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Build A Quadcopter From Scratch - Hardware Overview

In this article I will be talking about quadcopter components and how to choose them. This is part of the tutorial series on how to build a quadcopter. In the next post I will be talking about software, how to go about the algorithm and programming. If you are planning on building a quadcopter but not sure how, this is the right place for you. Doing research is pretty boring, so I am trying to put together a comprehensive tutorial about quadcopter, hope it helps you as much as it helped me. Building a quadcopter from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. For more tutorials, check out this list. This blog post is divided into a three parts What is a Quadcopter and How It WorkQuadcopter Components IntroductionConclusion A QuadCopter is a helicopter with four rotors, so it’s also known as quadrotor. The Quadcopters exist in many different sizes. For example, to roll or pitch, one rotor’s thrust is decreased and the opposite rotor’s thrust is increased by the same amount. Frame Propellers

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How to read RC Channels - The RCArduinoFastLib Background - The problem we are solving. Your Arduino can only do one thing at a time, when one interrupt occurs no others can run until the current one finishes. This can cause problems in RC Projects which use interrupts for three key functions - 1) The Servo Library uses an internal interrupt to generate the servo signals 2) The Interrupts we use to read incoming RC Signals 3) The Arduino interrupt that drives the timing functions millis() and micros() When two of our interrupts are triggered at the same time, one will be held waiting until the first one finishes. This introduces errors into our input readings and our output servo pulses.

Motors And Propellers: Heavy Lifting - Multi-Rotors, First-Person View, And The Hardware You Need The right electronics are a first step toward creating flight, but a multi-rotor isn't going anywhere without good old-fashioned practical physics to pull it upwards. Your choice in motors plays a pivotal role in the success of a capable setup. This is also the point when specifications start to get complicated.

Arduino Multiwii Quadcopter Connection Test Today I loaded up the Arduino Multiwii Quadcopter code on the Arduino Uno, and connected everything including a Radio controller, the IMU, ESC and motors, it works straight away! It’s so much easier than I thought. The reason I am using the Arduino as a flight controller was my KK2.0 was totally damaged in the last crash. Luckily everything else apart from the flight controller and frame is fine! So I decided rather than buying a new flight controller, I might try to dig out a spare Arduino board to make one myself. Since there are already so many open source Arduino projects for quadcopter, it’s not difficult at all to setup one.

aeroquad - An Arduino based four rotor R/C helicopter or quadrocopter. Check out our main website and forum at For feature requests or bug reports, please submit them to: If you are interested in obtaining the latest and greatest code, please visit our main repository at: The AeroQuad is an open-source hardware and software project dedicated to the construction of remote controlled four-rotor helicopters, also known as quadcopters or quadrocopters. AeroQuad hardware typically consists of an Arduino microcontroller (Mega-2560 or Uno) as the flight controller board, and an AeroQuad shield with various sensors, such as an accelerometer and gyroscope. AeroQuad software, written mostly in C and uploaded to the micro-controller via the Arduino IDE, currently supports Rate (Acrobatic) Mode that uses only the gyroscope for flight assistance, and Attitude (Stable) Mode that use both the gyroscope and accelerometer for auto-leveled flight assist.

Quadcopter Dynamics and Simulation - Andrew Gibiansky A helicopter is a flying vehicle which uses rapidly spinning rotors to push air downwards, thus creating a thrust force keeping the helicopter aloft. Conventional helicopters have two rotors. These can be arranged as two coplanar rotors both providing upwards thrust, but spinning in opposite directions (in order to balance the torques exerted upon the body of the helicopter). DIY Multipurpose Robot (Sumobot, Spybot, Mazebot, Bluetooth...) : DESIGNING YOUR ROBOT pt1 We first start of with the motors and how many will you use for your robot? 2WD 4WD TRACKED?. In the world of robotics geared motors are used all the time since it packs allot of power. To make things simple in making a multipurpose robot you will be needing a well balanced and reliable motor that has more than enough torque and speed.

The Quad Copter Guy: Choosing Your Parts Multirotor becoming very popular nowadays. It's real fun and pleasure to see them flying, however making them at home from scratch is tough job. If you are thinking to make one then this tutorial might help you. You don't need to ask someone or search over forums or blogs to troubleshoot your issue. Here i am trying to put everything together for you. It comes from my personal experience and time i spent searching over google so it might help you to build your multirotor without any hassle. Flyduino Mega , a Multiwii/Ardupirates/Aeroquad based aerial video platform FC Discussion Flyduino Mega , a Multiwii/Ardupirates/Aeroquad based aerial video platform FC The Flyduino, is avaiable at Most actual shematic for the Flyduino! Thanks Berkely

Multicopter Tutorial List I have been sharing my experience and writing a lot about building multicopters, FPV etc, but still, many people ask me questions that I have already answered in some of my posts. Clearly just by throwing people with a lot of information is not going to help them learn quicker, so I decided to put these information into a more structured, better presented tutorial. I included most if not all of my multicopter related posts in this article, hoping that it could make it easier for everyone to find what they need. If you are a beginner, I strongly recommend you read this multicopter beginner tutorial first. It gives you an basic understanding how a multicopter works, and what hardware is required. There are different configurations in multicopter, such as 2 motors, 3 motors, 4 motors.

DIY ARDUINO FLIGHT CONTROLLER As I started arduino 3 years ago I guess I've piled up some extra sensors such as the MPU6050 , BMP180, and the HMC5883L now getting frustrated of my old Flight controller for my quadcopter I decided to make my own similar to those of MULTIWII "CRIUS SE" So here are the main parts An Arduino mini.... or something similar like mine from our local electronics shop exclusive on in the Philippines I got these sensors for 22.31$ only! 1x MPU6050

Revolution Platform - - The Next Generation Open Source UAV Autopilot Just like CC & CC3D, the Revo has many ports but a key new addition is the Flexi-IO port. A lot of thought went into creating a small device that’s flexible for use with multirotor platforms, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft as well as making connectivity as future proof as possible. The Flexi-IO port uses a 10 pin JST connector and is designed to perform several different functions.

How to choose your multi rotor Motors/Props/ESC - Guides - DroneTrest I found this great video that talk about the process for choosing the best motors, props and ESC for your quadcopter. It is a great process you should follow when you are building a new multicopter. The video focuses on quadcopters, but the rules are the same for Tricopters, Hexacopter, Octacopters etc.. When he is talking about the thrust required for your motors (model weight x 2.2)/no. motors you should try look for motors that have the max thrust values that match that weight.

Connecting elements « MultiWii Dimensions of the Wii Motion Plus are quite similar to Arduino Pro Mini card’s one. This is useful for designing a small and homogeneous card. The 2 PCBs are simply connected by four wires. Wii Motion Plus extension is powered by the regulated 5V of the Arduino Pro Mini. Digital PIN 12 of the Arduino is connected to VCC Wii Motion Plus.