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12 Experts Share Top Curation Tips

12 Experts Share Top Curation Tips
Six easy steps to curation success Curation is sometimes confusing. Everyone has a different definition and it’s used in many different ways as part of content and marketing strategies. I asked 11 of my favorite curation experts for their best tips, tools, their favorite curator and suggestions on innovative uses of curation. For those of you who haven’t tried yet, check out the ways these experts use it to find, curate, publish and share valuable information. Just a heads up. [Editor's note: Simple video summary above produced in less than 20 minutes using Guide - a new text-to-video production tool. 12 Experts Share Best Curation Tips I value each of them for their deep expertise in their areas of interest. Robin Good Profile (1.1 million views): Robin Good is the global go-to guy when it comes to content curation. Favorite curation tool: My preferred content discovery app is a toolset made up of Prismatic, Topsy and Tweetdeck. Ana Cristina Pratas Best curation tip: Related:  content curationCuration

The Coming Age of the Curation Economy: Building Context Around Content By Steven Rosenbaum The future is coming into focus. There is such clear momentum around a set of emerging behaviors that we can, without a doubt, project the exponential growth of raw unfiltered data. Think of it like Moore’s Law for content. To be clear, the reason for this growth is that we’ve allowed three things to merge into one. At the same time, those of us who produce content, as opposed to data, no longer look to lure audiences to find our material on our own blogs or sites. And then there’s the emerging class of new digital devices that make content — from GoPro camera rigs, to the new video capabilities on the iPhone 5s, to the soon-to-be-unleashed Google Glass. These things are facts. A few facts to underline the trend: Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google, has famously said: “Five exabytes of information have been created between the dawn of civilization and 2003, but that much information is now created every two days, and the pace is increasing.”

10 instructeurs Mooc populaires avec des comptes Twitter Brillant | Education plongée Massive open online courses (MOOCs) may be a controversial topic in education right now, but everyone loves a good MOOC instructor. The rise of the MOOC has given fresh audiences to a new wave of education thought leaders and scholars who previously might not have received so much recognition. Naturally, many of those teaching massive open online courses also maintain active Twitter accounts, which provide yet another platform to share their thoughts, research and news in their field, as well as interact with students taking their courses.

- Blogging as a Curation Platform I have written about curation before using Twitter as a Curation Tool and about the importance of helping our Students Becoming Curators of Information. Sue Waters also just published a very comprehensive Curation: Creatively Filtering Content on her blog. According to Heidi Cohen Content curation requires more than just the selection of information. It’s the assembling, categorizing, commenting and presenting of the best content available. I want to take a look at curation through the lens of blogging. CuratorConsciously becoming the curator for others for a particular niche, area of expertise or interest. The same uses apply to blogging as a curation tool with the difference that blogging allows you greater freedom in terms of length, presentation formatting and design, as well as connecting and hyperlinking. As a blogger, I have found the following workflow as a curator: Find & Acquire Find information, do research, use RSS, social or traditional media channels. Some Don’ts for Curators:

Content Curation Tools: 21 Criteria To Select And Evaluate Your Ideal One Nonetheless we are just at the beginning of a new era, in which content curation will be as important as search, there is already an apparent abundance of content curation tools of all kinds. Photo credit: Hand filling out checklist on clipboard with a pen by Shutterstock To the superficial eye, many such curation tools also appear to be very similar to one another, especially if evaluated exclusively from the type of news streams or visual collections that can be produced with them. On the other hand it is not realistic for someone to go out and test each and every one of the available solutions. For these reasons, it is quite difficult and time consuming to select and identify the most appropriate content curation tool for a specific need and as a consequence most rely on the tools they have tried and that satisfy their basic needs but remain quite ignorant about what options they are leaving on the table only because they have not yet tried them. 1) Import and Export functions Conclusions

Humanize the CEO: How to be Social Shawn Neumann is the President and Founder of the web agency @Domain7, and a contributor to the HootSource Blog. This post originally appeared on Channel 7. As a CEO the best way to create a more human company in the eyes of customers is to reveal your own humanity. And it’s never been so easy since your customers moved en masse to social media platforms. In the last few weeks I’ve made a case for engaging your customers by being authentic and present on the web. First, do your research: Start the way you would begin any strategic project 1. Just start, thoughtfully: Starting doesn’t require an announcement. Worry about content, not technology: Sure, Twitter is a great place to start, and LinkedIn has a professional feeling of legitimacy. Become a curator: To be a valuable presence on social media without a massive time investment, become a curator. 1. Listen: Social is never one-sided. Watch what you measure: Learn from the best:

Have You Heard All the Hype About Content Marketing? The New 'Thing'? Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles Do you have content marketing babble fatigue yet? Like, seriously. How many experts can simultaneously shout from roof-tops (virtually of course since rooftop shouting is so passe’ – just like billboards and newspaper ads – now it’s all about blog posts!) about the amazing new marketing method – #CONTENTMARKETING!!!!! Not only is the frenzy resulting in volumes of asinine content like press releases announcing klout scores, but it also fundamentally misses the point. So if it’s not actually new… Then what’s the hype? And the answer isn’t content, it’s ubiquity of high speed internet access and quality of search engine results. As I outlined in my recent book “The Current State of B2B Sales & Marketing: Why owners & “C” level execs should be pumped and VPs of Sales & Marketing should be terrified” the simple fact that now 93% of all B2B buying processes originate online, defines B2B marketing today. It’s all in how you think of it

