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When Is Sabbath

When Is Sabbath

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Sunday Law News Update - National Sunday Law Sunday Law News Update Trade and Industry Board Members Support Sunday Rest Bill as Shops Close in Argentina (April 2014) "Members of the Board of the Centre for Trade and Industry (CCI), showed their commitment to bill submitted by the legislator Julian Moon through which the closure of shops on Sundays is sought to ensure, in this manner, the rest of the workers ... We are extremely pleased to promote the closure of shops on Sunday, a move that will be the basis to recover the values ??of harmony, solidarity and respect among the members of our people ... It is important to recover the Sunday rest to humanize working relationships, revitalize family relationships, encourage spiritual life and give back to society the ability to enjoy their free time, so we welcome the provincial legislature concerned this point."

Sabbath Truth > Free Resources > Seventh Day Video Series What is the Sabbath? Host Hal Holbrook takes you on an eye-opening journey through history to explore the seventh-day Sabbath. Discover how Sunday observance eventually trumped Saturday Sabbath-keeping in the early church, why this controversy is barely known, and the amazing unknown history behind this divine day! Presented and produced by LLT Productions, this enlightening series is available in a 5-DVD set. The Prophecy Code - About The Speaker Many of the numbers in the Bible have deeper prophetic or spiritual significance. Both in the Old and New Testaments, numbers reveal hidden concepts and meanings that commonly escape the casual reader. And throughout history, men with great minds, like Augustine, Isaac Newton, and Leonardo Di Vinci, showed more than just a passing curiosity regarding the importance of biblical numbers. Once more, Jesus said, “The very hairs of your head are numbered” (Matthew 10:30). So obviously, Bible numbers should be carefully considered.

The Ten Commandments - Thumbnail Links Below are choices to several web sites committed to revealing Bible truth on the Ten Commandments. They are in every respect dedicated to revealing the truth on what the Word of God teaches in regards to the Ten Commandments with the ultimate goal of expanding God's kingdom and achieving optimal relationships with our Creator and fellow man. They all vary slightly in how they present what the Bible has to say on the Ten Commandments in the respect that one gives straight Biblical facts while another shows also how the Ten Commandments relate to love and relationships. NEW EVANGELIZATION The purpose of this meeting is to instruct Catholic families in the doctrine of the Sunday Tradition, and seeks to explain why it is the essential factor in the Christian family. The current magisterial Catechism of the Catholic Church states Sunday observance is an apostolic Tradition of supreme importance: 2177 The Sunday celebration of the Lord's Day and his Eucharist is at the heart of the Church's life. "Sunday is the day on which the paschal mystery is celebrated in light of the apostolic tradition and is to be observed as the foremost holy day of obligation in the universal Church."2181 The Sunday Eucharist is the foundation and confirmation of all Christian practice.

The 7th Day - Sabbath Sabbath COMMANDMENT (Genesis 2:2-3; Exodus 5:5, 16:22-26, 20:8-11; Deuteronomy 5:12-15; Matthew 12:1-12, 15:20, 24:20; Mark 1:21, 2:27-28, 6:2, 7:6-9, 16:1; Luke 4:16,31, 6:5-6, 13:10,15-16, 14:1, 23:56; John 5:9, 9:14; Acts 13:14-16,42-44, 15:21, 16:13, 17:2, 18:4; Hebrews 4:4-11, Revelation 1:10, 14:7, etc) Linked To Creation (Genesis 2:3; Exodus 20:8-11) , ...Redemption (Deuteronomy 5:12-15) ,

The Prophecy Code - About The Speaker Why cloak Bible prophecies in Symbols? Luke 8 :10 And He said, "To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to the rest it is given in parables, that 'Seeing they may not see, And hearing they may not understand.' Many of the apocalyptic prophecies were given while the prophets were in a hostile foreign land. One reason God cloaked the prophecies in symbols was to protect the messages. Download the Bible Symbols pdf here. Animals and their Parts • Horse = Strength and Power in Battle Job 39:19, Psalms 147:10, Proverbs 21:31 • Dragon = Satan or his agency Isaiah 27:1;30:6, Psalm 74:13-14; Rev. 12:7-9; Ezekiel 29:3; Jeremiah 51:34 • Beast = Kingdom/government/political power Daniel 7:17, 23 • Lamb = Jesus/sacrifice John 1:29; 1 Corinthians 5:7 • Lion = Jesus/Powerful King i.e.

A Sunday Law IS Coming! A Sunday Law IS Coming! "On August 14, I will proudly join with evangelicals and Jews in Justice Sunday II (I participated in the first event in April). We may be of different faiths, but it is not our theological differences that matter: we are united on the same side of the culture war against those who would like to censor the public expression of religion and drive people of faith out of the public square. Lunar Sabbath is a Lie [be careful of other material] There has been a new doctrine floating about Sabbath keeping Christians the last few years that I honestly thought would never go as far as it has when I saw it rear its ugly head in my neck of the woods back a couple of years ago. But then, I do understand we are very near the end. Therefore I also understand why certain doctrines will be allowed to flourish. The Lord needs to find out who among us are truly seeking to follow Him and His truth instead of the world and its lies. As prophesied, a shaking must occur so that the wheat can be distinguished from the tares to facilitate the gathering into the Lord's barns.

Amazing Facts > Media Library English Testimonies of Changed Lives Watch these inspirational stories that will encourage your faith in the Lord.