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NIHONGO eな - Portal for Learning Japanese -

NIHONGO eな - Portal for Learning Japanese -
早おし!部首チャレンジ Kanji Radical Challenge! On this website you can study kanji radicals through a game. It's easy to use. I’m interested in Japanese onomatopoeia. I’d like to hear some audio too. Please take a look at our article, 'Niko niko' or 'Niya niya'? List of articles What's New! Brand new iOS and Android versions of the website are now available! Japanese Language self-study site Kanji Networks Intermediate Japanese Listening Course The Best Selling book, “Yubisashi Phrase Book” is now an app! The Best Selling book, “Yubisashi Phrase Book” is now an app! 日本語 Copyright 2010 The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

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Japanese Stories Go to Tom Ray's home page. Go to the Tierra home page. I have translated these texts as my own way of studying Japanese. I have made them available on my web page primarily for other people studying Japanese (and also for Japanese people studying English), but also for those in the West who may not be familiar with these stories. However, these stories have, of course, already been translated. A web search on Japanese Children's Stories can show you how to get the English editions. Mamelon Mamelon (マメロン) is a free Japanese font with rounded edge design, created by the designer who brought you “Makinas“. The kanji characters were modified based on Makinas kanji, by making it rounded and then pair up with self-made kana characters. It has a total of 6600 glyphs including large collection of kanji characters, making this font a useful font to apply on many different design needs. Usage Permission

Talking about hobbies in Japanese As hard as you try, without helpful feedback your Japanese pronunciation is never going to be the same as a native speaker’s. If you've found it difficult to perfect the way you say Japanese words and phrases, this lesson will help you. Using the blue Rocket Record buttons you can record the way you say each word or phrase, and compare it with the way a Japanese native speaker does. That’s right, with Rocket Japanese voice mapping technology you can record your voice as many times as you need until your pronunciation matches the Japanese speaker! Create your own Japanese word search puzzles I have discovered an offline tool to create your own Japanese word search puzzles. In the past I recommended creating your own word search (シークワーズ) puzzles using the online tool here (crosswords too). The benefits of this would be for the development of word recognition abilities. Preferably done with already-mastered words, and possibly done as time-limited fluency exercises, rapid reading tasks, as noted in the aforelinked post. I had recommended the online tool because when I last looked for offline programs for generating these puzzles, the few I found did not work with Japanese.

Pigmo 01 Pigmo 01 (ピグモ01) is a unique, artistic Japanese font that you can download for free and use it on your commercial works. This font was derived from Pigmo 00, the hiragana, katakana and alphanumeric characters are brand new while sharing the same kanji character designs. This font supports up to JIS Level 2 kanji characters (6,355 characters). Usage Permission Free for personal and non-commercial, commercial works Kanji Drill Read this page briefly and spend most of your time on the drill exercise for quick memorization. 人 : ジン、ニン、ひと Reading of the Kanji is shown above. Onyomi is in Katakana, Kunyomi is in Hiragana. Embodied Japanese Cognition: Thinking and Acting in Japanese “Learning a language means learning to think with it and to act with it in one and the same operation.” – M.A.K. Halliday, Language and Education (Collected Works, Volume 9) While reading an old essay written by renowned linguist M.A.K. Halliday, I stumbled across references to a scholar of language learning from the 19th century, named François Gouin. Gouin is somewhat obscure, but in some circles is known as inventor of the Series Method. Gouin’s aim was to combine thought and action in the second language, focusing on sentences, and particularly the verbs in the sentences, arranged in a series of steps describing an action or a set of actions.

rikaichan About Rikaichan is a popup Japanese-English/German/French/Russian dictionary tool for Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey. Features Simple to use, just hover the mouse on top of a Japanese word. The Ultimate Guide to Learning Hiragana and Katakana Can you read this message? ⓘⓜ☹ⓑcauseⓤ my♯✐in½on☼day! Well, did you do it? Japanese Lessons: Learn Japanese Grammar with Manga 2-2-1 You can browse all of the pages by clicking the picture above and then move to any page via 「」 at the left. When you need English translations or explanations, please return here and refer them. This article covers from page 25 to page 44. Japanese Script with Furigana and English Translation 「いい?

'An,' meaning safety, named Japan's kanji of the year for 2015 The kanji an, which denotes safety or peace, best symbolizes the national mood in 2015, a Kyoto-based kanji promotion organization said Tuesday. The character reflects the claims and counterclaims that rang out nationwide when the Abe administration steamrolled security bills through the Diet this summer. There were major protests over the legislation, which will fundamentally expand the range of missions the Self-Defense Forces can take part in overseas.

Japanese Tips I set about learning Japanese the hard way--with a stack of manga and novels and two dictionaries. Taking a language course would have been helpful, but as a graduate student in a completely unrelated field, I had neither the time nor the money for extra classes. This is not necessarily a page for those already studying Japanese in school, for I'm sure your instructors are much better resources. Rather, this is for those who simply want to read Japanese as a hobby or in preparation for future study.

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