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Bitique - Another Graphic Design Blog Create Custom Shadows – Photoshop CS5 Tutorial Create Custom Shadows – Photoshop CS5 Tutorial Creating a great drop shadow has become one of the fundamental skills for any graphic or web designer using Photoshop. In this tutorial we’re going to start at the most basic of basics and break out the good ole’ Drop Shadow which we all know and love so much and then use a couple custom shapes to edit the way that the Drop Shadow displays itself and add some 3-dimensionality to our graphics! A must see tutorial for any web designer! Grab the starting image here! Tutorial Inspiration: Video Step 1: Start by grabbing this PSD file to start with » Step 2: We’re going to create three different Drop Shadows. Step 3: Most of this little dialog is self-explanatory, the blend mode will be most predictable if you set it to “Normal”, you can select the color swatch to change the color of your shadow, and you also have the ability to reduce/increase the opacity of this shadow using the Opacity slider. Step 4: Step 5: Step 6:

Brand New UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Austin, TX. More… products we sell Flaunt: Designing effective, compelling and memorable portfolios of creative work. Brand New Conference videos / Individual, downloadable videos of every presentation since 2010. Prints / A variety of posters, the majority from our AIforGA series. Other: Various one-off products. writing Graphic Design, Referenced: A Visual Guide to the Language, Applications, and History of Graphic DesignRockport: 2009 Women of Design: Influence and Inspiration from the Original Trailblazers to the New Groundbreakers HOW Books: 2008 The Word It Book: Speak Up Presents a Gallery of Interpreted WordsHOW Books: 2007

Project Thirty-Three El primer libro con fecha de caducidad - Dando Guerrilla Dicen que los libros, como los diamantes, son para toda la vida. Sus dueños suelen almacenarlos durante décadas en bibliotecas, conscientes de que pueden recurrir a ellos cuando lo deseen y encontrarlos en un estado casi idéntico. Pero esta afirmación puede haber quedado obsoleta. [Te puede interesar: El cadáver que ayuda a vender libros] En Argentina han lanzado un libro impreso con una tinta especial que hace que tenga una duración limitada. Detrás de este producto tan sorprendente se encuentra una campaña de la editorial Eterna Cadencia destinada a apoyar a los autores latinoamericanos, para que sus obras tengan una mayor penetración. El título elegido para esta experiencia piloto fue 'El futuro no es nuestro. "Pensamos que es una manera mágica y poética de contar un problema real. La acción puede considerarse un éxito a todos los niveles.

Focus Hub Photography Courses Blog For his latest multimedia project, Natural Beauty, James Houston was inspired by nature, with the goal to raise awareness and funds for the environment and sustainable living. Created in partnership with MILK and environmental non-profit Global Green USA, Houston shot a series of striking portraits featuring some of the world’s leading celebrities and models including Adrian Grenier, Emma Watson, Christy Turlington, Karlie Kloss, Arizona Muse and Anja Rubik. These captivating photographs bring together two of Houston’s great passions – the human form and the natural world. Below are the lovely beauty photographs of Emma Watson and a behind-the-scenes video of the whole project. We also feature the behind-the-scenes video on our compare videos section. The book is available to buy here or in our shop:

UX, UI : c’est différent et c’est pas pareil 21 décembre 2012 Dans le jargon des métiers de la conception web, on parle souvent, et de plus en plus d’UX et d’UI, ou expérience utilisateur (User eXperience) et interface utilisateur (User Interface) en bon françois. Si pour vous ces deux notions sont aussi compréhensibles qu’une équation mathématique différentielle du second degré, lisez ce qui suit pour éclairer vos lanternes. UX is not UI but UI is UX Souvent, l’UX est assimilé à l’UI. En effet, l’interface utilisateur, c’est ce qui fait le lien entre l’humain et la machine. Les réflexions sur l’UI font l’objet de nombreuses études : quelles typographies utiliser ? Or, pour qu’une expérience utilisateur soit agréable, que dis-je mémorable, travailler l’UI n’est clairement pas suffisant. En effet, l’UI doit être le résultat d’un travail plus approfondi, celui de l’expérience utilisateur ou la prise en considération globale des besoins de l’utilisateur. Source : illustration Agence LunaWeb Source : Aller plus loin

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