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Free and Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning

Free and Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning
As an e-Learning consultant I was always a fan of open source software. Why? The answer is simple. Because I could use them as I wish, for whatever I wish, without long-term commitments and with the extra bonus of a community of professionals that use, extend and support them. In this post I am not going to talk about open source learning management systems such as eFront[1] but rather dedicated open source “authoring tools”. The list that it follows is not in particular order. => If you know a free or open source authoring tool that is not included in the list I will highly appreciate if you write a comment with a link! Free & Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning What2Learn makes it easy for e-Learning developers to create interactive games and quizzes and track learners’ attainment. Create free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds! eXe Wink CourseLab Quandary An application for creating Web-based Action Mazes. Hot Potatoes

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Xerte - Open Source E-Learning Developer Tools Welcome to The Xerte Project! The Xerte Project is an initiative to provide high quality free software to educators all over the world, and to build a global community of users and developers around our tools. The project began in 2004 at the University of Nottingham, when work began to create a Flash-based runtime engine that would help the in-house multimedia development team speed up the development of interactive learning materials, and provide a platform for re-using good solutions to common problems that developers were typically solving every time they began a new project.

Understanding the New Roles in Marketing "Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes." Could David Bowie's 70s hit be a marketer's theme song, or what? On a related -- but arguably more serious -- note, according to the 2012 CMO Survey by the American Marketing Association and Duke University, Marketing appears to be one of the early rebounders in the initial economic recovery. In terms of both department size and budget, Marketing is on the rise. Just take a look at how the size of business' marketing departments has more than doubled -- in fact, almost tripled -- since August 2011 ... And as the role of marketing grows, it also continues to evolve.

5 Awesome Authoring Tools - Video Maker Tips Interactivity is at the heart of today’s best e-learning content; the days of passively reading plain text on a page are fading away. Educators need to keep learners stimulated through deeper engagement, and requiring users to interact with material enriches the experience and reinforces the lessons at hand. Interactive training material can be created without much technical know-how thanks to authoring tools – software that enables the building and packaging of e-learning content.

10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics Advertisement Who can resist a colourful, thoughtful venn diagram anyway? In terms of blogging success, infographics are far more likely to be shared than your average blog post. This means more eyeballs on your important information, more people rallying for your cause, more backlinks and more visits to your blog. In short, a quality infographic done well could be what your blog needs right now.

Should You Flip Your Classroom? At its core, "flipped instruction" refers to moving aspects of teaching out of the classroom and into the homework space. With the advent of new technologies, specifically the ability to record digitally annotated and narrated screencasts, instructional videos have become a common medium in the flipped classroom. Although not limited to videos, a flipped classroom most often harnesses different forms of instructional video published online for students. Sustainability and MOOCs in Historical Perspective [All Presentations] Sustainability and MOOCs in Historical Perspective November 15, 2012 Keynote presentation delivered to Simposio Internacional Estado Actual Y Prospectiva De La Educacion Virtual, Bogota, Colombia.

How To Get Your Learners to Remember More Everyone wants to build good elearning courses, whether for sharing new information or changing workplace behaviors. While not all elearning objectives are the same, there are things you can do in your course design that help your learners recall the information and use it in the real world. To do this, you need to understand how the learner’s brain processes the elearning course content. In this post, we’ll do a quick overview of cognitive learning theory and how it relates to your elearning courses. Learning is the process of taking new information in your working memory and integrating it with existing knowledge in your long-term memory.

Zim - a desktop wiki This program depends on a number of modules including the python, gtk and the python-gtk bindings. Most linux distributions have standard packages for these bindings, if your distribution has these packages installing them will probably be much easier then compiling them manually . In order to compile and install the source run: $ ./ $ ./ install How to Make a Screencast for Your Website Having a video on your website can vastly improve your conversion rate. Whether the goal is for users to sign up for your web application or simply to get users to contact you via a web form, a video improves the likelihood of this happening. You need only go to the home page of any new Internet-based startup, and you’ll see an embedded video with a very large call to action beckoning you to play its two- or three-minute video introduction. Videos that demonstrate web applications or web-based services are often called screencasts because they usually capture events on the company’s website. These screencasts can sum up in just two minutes what might otherwise take up many pages to explain, so they make for powerful additions to websites.

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