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10 Reasons Why You Should Float In An Isolation Tank

10 Reasons Why You Should Float In An Isolation Tank
The Isolation Tank [sometimes known as a flotation tank] is a unique form of therapy in which you’re floating nude for about an hour in a large container or pool filled with salt water. Most tanks use Epsom salt, which is what allows the subject to float. Think of it like the Dead Sea sans the religious mumbo jumbo. Sure it might be a bit strange at first; walking into a spa, stripping down to nothing and just being in your own head for an hour, but we assure you the experience is quite an interesting one. We should warn you, some of these establishments operate out of the owner’s own apartment. Regardless, let’s see why you SHOULD check it out. 1. You bet it is. 2. In America we have a firm rule that if celebrities do something then it’s cool. 3. If you’ve ever wished to have the perfectly flawless skin offered by Photoshop then here’s you’re chance! 4. If you’re a human being in the United States then you’ve got stress and anxiety. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Maybe you’ll like it. Related:  health benefitsmetafloatweb content

Floating Effective For Stress And Pain, Research Suggests Relaxation in large, sound- and light-proof tanks with high-salt water­floating­is an effective way to alleviate long-term stress-related pain. This has been shown by Sven-Åke Bood, who recently completed his doctorate in psychology, with a dissertation from Karlstad University in Sweden. The dissertation confirms what earlier studies have indicated: sleep was improved, patients felt more optimistic, and the content of the vitalizing hormone prolactin increased. "Through relaxing in floating tanks, people with long-term fibromyalgia, for instance, or depression and anxiety felt substantially better after only twelve treatments. Many people experience improvement His dissertation comprises four studies that all involve the treatment of pain and stress-related disorders with the aid of a floating tank. Several types of pain can be affected

How to Create a QR Code in 4 Quick Steps "Really? We're talking about QR codes?" Fair reaction. For a few years now, QR codes have been one of the technologies at the center of the popular "___ is dead" trope we marketers love to argue. We've even debated it ourselves on this blog. So this post is to help marketers who are interested in experimenting with QR codes, anyway. To learn more about how to create and use QR codes effectively, download our free guide to QR codes here. How Do QR Codes Work? QR Codes, short for "quick response" codes, are little black and white squiggly barcodes that usually look something like this: (I say "usually" because they can be different colors and shapes, but you get the picture.) Originally designed in Japan for the automotive industry, marketers adopted the barcodes because of their large storage capacity and ability to translate additional information to consumers beyond what creative and/or packaging could convey. How to Create a QR Code 1) Select a QR code generator. 2) Design and link it up.

Cortisol Reduction Headache, Neckache and BackacheNot Sleeping wellFeeling TiredGaining WeightCatching Cold and Flu easilyCraving unhealthy foodsNot interested in SexGut / Stomach AchesFeeling AnxiousDepression When cortisol increases, your immune system cant work efficiently, Testosterone levels decrease, Sex drive stops and building muscle becomes difficult, blood sugars increase making you insulin resistant and you start storing Fat. Serotonin and Dopamine are reduced leaving you hungry for carbohydrates and your Gut becomes sensitive to foods. When you first start releasing cortisol your adrenaline will increase leaving you feeling ready to go but tired at the same time, If you keep releasing cortisol you will just feel tired and sluggish. So to summarise, Float for 45 min or more, supplement vitamin C and B, Supplement DHEA and quit drinking Coffee and other caffeine based drinks. Herbs for reducing stress and lowering Cortisol Ginkgo BilobaSt. Scientific Research Paper on how Floating reduces Cortisol

10 User Generated Content Campaigns That Actually Worked Tired of struggling to crank out the endless streams of content needed to appease today’s consumers? You’re in luck! There is an option for burned out business owners, and that’s user generated content. This technique, in conjunction with the growth of popular social media websites, allows modern businesses to delegate some of these brand-building responsibilities to an unlikely voice -- their customer. Having users contribute to your content creation efforts has another interesting advantage, as consumers are more interested in hearing the views of their peers than reading cleverly written sales messages. In light of these trends, there’s never been a better time to start using user generated content to engage your readers and build trust with them. 10 Examples of Excellent User Generated Campaigns 1) Burberry Burberry is a British clothing company that was founded in 1856. 2) Belkin In 2013, Belkin and Lego collectively developed a line of customizable iPhone cases. 3) Starbucks 5) Target

Brain scans show meditation changes minds, increases attention (June 25, 2007) For hundreds of years, Tibetan monks and other religious people have used meditation to calm the mind and improve concentration. This week, a new study shows exactly how one common type of meditation affects the brain. Using a scanner that reveals which parts of the brain are active at any given moment, the researchers found that meditation increased activity in the brain regions used for paying attention and making decisions. "Most people, if they heard a baby screaming, would have some emotional response," Davidson says, but not the highly experienced meditators. "They do hear the sound, we can detect that in the auditory cortex, but they don’t have the emotional reaction." The changes were associated with the practice of concentration meditation, says study leader Richard Davidson, professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and the Waisman Center. "This was a highly unusual group of people.

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Floating for Business Pros | Relieve Stress | Northwest Float Center Looking for your own ‘reset’ button? Smart phones and laptops have allowed business professionals of all types to be constantly involved in their work. Business professionals nowadays work longer, harder and are always ‘plugged in’. Float tanks are designed to detach people from their normal sensory overload (e-mail, vibrating phones, annoying co-workers, etc.) while condensing all the information that is important to them. Think of floating as defragmenting your computer, but for your mind. Between the stresses at work, home in your personal lives it is hard to find time to relax, or even sleep. A one hour float session is equal to 4-5 hours of sleep and not only relaxes your entire body, but also allows your brain to enter into the Theta state which improves creativity, rejuvenates your mind and allows you to completely relax. Entrepreneurs to CEO’s and everyone in-between with a busy lifestyle can find a one hour float beneficial. Float Now