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Patron doudou

Patron doudou

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How to Make a Seahorse Rattle - Hobbycraft Blog Step One Begin by sketching out a seahorse. You can use the template below – just print the image so that it measures around 25cm high – exact measurements are not needed. If you’re drawing it, bear in mind you will need to poke out the edges and corners, so wider shapes are easier! DIY Confetti Bowl Last weekend I made this DIY project with the boys, it's really easy to make and I can assure that you're gonna have fun! You'll need: confetti, one balloon, Mod Podge, a sponge and a small vase. Inflate your balloon, then insert it on to the vase so it's sturdier to work with. Applique inverse: un tutoriel This is a really fun, simple project. Yet another way to fancy up some plain tees or a great fix for old shirts with holes. It takes a little practice to master sewing a curved design like this one.

guest post for I Heart Naptime It wasn’t supposed to go up til Wednesday, but is up early! So, head over to I Heart Naptime today for my whale softie tutorial and free pattern! Hope you have a whale of a good time. har har. Yeah I’m lame so what? Here is the full tutorial, now posted on my blog! Patrons de couture gratuits à télécharger 1 Flaresbuttonbutton-type-facebook flare-iconstyle-round-bevel first" style="background-color:#0b59aa;z-index:3"> button-wrap"> button-icon">Facebook button-count">0 width=120&show_faces=false&action=like&colorscheme=light&font&height=21" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:120px; height:21px;" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>">buttonbutton-type-googleplus flare-iconstyle-round-bevel" style="background-color:#d84d2f;z-index:2"> button-wrap"> button-icon">Google+ button-count">1 buttonbutton-type-pinterest flare-iconstyle-round-bevel" style="background-color:#ce1c1e;z-index:1"> button-wrap"> button-icon">Pin It Share button-count">0 pin/create/button/? Encore une mise à jour de la page Patrons gratuits ! Dans cet ajout vous trouverez entre autre mais pas seulement : : Des centaines de patrons et tutos en français et classés par catégories ! (que c’est moi qui l’ai fait !)

Whale Of A Time Plushie Our dear friend, Christina McKinney, is back with another amazing plushie tutorial! If you were a fan of her adorable Pond Fishie Plushie, then you are going to love these adorable Marine Whales! This PDF pattern, comes in two sizes, so you can create an entire family of marine whales for your little tot at home! Now I'll hand the wheel over to Christina... Enjoy! Howdy y’all!