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ItaliaDesigns Furniture DESIGN >>> Bibliothèque horizontale par Aïssa Logerot C’est une nouvelle façon de ranger les livres et autres revues, cette bibliothèque horizontale est inspirée par la vision d’un tronc d’arbre tombé au sol. Cette très belle création est le travail de la designer française Aïssa Logerot, on aime les lignes pures et dépouillées de ce meuble. Photos par Huyghe Véronique Ball Chair The iconic Ball Chair is the cornerstone of any mid-century or retro-modern lounge area or living room. Building on the revolutionary concept popularized in the 1960's by Eero Aarnio and his original Ball Chair, we have essentially redesigned this piece to accommodate the needs of a new generation, while staying true to authentic materials and craftsmanship. Learn more Increased Comfort Audiophile Sound Commercial & Home Use Ball Chair Care Increased Comfort Manufactured by hand in the United States, our inspired reproduction has been created to a larger scale, to allow for more comfortable lounging.

Fauteuil Le Corbusier LC2 Chaise Barcelone Eames Lounge Chair ta Laptop Loungechair by Rasmus Fenhann So many people lounge around with their laptops and iPads these days that designer Rasmus Fenhann designed a seating area specifically for this task called the Laptop Loungechair. He says “After a long working day at a desk, it can be nice to find an alternative and more relaxing way to sit and still being able to use the computer for entertainment or e-mails. Using traditional ways of construction and materials I have designed a lounge chair with a big working surface on the users left side. KMP U.S.A

‘Entre les lignes’ by Keyne Dupont (FR 'Entre les lignes' by Keyne Dupont The French designer Keyne Dupont realised this table made from three layers of bent plywood which are smartly clamped to the solid wooden legs and fixed by a vertical metal pin. to the Keyne Dupont website ‘Triomphe’ plywood table by USIN-e and Jerhome (FR 'Triomphe' by USIN-e, photo by Tiphaine Vasse This smart and elegant dining room table was realised by the Lyon based designers Amaury Poudray and Rémi Bouhaniche of USIN-e, together with the French company Jerhome. ‘Triomphe’ is composed of robust massive legs and a smoothly curved plywood table top. The tension between the differently bent upper and the lower side gives the table top the necessary stability. Emmo Home Helios Chair/Table by Spigoli Vivi From Spigoli Vivi, a chair for small spaces that combines a chair, a night table and a light. The back of the chair is a lamp and the seat is a 'shelf' where one can put the things needed for the night. Per Spigoli Vivi, "The result of an attempt to develop a product 'combo'; created both from the improper use of a chair and from the need to have a chair that is at the same time a bedside table." Helios chair with drawer "A 'bricolage' operation meant only as design technique.

West Elm NSEPS by Silo Show RCA 2011: Royal College of Art graduates Attua Aparicio and Oscar Wanless have invented a new manufacturing process that involves steaming polystyrene beads inside fabric moulds. They used the process, called NSEPS (Not So Expanded Polystyrene), to create this range of furniture with sausage-like legs. Steaming causes the beads to melt, expand and fuse together, distorting their moulds to create writhing muscular shapes. The designers created a geometric pattern in the table top by fusing different coloured beads and slicing the resulting material to reveal its layers. Attua Aparicio and Oscar Wanless work together under the name Silo. More about Show RCA 2011 on Dezeen »