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Advertisement In the mid-80s the desktop publishing revolution began with the introduction of the Mac Plus, Aldus PageMaker and the Apple LaserWriter printer. It took quite a few years for these tools to make an impact on the design and publishing world, but once they did, there was no looking back. In 2010 we see a similar revolution starting to take shape with web fonts. Even though @font-face was introduced in the CSS2 spec in 1998, it wasn’t until this past year that all in-use web browsers added support for it. Web font services, like Typekit and now the Google Font API, have captured a lot of attention. While all of these services are unique, they each provide a tool for web designers and developers to legally display professional fonts on their website. Typekit Typekit, Inc. is a popular web font service from Small Batch Inc and founder Jeffrey Veen. Advantages Over Other Services Strong platform integrations. Pricing Free trial account includes the use of 2 fonts on 1 website.

Fantastic Typography Blogs For Your Inspiration - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Some say that web design without typography is like an orange without its peel, it just isn’t complete. Typography encompasses the reality of effective web design and achieves success in creating web page identity, eye-catching sites, and the enhancement of visual appearance. Typography is much more than the “art of text”, it’s the evolution of creativity within simple to intricate web designs. One can say that a good architecture needs great support, the same concept can be applied to web design in the sense that a good blog could do without the use of typography, but an astounding one could use the creative support. Typography leaves you with the option of bringing together simple creativity with unique and effective communication in order to get your blog or sites main focus across. You may want to take a look at the following related posts: Stunning Typography Blogs Typography Served A growing gallery of fresh typographic works from leading creative professionals.

Free Icon Fonts for Web User Interfaces By Jacob Gube This roundup features 18 free icon fonts that can be used in your commercial projects. The icon fonts in this post are perfect for your app user interfaces (UIs). What are Icon Fonts? Icon fonts are font files that have symbols and glyphs (e.g. arrows, folders, magnifying glasses) instead of standard alphanumeric characters. Icon fonts are like dingbat fonts, but are designed specifically for UIs. And because they’re treated like web fonts, icon fonts: Have great cross-browser support (even IE6, for example, can render web fonts using the @font-face rule)Can be scaled on-the-fly if the user adjusts their web browser settingsCan be rendered with different colorsCan embody font- and text-related CSS properties (like text-shadow and gradient) See icon fonts in action by visiting my friend Chris Coyier’s icon fonts demo page. To learn how to use icon fonts, read this tutorial on CSS-Tricks: HTML for Icon Font Usage. Free Icon Fonts 1. Number of icons: 137. 2. Number of icons: 121. 3.

Typefaces & Fonts: How to Choose and Combine Them Successfully Ready to get your marketing pieces set up? The first place to start is your fonts, because your font choice tells a lot about your business and what it stands for. Marketing guru Seth Godin talks about it here. Before you decide what you want the font to say, let’s review the two main font categories. Serif Fonts: Classic, Timeless, Easy to Read Serif fonts have little “feet” at the bottoms of the letters. Serif fonts are good for long blocks of text, too, which is why most books and magazines are set in them. Sans Serif Fonts: Streamlined, Modern, Contemporary Sans means “without,” so sans serif fonts are “without” the little feet that serif fonts have. Sans serif fonts are streamlined, modern and contemporary and make your business look cutting-edge and modern. To make your job easier, I recommend you use no more than two fonts. For maximum versatility, pick a serif and a sans serif font that work well together. Use Your “AGE” See the font sample above? In Search of Typography Resources

9 Free Icon Sets to Diversify your Library Every designer needs to be ready to go wherever their projects take them. This is why you need to have a diverse library to count on. To help you with this task, we have some very stylish free icon sets to share. From weather to food and much more, you will have some fresh and beautiful icons to count on for your next project. 61 Outlined Weather Icons Collection In The Kitchen – Free Icon Set Line icon set for UI & more Cooking icons set Weather icons pack Flatty Icon Pack Free Set Colorful Ficons Icons 42+ Flat Icons Set Free Icons for the Weather Situations About the Author Gisele Muller loves communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Related Posts shares 10 Super Useful jQuery Plugins for Better Typography No one ever said that web typography is easy, but it has gotten easier in recent years with the wide spread adoption of web fonts, the introduction of helpful typography tools, and as we see in this post, super useful jQuery plugins. Read More

