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yomichan: a tool for reading books with Anki vocab deck integration Joined: Feb 2009 Posts: 549 Thanks: 9 In that case it probably just makes sense to add basic support for stripping out the ugly brackets. That's what I do with my text files anyway (outside of yomichan). PM me the file and I'll look at it. The file might have weird encoding issues. Yeah, I'm looking at the text break thing, it's weird. Edited: 2011-01-15, 11:30 pm Joined: Oct 2007 Posts: 4,582 Thanks: 0 It has to do with the line endings I think. Yeah, vertical reading would be super nice. Joined: Mar 2008 Posts: 1,533 Thanks: 0 Another vote for vertical text! I'll add a shift key modifier for mousing over text for next alpha release (probably next weekend).

Livegen : L'actualité vidéoludique en live กระปุกดอทคอม รวม เกมส์ เกม ดูดวง ฟังเพลง เพลง หาเพื่อน เกมส์ทำอาหาร กลอน ทำนายฝัน ดารา ฟุตบอล มากมาย Browsergames List of Free Audiobooks billyclyde Wrote:zazen 666, I'm sure the Japanese is "unusual" only in the SF sense, and grammatically it's fine. Big difference in the two. That is a good point and I should mention that I agree with it. He stay crouched in the box. That part of it is really fun actually. And so far the audio seems complete, but I haven't listened to the whole book yet. Also, a Japanese friend and I were talking about books and translations recently and she made a comment that I am not sure how much I agree with, but does seem to make some sense. Although that does make some sense to me, I am having to much fun reading SF books now, so maybe later !

ファミ通.com / ゲーム・エンタメ最新情報 Akinator KanjiTomo - OCR Program for Japanese text Liste kostenloser MMORPG

A site full of information about many, many games - in Japanese. by aurora_morgenroete Nov 26