encouraged many of the people in my life to start riding bikes, i'm hoping to be a resource for whoever has questions and wants answers to whatever is getting in the way of them joining in on the most fun they'll ever have! My mission is to encourage more women to get on bikes for whatever the reason. I'd especially like to help women of color break down barriers and get into racing. Come ride bikes with me!

Napkin Folding | 40 Best Methods | How to Fold Napkins Animations Bikeway Stress Levels What is Traffic Stress? When cyclists travel on roadways, they encounter varying levels of stress from traffic. A quiet residential street with a 25-mile-per-hour speed limit is considered a very low-stress environment for cyclists. But a six-lane suburban highway with a 40-mile-per-hour speed limit represents a high-stress environment for cyclists who must share the roadway with traffic. As a result, fewer people are likely to cycle on the highway. Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) is an approach that quantifies the amount of stress that bicyclists feel when they ride close to traffic [1]. The LTS methodology assigns a numeric stress level to streets (and other places where people can bicycle, like trails), based on attributes like traffic speed, traffic volume, number of lanes, frequency of parking turnover, ease of intersection crossings and other characteristics. [1] Mekuria, Maaza, Peter G. [2] See modified level of traffic stress approach. Video Examples

Vélo trekking, randonnée, voyage | La bique et le couteau Un vélo en ville comme en campagne? A l’heure actuelle, posséder une voiture est une réelle nécessité. Permettant de se déplacer rapidement, dans un confort toujours plus important, elle constitue le moyen de transport le plus utilisé par les européens pour les trajets courants. Mais pourquoi la voiture ? Comment expliquer que ce mode de transport ait connu un tel essor au détriment de moyens « alternatifs » tels que le vélo (et du coup le vélo trekking!) Mais peut-on remettre en question cette habitude si évidente sans être immédiatement taxé d’écologisme altermondialiste arriériste ? Le vélo est une solution saine permettant d’associer santé, environnement et économie. Un vélo robuste et pratique : le vélo trekking Si l’utilisation d’un vélo devient régulière voire quotidienne, l’acquisition d’un vélo de qualité rendra l’expérience plus agréable et par conséquent durable. La question du mode d'achat se pose rapidement. Vélo trekking, un peu de technique. Un cadre alu ou acier ?

Zwift Academy: tried, tested and sweated | CyclingTips At the beginning of this year, UCI Women’s WorldTour team Canyon-SRAM and the social fitness platform Zwift announced an innovative way to find a new rider for the 2017 season. The search for that rider, labelled ‘The Canyon-SRAM Racing and Zwift Academy Project’, started in March 2016 with women around the world plugging in and completing a series of trainer tasks on Zwift to identify their physical attributes and potential. The field will be reduced throughout 2016 until only three riders are left. These three athletes will compete on virtual and real roads for the chance to become a professional cyclist with Canyon-SRAM. Curious about the program, I tried it for myself. Getting to know Zwift Hearing a lot about Zwift and having some dedicated users in my group of friends, I was excited to try out Zwift for myself. For it to work, Zwift requires sensors to measure your output and transmit that to a computer. For the best experience, I received a KICKR Snap trainer to demo. Conclusion

WoodBin - Woodworking Software, Articles, Plans, and Reference Info Bicycle Tutor - Bike Repair Video Tutorials Fry Fat With Intervals | Bicycling Even if you can ride fast only for short bursts, you can still dramatically increase your calorie cost. Additionally, intervals increase your lactate threshold (the point at which your legs start to sting and you slow down), so you become a faster rider overall, which means a bigger total calorie expenditure. Finally, intervals also help you torch more calories after you've racked your bike. Exercise researchers have found that your metabolism stays higher for as long as 12 hours after a vigorous workout, which adds up to about 15 bonus calories for every 100 you burned during exercise. All you have to do is follow this simple plan. The Speed Factor This chart shows how many calories a 150-pound rider would expend every hour for various kinds of riding, according to the Compendium of Physical Activities Tracking Guide, a standardized set of calorie-burn measurements. Fuel Right Don't forget the other key component to successful weight loss—nutrition. Burn More Fat Find Your Zone ...

Enhanced Guitar Lessons - Bicycle Repair, Bike Repair, Bicycle Tune-Up Guide, Derailleur adjustments and More