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How Silence Benefits Social Media Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners An important part of a meeting planner’s job is choosing venues and negotiating rates. Applicants usually need a bachelor's degree and, increasingly, some experience related to event planning. Education Many employers prefer applicants who have a bachelor's degree and some work experience in hotels or planning. Meeting, convention, and event planners often come from a variety of academic disciplines. Planners who have studied hospitality management may start out with greater responsibilities than those from other academic disciplines. Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations The Convention Industry Council offers the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) credential, a voluntary certification for meeting and convention planners. The Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP) offers the Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP) designation for meeting planners who work for, or contract with, federal, state, or local government. Advancement Important Qualities Composure.

5 Steps to Gaining Referral Business By Carolyn Edlund Referrals from existing customers are just about the best prospects you can get, and many artists grow their business mainly through being referred. Here’s how to get started. When you really think about it, you may realize that many of your current collectors and customers would be happy to recommend you and your work. And if you sell to a niche market, your customers are likely to know others who have the same interests, and could be potential clients as well. How do you get referrals from your customer base? Make a regular practice of requesting referrals from your customers, using these 5 steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Have you gotten referrals? Share and Enjoy Weebly SEO Review | The Pros and Cons In this Weebly SEO review, we cover both the Pros and Cons of Weebly’s SEO features, ranging from title tags to site statistics. This review is written keeping Small businesses and Professionals in mind. For DIY SEO seekers, Weebly has enough ammunition to easily optimize your site. Many Weebly users would like to do search engine optimization themselves, at least until they gain some traction. Here are the top 10 Pros and top 10 Cons that you should be aware of, while working on Search Engine Optimization for your Weebly site. Weebly has almost all the necessary ingredients to easily optimize a site for search engines. However, there are some very specific cases like multi-language sites, eCommerce conversion metrics etc, where Weebly is not as good a fit for SEO. Simple and straight forward approach to set page titles and page descriptions. The easy drag-and-drop Custom-html element plays a very critical role in letting search engines know what is important and what is not.

How to Determine Which Social Media Network Fits Your Business There are numerous variables that go into running a successful social media campaign. Factors like quality and frequency of posts, along with proper engagement quickly come to mind. These are obviously important, but choosing the network that caters to your target audience is equally important. Since there can be a disparity in terms of user demographic on different social media sites, you should understand which network best fits your business before launching a full blown campaign. Here is a rundown of the demographic of some of the most popular networks to help you choose which one to use. Facebook and Twitter These two heavyweights are at the top of most marketers to-do list, and rightfully so. If your business has a broad demographic, you should be able to effectively reach your audience. While creating a presence on both of these networks is applicable for nearly any business, Facebook can be even more advantageous when you’re looking to reach females between the ages of 18 and 29.

Instagram’s Big Mystery Event: What to Expect Instagram has something big up its sleeve. The photo-sharing platform and Facebook subsidiary will make a rare appearance in New York City on Thursday for an unveiling, and no one knows for certain what its announcement will be. I do, however, have a pretty good idea. My money is on a new, live communication platform within Instagram. Instagram Chats that include a messaging or chat function for real-time discussion.A suite of tools for enhancing images with text (MEME and standard captions) and more conversational imagery.A contact system overhaul that allows you to see, with permission, who else is live and ready to chat on Instagram.The ability to make chat-based or direct Instagrams temporary. Instagram may also push the envelope and include video in this communication toolkit, though I have trouble envisioning exactly how. We’re Still Cool Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion in 2012. However, the trend line is not favorable. A Pew study also acknowledged this trend.

Cristina Favreau: The Savvy Entrepreneur Who We Are - Media Cloverleaf Our greatest challenge today is deciding where to begin telling a story. There are four distinct, but related, types of media today: traditionalhybridsocial, andowned Imagine them as a four-leaf clover. In the first leaf, we have the traditional delivery vehicles of print or broadcast.In the second leaf, hybrid, are the versions of traditional media and media that is born digital like The Huffington Post.The third leaf, social, includes Facebook, Twitter feeds and YouTube channels.The fourth leaf, owned, includes a brand or company’s websites and apps — vitally important because every company should be a media company. Sitting in the middle of the clover is search, the new on-ramp to all forms of media, content which fuels “search rank” and paid amplification. And there are also new influencers, such as the 25,000 people who provide half the world’s tweets. We must work to stimulate storytelling that creates motion across all of the different types of media.

Transforming Customer Experience: From Moments to Journeys