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Introducing WildCat

Introducing WildCat

SWORDS S.W.O.R.D.S. est l'acronyme de « Special Weapons Observation Remote recon Direct action Systems », un système d'arme léger et mobile télécommandés. Le S.W.O.R.D.S. a pour but d'augmenter les capacités de l'infanterie de par sa vitesse et sa puissance de feux. Mode de fonctionnement[modifier | modifier le code] 2005 - 2007 : la phase test[modifier | modifier le code] En 2005, on estime à dix-huit le nombre d'unités Swords localisées en Irak[2]. Août 2007 : première mise en situation de combat[modifier | modifier le code] Au début de 2007, il semble que ces engins n'ont pas encore été placés dans des conditions d'affrontements réelles : officiellement, trois machines sont mises à l'épreuve. Les prémices d'une nouvelle doctrine militaire[modifier | modifier le code] SWORDS constitue les prémices du Future Combat System, la nouvelle doctrine de l'armée américaine qui vise à utiliser dans les vingt prochaines années un nombre massif de véhicules de combat entièrement automatisés.

Doctor Wearing Google Glass Live Streams Surgery A surgeon in Ohio wearing Google Glass live streamed a knee surgery to remote colleagues, demonstrating how the medical world can use wearable technology like Glass. Dr. Christopher Kaeding, a surgeon at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, was performing a surgery on a 47-year-old patient's injured knee ligament, during this milestone event. Kaeding's Ohio State colleagues and several medical students watched the surgery on video from different locations in Columbus, Ohio. "To be honest, once we got into the surgery, I often forgot the device was there," Dr. Glass' potential for doctors goes beyond the ability for remote observation and collaboration with colleagues anywhere in the world. Developers are already tapping into Glass' potential for the medical community. Images: The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

(Video) Samsung's $200,000 Machine Gun Sentry Robot Samsung has partnered with Korea University to develop a machine-gun equipped sentry robot, which consists of "two cameras: one for day-time and one for infrared night vision, zooming capabilities, a speaker for notifying the intruder, sophisticated pattern recognition to detect the difference between humans/trees, and a 5.5mm machine-gun." ...are expected to sell for $200,00 USD and will be available late in 2007. The South Korean government plans to deploy these friendly reminders on the border between South and North Korea, to further ease relations between the countries Interesting Posts Around the Web