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iPhone & Android Smartwatch

iPhone & Android Smartwatch

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Samsung unveils Galaxy Gear smartwatch accessory 4 September 2013Last updated at 14:07 ET By Leo Kelion and Dave Lee Technology reporters Rory Cellan-Jones: "Why would anybody want a watch that thought it was a phone?" Samsung has unveiled a smartwatch with a colour screen that can show alerts, be used for voice calls and run apps. The Galaxy Gear had been highly anticipated since the firm is currently the world's best-selling smartphone maker and has beaten Microsoft, Apple and Google to unveil such a device. Samsung called it a "fashion icon". Matte Black Pebble Watch Screen Protector Skin What exactly is a GadgetWraps skin for the Pebble? Basically it's a really high quality sticker for your Pebble Watch. We cut them from automotive-grade vinyl (gloss, matte, brushed, wood grain and carbon fiber) so they are made to last.

Chronos: Wireless development tool in a watch Description The eZ430-Chronos is a highly integrated, wearable wireless development system based for the CC430 in a sports watch. It may be used as a reference platform for watch systems, a personal display for personal area networks, or as a wireless sensor node for remote data collection. Based on the CC430F6137 <1 GHz RF SoC, the eZ430-Chronos is a complete CC430-based development system contained in a watch.

2011-12-19 IBM Reveals Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives within Five Years Armonk, NY - 19 Dec 2011: Today IBM (NYSE: IBM) formally unveiled the sixth annual “IBM 5 in 5" (#ibm5in5) – a list of innovations that have the potential to change the way people work, live and interact during the next five years: The next IBM 5 in 5 is based on market and societal trends as well as emerging technologies from IBM’s research labs around the world that can make these transformations possible. At IBM, we’re bridging the gap between science fiction and science fact on a daily basis.

Pebble Watch Color Collection Wraps Covers & Cases - Slickwraps Slickwraps Full Body Wraps for the Pebble Smartwatch will give your watch a look like never before! Including wraps for the front, buttons, charger and a custom-fit screen protector, Slickwraps will provide your smartwatch with 360-degrees of stylish protection. Slickwraps are made from durable, commercial-grade vinyl and won’t add any extra bulk to your device. Precision cut to fit your Pebble, these wraps allow full access to all features and functions of your watch. Available in dozens of colors and textures, Slickwraps are guaranteed to make your watch stand out from all the rest! Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

EZ430-Chronos The eZ430-Chronos is a highly integrated, wireless development system that provides a complete reference design for developers creating wireless smart watch applications. Chronos is a reference platform for many applications, such as wireless watch systems, personal displays for personal area networks, wireless sensor nodes for remote data collection, & other applications. Based on the CC430F6137 <1 GHz RF SoC, the eZ430-Chronos is a complete CC430-based development system, featuring a 96 segment LCD display and provides an integrated pressure sensor and 3-axis accelerometer for motion sensitive control. The integrated wireless feature allows the Chronos to act as a central hub for nearby wireless sensors such as pedometers and heartrate monitors. The eZ430-Chronos offers temperature and battery voltage measurement and is complete with a USB-based CC1111 (kits with black PCBs) or CC1101/MSP430F5509 (kits with white PCBs) wireless interface to a PC.

The Definition of Advertising Has Never Been More Unclear For most of the past 100 years, if a marketer said he needed a new advertising campaign, everybody knew what that meant. The machine turned on. The marketer called the agency of record’s account team. The account team composed a brief capturing the strategy and called in the wild and wooly creatives to bring it to life. The writers and designers applied their art to one or more of these four finite canvases: the television commercial, full-page print ad, radio ad or billboard. Maybe they would sprinkle in a few coupons.

The Complete Guide to the Pebble Smartwatch The smartwatch space is starting to get pretty crowded. From Sony to Samsung to Qualcomm, wearables are hot. But you can't talk about smartwatches without mentioning the Pebble. Pebble Watch Review - Watch CNET's Video Review The Pebble watch began its life with a simple proposition: what if a little watch could pair with your phone and run apps right from your wrist? It took about a year, but the true dream of the Pebble has finally been realized: a new Pebble app store filled with new types of apps has turned the Pebble into a more useful device. The Pebble is now the product I hoped it would be back when I first tried one on last spring.

Can wearable tech work as a new ad platform? Susan Clarke: head of digital, the7stars Samsung was the first of the tech giants to enter the new "wearable" mobile device arena with the hotly anticipated Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It was described as a "premium accessory" by the electronics giant – but could the device, and those like it, become a viable platform for advertising? The product is not without its limitations. It only works in full conjunction with other Samsung devices, for a start, and lacks its own direct internet connection. 10 Cool Things A Pebble Smartwatch Can Do The Pebble smartwatch is growing up. A year after it started shipping to Kickstarter backers, the startup officially cut the ribbon on Pebble's very own app store last week. With this, Pebblers get a single resource covering the latest watchfaces, tools and time-wasters for their favorite arm gear.

Pebble Watch SDK goes live, new watch faces and apps to come Pebble, the E-Ink smart-watch for iPhones and Android devices which raised over 10 million dollars on Kickstarter is about to get a lot of new features. Today, Pebble announced that the watch SDK is being released today. The SDK will allow developers to create custom watch faces, alerts and new apps. At the moment, there’s less than 10 available watch faces and only one app, but expect those numbers to grow dramatically now that developers can get their hands on a public SDK. You can grab the SDK from Pebble’s website right here. petitors stare down Google Glass Glass act: Recon Instruments has engineered smart sunglasses designed for the tough wear and tear of triathlons and other harsh situations. Soon, many people will be seeing the world through computerised glasses, and not just those made by Google. Spurred by the coming of Google Glass, a handful of companies are joining the nascent market to float email, text messages and the internet in front of people as they ride their bicycles, buy groceries or pretend to be paying attention at meetings.

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