Choosing Type Combinations Layers Magazine | Layers Magazine One of the most challenging—but also one of the most satisfying—aspects of designing with type is choosing several typefaces that “look great together.” But who’s to say what looks great together? Often you choose several faces and after experimenting for a while, you instinctively know that a particular combination “works.” But since we’re all so busy and under such deadlines, we need to find type solutions quickly. To do that, it helps tremendously to be able to put into words exactly why a particular combination doesn’t work and what to look for when trying to find faces that complement each other. First, follow the Holy Font Guideline #1 when choosing different typefaces for a piece: Concord or contrast, but don’t conflict. That is, either stick with different styles in the same typeface family (concord), or choose completely different faces (contrast). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. CONCORD For a concordant look, choose one type family from any category. CONFLICT OR CONTRAST? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Download Free Fonts for Mac, Android, Windows | Font Cubes 70 Typographic, Clean And Minimalist Color Scheme Web Designs Hello there! It’s time for little inspiration and this time I wanted to showcase something different. You may know that very popular designer slogan – “More is Less”, and yes it’s often so true – unexperienced people tend to overcrowd, use too much colors in their designs. I just love these designs – they are very light, clean and usually uses only monochrome color scheme and just one or two bright colors for links or headers. You may also notice for such designs it’s more about grid, harmonic distribution through whole page and very silent, elegant accents. 1. One of the best clean, light and elegant websites I came across in this research. 2. 3. 4. 5. Very clean, yet professional web design. 6 .Made By On 7. Hot Meteor specializes in web, print, and branding. 8. Excellent accents leading your eye through whole page in the way author wants it. 10. 11. Visit his homepage – starting from index page you’ll get amazed how effectively Vitor Lourenco uses white space. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Serif vs. Sans: the final battle First it was the Capulets versus the Montagues; then it was Coke versus Pepsi; and the latest epic battle? Serif versus sans-serif, of course. Lucky for us, the crew at UrbanFonts has produced a nifty infographic to help clarify the age-old rivalry between serif and sans. Brief, yet information-packed, it covers everything from DPI to classification, and expertly explains why serif is better for print and sans serif is best suited for web. This clever infographic — that smartly draws upon humor to drive home its points — offers a simple, insightful conclusion that designers should bear in mind: “The best font choices are ones where readers do not notice the font … but the message.” For free fonts and dingbats, check Do you tend to use serif or sans-serif most? Stacey Kole is a freelance writer and former magazine editor.

40 Examples of Beautiful Typography in Web Design Typography is certainly a very important aspect of web design. So choosing the proper typography for your site is for sure a huge step of the design process. You can have a simple and delicate typo, a huge and strong one, you can also go colorful and crazy or light and smooth. Amazee Labs Fixel Carsonified Tokyo Digital Private Grave Made by Water Rob Edwards LogicSource InfinVision Sikbox Dark Sky Magazine efingo Claire Coullon Javascript für Designer Stella McCartney MumMade TVLcorps Themes Kingdom Simon Foster Design Airside Not Pretty Neue served Eight Hour Day Prince Street Films Made by TJ Mooze Crafty Woodinville Whiskey Co They Creative Republic2 Ryan Scherf damn good OrangeYouGlad Yii Haunted Cathouse iconSweets2 Shelly Cooper So1o Doodle Pad Source: The Best DesignsunmatchedstyleThe CSS Awards About the Author Gisele Muller loves communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Related Posts 321 shares 11 Inspiring Examples of Textures and Patterns in Web Design Read More 435 shares

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28 Inspirational Typographic Designs - Web Design Blog – Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now Here at there have been plenty of examples of astonishing typography in design, and we are bringing you yet another batch. In the following post I will be sharing with you 28 inspirational typographic designs. Ampersand Food Groups Baroquen Computer Arts Elecktronisk Tirsdag Evolution of Type Fun in the Sun HYPE Art Book I Want Candy Illustration and Typography One More Time Summadayze ID The Person you Love Type Treatment 2010 Typography Projects 3 Typography and Type Treatments and Illustrations Wallpapers Write a Bike About Matthew Heidenreich Currently an Art Director in St.

FontStruct 19 top fonts in 19 top combinations Sign up and download immediately to take your typography to the next level! This classic contains some great stuff: An exceptional glossary of typography terms Killer tips on establishing typographic color Choosing and using the right typefaces 20 Action-packed info-dense pages!