8 moteurs de recherche pour les ressources éducatives libres (REL #) | Classe Aid By Santosh Bhaskar K OER (Open Educational Resources) are freely accessible, usually openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning, educational assessment and research purposes i.e. They include learning content (course materials), tools (software to create and manage open learning content) and licenses. OER lowers the cost of educational materials, develops innovative content and provides continuous improvement in quality of education. In our previous article, we’ve covered 10 Open Education Resource (OER) Tools. Now we’ll let you know about OER Search Engines which help you in finding quality educational content. Google University Learning: Google University Learning brings you the collection of OCW (Open Course Ware) and OER (Open Educational Resources) sites in its search results. DiscoverEd: DiscoverEd is a search prototype developed by Creative Commons dedicated to providing open educational resources on the Web. OER Dynamic Search Engine: OpenTapestry: ….

15 top-notch content curation tools | Articles | Social Media Content curation tools play an important role in the content planning and publishing process. Before we provide you with our picks for the Web’s best content curation tools, let’s go back a step revisit the origins of content curation and the specific role it plays. The role content curation plays across the social Web Content curation has risen in significance for a number of reasons: 1. Curated content is more cost-effective than producing (only) original content. There are associated benefits of curated content, including the ability to serve up frequent content and increased opportunities for interaction, which can help exposure over time. How content curation works Content planning varies by channel. The best forms of curated content are evergreen, as opposed to news-based content, which has a shorter shelf-life. Examples of evergreen content include FAQs, how-to guides and tutorials, industry definitions, and resource lists (such as this one). Aggregation dashboards 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8.

3 Ways to Use Pinterest as a Content Curation Tool - CURATE CONTENT 3 Ways to Use Pinterest as a Content Curation Tool Content Curation is a hot topic in today’s online world because of the amount of information available; and it’s a skill small business owners need for an effective social media strategy. Users quickly get overwhelmed with all the content that comes their way, and appreciate people who can help them find the best resources on their favorite topics. If you are trying to become known as a go-to resource for your target audience, then becoming an effective content Curator should be one of your goals. Not sure what we mean by “Content Curation”? In this context, it refers to finding content that interests your target audience, choosing select pieces of content, adding your own comments/opinions (if applicable), and then sharing that content on your social sites. There are numerous ways and tools available to set up a content curation system; in this post we concentrate on using Pinterest.

20 tips para utilizar Pinterest Online Redes Sociales 20 tips para utilizar Pinterest Facebook Tweet Pinterest Email ¿Eres nuevo en esta red social? Tener una estrategia específica para Pinterest aún es algo nuevo, por lo que puede servirte de inspiración ver lo que están haciendo grandes marcas en esta red social. Te presentamos 20 marcas que están haciendo cosas interesantes en esta plataforma, así como el tipo de contenido que comparten con los usuarios. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Inventing the future of publishing through human curated big data Zombies, astronomie, histoire : les Moocs qu'il faut suivre Les Moocs débarquent en France. La ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur, Geneviève Fioraso, a annoncé, mercredi 2 octobre, le lancement, en janvier 2014, de "la première plate-forme nationale" de massive open online courses (Moocs), ces cours d'université interactifs, disponibles gratuitement sur internet et qui mêlent vidéos, exercices et tutorat. Les internautes pourront s'inscrire à partir du 28 octobre pour suivre des enseignements de mathématiques, d'histoire ou encore de management. Une dizaine d'établissements mettront en ligne leurs cours, comme HEC, l'Ecole polytechnique, l'Ecole centrale Paris, l'Institut mines-télécom, le Cnam ou les universités Bordeaux III, Montpellier II, Sorbonne Paris Cité et Paris X Nanterre. Les Moocs sont déjà très populaires aux Etats-Unis ; de prestigieuses universités comme Yale, Harvard ou Stanford en proposent plusieurs dizaines, diplôme ou certificat à la clé. Apprenez à survivre en cas d'attaque de zombies Explorez l'univers depuis votre canapé

17 Unique Places to Find Great Content to Share 5.3K Flares 5.3K Flares × I get a particular thrill from finding little-known restaurants that serve amazing food. My greatest hits list includes elk tacos at a highway diner, cinnamon rolls at a downtown hole-in-the-wall, and – perhaps my greatest discovery of all – barbecue from a trailer in a parking lot. (Seriously, it’s good barbecue!) The discovery process for great content has a similar thrill. How great does it feel to share a bit of awesomeness that few others have found? Without a doubt, sharing great finds on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks is a smart way to with your followers. People love a good content share. 1. We look at the inbox every day, but how often do we search it for great content? Next Draft Managed by Dave Pell, this daily newsletter contains the day’s most fascinating news – a Top Ten of interesting links from around the web, often starting with current events and meandering into fun, off-beat, interesting links. The Daily Digg 2.