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Spriter by edgar muniz please follow us: @lucidthecoder - Tuomas Erikoinen, lead artist of Angry Birds professional freelance game artist, on Spriter's potential: "It's very exciting to see something like Spriter available to more game developers. Mobile Game Development India OpenXcell is leading and most cost-effective offshore game programming company. Outsource your game programming to us !We specialize in custom game development for smart phones and tablets. Tips & Tutorials 3D Artist Looking for disc files? Richard Pritchard reveals his complete workflow for character design and development in this two-part tutorial Why Is Dota 2 The Biggest Game On Steam? By Michael Cohen on September 11th, 2013 at 5:00 pm. This is the first part in a new series looking at contemporary multiplayer gaming and the e-sports phenomenon. Since Steam’s inception, just a handful of marvellous gems have topped the Steam Stats page. Games like Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2 and Sid Meier’s Civilization V have earned accolades, snared players in their thousands, and then hovered around the 50,000 mark. For Valve’s Dota 2, now just wrapping its beta period, that figure currently sits at 500,000 concurrent users (not including China and South Korea). Five hundred thousand!

50 Ways to Make Money Online in 2012 – Part Four Continued…part three 31) Earn Money with Flickr Flickr does not offer any direct earning money methods as we have seen in the earlier sites but you can still earn money from them. If you have a good eye for photography, you can use Flickr to post stock images that cannot be downloaded for free. If they are of high quality and resolution, you can put them up for sale at a suitable price. Further, if you are into affiliate marketing, you can embed the affiliate links with images using the notes function.

50 Ways to Make Money Online in 2012 – Part One As I had written almost a year back, the Internet is still the Pandora box waiting for us to make money online in 2012. In the last 12 years, we have come across plenty of make money online options. Below is a list of the top and the best 50 ways to earn quite handsomely in the year – 2012. Note: We will post 10 at a time…

Skimling pays teachers to review students’ papers Are you a student who wants to make sure your next essay gets the best grade possible? Or a teacher with some extra time looking to make a few extra bucks? Skimling is a brand new, online service giving students the opportunity to have a real teacher “grade” their papers before turning them in for real. Teachers are “expected to give tips to improve a student’s essay based on grammar, structure, and persuasiveness.” The downside for students? Skimling is not a free service; you’ll be charged $12 for each graded paper.

How To Market Your App: Five Tips From Marco Arment Marco Arment is an industrious guy. When not hard at work on his massively popular Instapaper service, he’s busy posting insight to his personal blog and refining its custom-built Second Crack engine. And when he’s not doing that, Arment’s hosting the “Build and Analyze” podcast with friend and 5by5 founder Dan Benjamin. In the latest episode (number 54, “Snob Blend”), Arment and Benjamin share a handful of tips on how up-and-coming developers might gain traction and visibility (and sales!) for their apps.

Marmoset skies These are free environments for use in marmoset toolbag 2. Just click on the images to download. You may not use the cathedral environments for commercial use. Full resolution HDRis and sIBL sets can be purchased here If you can’t find the sky you’re looking for, feel free to contact me and we’ll arrange something. download low res .hdr file here Getting Started First things first. If you have no idea what Unity3D is go check out their website or check out the section of our site called What is Unity3D? So at this point you should be getting that Unity3D is software that you can use to make games. I've been making games for over 20 years and I definitely believe Unity3D offers the most painless learning curve of any game dev platform I have used, but with that said, if you don't know anything about 3D modeling, developing in 3D environments, character animation, and especially programming, learning to build a game in Unity3D isn't going to be easy. You're going to have to learn at least a little bit about all these things and more to make a working game from scratch. Still here?

46 Tips & Tricks for 2D mobile Performance in Unity. If this is your first jump into the world of Unity, my first tip (this one’s a freebie) is to stop trying to use it like other languages and environments. You will be using GameObjects, you will be adding multiple script components, and you will have to think differently. When I first started, my approach was to largely ignore prefabs (or use them like Flash’s display list) and get a copy of Box2D running. Painful as it is to deviate, get ready to put in some work!