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RepRap - RepRapWiki Bld3r Cubehero: Work and collaborate on 3D printed projects Wevolver All projects Hack a Day All Projects Select a tag Most skulled Official Hackaday Prize Entry 53.5k 73 1.1k 675 An affordable electronics manufacturing system for hobbyists, students, & small businesses. Project Owner Contributor $300 Pick and Place / 3D printer by Neil Jansen 37.7k 124 818 593 Python-powered machine vision modules OpenMV by i.abdalkader 58.5k 31 1.1k 472 pcb mill built from garbage using basic hand tools and little money PCB mill for under $10 by shlonkin 47.5k 167 816 463 Fully stand-alone HF (Shortwave) Software Defined Transceiver & Vector Network Analyzer. PortableSDR by Michael R Colton 29.9k 28 828 415 Intelligent home automation hardware and software on a budget which utilizes a full home personal digital assistant and electricity savings Project Jarvis - A.I Home Automation & Assistant by IamTeknik 34.8k 68 505 372 Science in your hand. Open Source Science Tricorder by peter jansen 18.5k 80 456 357 LoFi is a very low cost ($5), small, auto-transmitting module. LoFi by David Cook 38.6k 32 566 353 by nsted