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Classic Cuffed Hat | Purl Soho - Create For as long as I can remember, every Sunday my grandmother makes fresh pasta from scratch, and every Sunday she uses the same metal pasta maker she got as a wedding anniversary gift from my grandfather in 1961. When we press her to upgrade to a new machine, she always responds, “It’s hard to improve on a classic!” I revisited the truth in my grandmother’s words when I set out to make this winter’s hat. How could I improve on a classic winter hat? Very little, and so my pondering ended with these Classic Cuffed Hats, as reliable and perfectly timeless as a 1961 pasta maker! To ensure a design that would last a half a century, I made a couple of important decisions. Second, I chose a yarn that I think of as an instant classic, Purl Soho’s 100% merino Worsted Twist. Update: October 2014 We gave our recent Classic Cuffed Hats a dash of pepper with our Worsted Twist Heather! Update: January 2015 This pattern continues to impress us. Materials Gauge Sizes Baby (Kid, Adult) Notes Pattern Begin Finish

Textile artists inspired by nature - One of the things that fascinates me about many of the textile artists we’ve interviewed is their ability to find inspiration in the seemingly mundane or unremarkable aspects of life, yet create something beautiful, fresh and unique. Nature is certainly not a mundane subject matter but it is definitely well-trodden ground in the world of art. Fascination with forest, seas, wildlife and the sky doesn’t seem to ebb. Like many of the practitioners already featured on the site, the textile artists inspired by nature featured here (all very different in approach and style) find a way of bringing a new and resounding voice to their work and show why the natural world and all its gifts to mankind have endured as source material; there is no limit to the possibilities of how nature can be harnessed to create original, breathtaking textile art. Lesley Richmond Lesley Richmond – Leaf Cloth SeriesLeaf Cloth Dance 1107cm x 107 cm Lesley Richmond – Tree/Forest SeriesWhite Forest Forest168cm x 81cm

emma wigginton stitched textile art Textile Art and Design by Jo Deeley Le portail du Tricot et des Arts de la Laine Louise Baldwin | 62 Group WednesdayStitched mixed media; 60cm x 65cm x 2cm. Photo: Electric Egg Ltd Profile: Louise Baldwin Louise has exhibited her work throughout Britain, in America, Japan and Germany. More details I have exhibited my work and taught textiles and design since leaving college in 1988. Rowan, Noro, Debbie Bliss, Louisa Harding - the best designer knitting yarns and accessories | Jannette's Rare Yarns Michael Brennand-Wood Michael Brennand - Wood visual artist, curator, lecturer, arts consultant. Is internationally regarded as one of the most innovative and inspiring artists working in textiles. He has occupied a central position in the research, origination and advocacy of Contemporary International Art Textiles. A defining characteristic of his work has been a sustained commitment to the conceptual synthesis of contemporary and historical sources, in particular the exploration of three-dimensional line, structure and pattern. Michael has explored and developed his own techniques inventing many new and imaginative ways of integrating textiles with other media. Examples of Michaels work can be seen in major public, corporate and private collections worldwide including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa and National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

Sur mes aiguilles - Lou & Jo Il n'y a pas que la couture dans la vie. Il y a aussi le tricot. Surtout quand la saison des soirées canapé-feu de cheminée bat son plein, entre octobre et juillet. Mais je ne sais pas pourquoi, je n'ai pas le réflexe de publier ici mes tricotages. La honte peut-être. Cette activité est tellement mal vue encore. Pourtant je suis devenue assez accro, il n'est pas rare que j'emporte mon ouvrage, bien caché au fond de mon sac, en prévision d'éventuels temps morts dans la journée. Brrrrrref. Voici un rattrapage. Lady Marple Ah ce Lady Marple, il m'aura fallu 9 mois pour le terminer, avec une interruption de 8 mois pour cause de printemps-été-flemme-carabinée. J'ai bien cru que je ne le finirais jamais. Môssieur Lou & Jo, connaissant l'histoire de cet ouvrage, s'est fait une joie de me shooter généreusement pour rendre hommage à mon labeur. Avalanche picturââle, donc: Prochaine étape, tricoter les chaussettes.. Détails techniques Lady Marple de Nadia Cretin-Lechêne, dispo ici. Aiguilles n°5 Taille S

For the Love of God “I just thought, ‘What can you pit against death?”[1] ‘For the Love of God’, a platinum skull set with diamonds, is one of Hirst’s most important and widely recognised works. The skull from which ‘For the Love of God’ was cast, was purchased from a London taxidermist and subsequently subjected to intensive bioarchaeological analysis and radiocarbon dating. ‘For the Love of God’ acts as a reminder that our existence on earth is transient. The incorporation of the large central stone was inspired by memories of the comic ‘2000 AD’, which Hirst used to read as a child. Alongside their dazzling brilliance and “Eucharistic” beauty, Hirst’s fascination with diamonds results partly from the mutterings and uncertainty surrounding their inherent worth. In 2010, Hirst created a second, baby diamond skull called ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ using pink diamonds. [1] Damien Hirst cited in ‘Conversation’, Gordon Burn, ‘Beautiful Inside My Head Forever’ (Sotheby’s, 2008), i. 21

Filature Fonty INAUGURATION de notre station de retraitement de nos eaux usées le 23 octobre 2015 Conformément à ses choix éthiques la filature Fonty s'est dotée d'un outil écologique pour le retraitements de ses eaux, elle est une des rares filatures à disposer d'une telle installation (pour en savoir plus cliquer ici) **************************************** So!Fil spécialiste des laines Rowan 22rue.ter Haz Wool, Will Knit: January 2012 Not that I like to be seen to pander too much to my blogger stats and comments, but it does seem that there are a few people out there who would like to know how I made my Killing Jumper. I'm not going to describe what follows as a pattern, it is more working notes on what I did. I hope they make sense and provide some help, if not drop me a line. Ravelry References: Equipment - 8mm circular needle, nice and long mine was 100cm - Stitch markers - Stitch holders or spare yarn Gauge 11st x 16 rows to a 10cm square of stocking stitch Finished Size I am somewhere between a UK10 and 12 on top, the finished measurements of my jumper are Length of back from neck: 66cm Length of body to underarm: 42cm Length of arm from underarm: 47cm Working notes: This is basically a simple top down raglan, with the charted motif work in. Neck Cast on 54 stitches, join in round Knit 8 rows of Knit 1, Purl 1 rib K21, place marker, K6, place marker, K21, place marker, K6, place marker Short row shaping on back K17, wrap & turn