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40 meilleurs tutoriaux Photoshop - Caractéristiques - Arts numériques Learn techniques for Photoshop across art, illustration, graphics and photography in these tutorials from the world's best practitioners. Photoshop is a very versatile software tool, as flexible for seamlessly compositing disparate elements into a beautiful photomotage as it is making your photos look even more stunning. It also provides an effortless platform for creating dynamic graphics for both web and print - and let's not forget its pragmatic usefulness as a day-to-day tool for tranforming graphics and photos into the perfect format for your output requirements. Fractal Generating Software Programs & Links on Paul N. Lee's website If you can't find what you are looking for in the below table of generating and rendering software programs, applications, tutorials and more, then additional fractal related information may be found in this 1,300+ line text file. Also, further information may be found within the world renowned Fractal Census, where over 4,500 individuals are listed (plus statistics on software use and number of users per country). Even the first portion of the table below (which previously was in alphabetical order) is now listed in the order by programs having been acquired, tried, and/or used the most, so as to match the statistics from the Fractal Census list of applications. If you can't find what you are looking for in the table of software above, then more fractal related information may be found in this 1,300+ line text file. Want to view, create, or know more about fractals? Go to the renowned Fractal Census, orto the revised Spanky Fractal Database.

Hi Greydie Hi Greydie, I thought I'd send you what I did today - 'see below' [hope the photos show - they're large.] Out of curiosity, I just begun enjoying this geometric stuff to pass a little time before I could embark on what I was to StartPage - DigitalSpace Click here to download and install the FREE DigitalSpace Traveler 2.03 Client (save this 28 MB installer to your disk).This installer is for Apple OS X. Run installer package and then search for "" and run the app from there. Note we are still debugging this version, which runs under Wineskin so contact us if you are having problems. Note: by downloading and activating this software you agree to the terms of our license agreement presented at initial startup and also to our disclaimer about your use of third party community spaces we reference (click here to see this disclaimer).Brief instructions for "the pros":Start up Traveler and then visit the Traveler Community Directory (and documentation) to open and enter Traveler spaces, see current user populations, and view community and Traveler documentation. If you use other voice chat systems your microphone should already be correctly configured for use with Traveler.

Fractal Figure 1a. The Mandelbrot set illustrates self-similarity. As the image is enlarged, the same pattern re-appears so that it is virtually impossible to determine the scale being examined. Figure 1b. The same fractal magnified six times. Photoshop Tutorials Second Picture is devoted to Photoshop Tutorials 3D Tutorials Photography Tutorials Photography Composition Web Design Tutorials Here you find all my Photoshop tutorials. I try to write Photoshop tutorials that are suitable for every skill level. If you have any suggestions for my Photoshop tutorials, feel free to contact me. Photoshop Tutorials Elsewhere

Fractal Pages of Paul N. Lee frac·tal (frâk´tël) n. A geometric pattern that is repeated at ever smaller scales to produce irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical geometry. Fractals are used especially in computer modeling of irregular patterns and structures in nature. [French, from Latin fractus , past participle of frangere , to break. See FRACTION.]

Diagrams by Walter Russell Periodic System by Russell (1) Periodic System by Russell (2) Symbol of love extended from rest to motion Symbol of Power The Radial Universe Computer Space Simulator Computer Space Simulator Mike "Moose" O'Malley did an exceptional job of putting together this game. Here is the installer. Again many thanks to Mike for this work. Fractal Architecture by Michael Ostwald for the Nexus Network Journal vol.3 no.1 Winter 2001 Michael J. OstwaldDepartment of Architecture Faculty of Architecture, Building and Design, University of Newcastle University Drive, Callaghan, NSW 2308 AUSTRALIA INTRODUCTIONFor more than two decades an intricate and contradictory relationship has existed between architecture and the sciences of complexity.

Textures and Patterns It’s no secret that we love textures and patterns here at WDL. They’re great for easily adding lots of interest and depth to a design, whether it be a huge background pattern or just some subtle textures here and there. So to continue our “Best of 2010″ series, this week we’re covering textures and patterns. We’ve seen a lot of them this year, but some really stood out. Mandelbulb 3D Parameter: Metallic Fountains For the Mandelbulb 3D enthusiasts out there, I'm putting up some of my best images along with their formulas. Click here to see the complete list. Parameters for this one are below the fold. Ads by Google

BioGeometry - science of Energy of Shape © Johan van Vulpen. for achieving harmony with our inner and outer environments, humanizering modern technology, integrating science and spirituality and discovering scientific reality behind all religions. BioGeometry is a science that deals with the Energy of Shape. BioGeometry is the language of seeing the relationship between shape and energy. Everything in nature has shape and everything has energy.

MouseLookPlus Author: pete This is a modified version of the C# MouseLook script in the Standard Assets. It's been converted to Javascript and using Keys to adjust the Look direction has been added. You will want to modify it for use - ie using a Key to look up while using the Mouse to look down at the same time will cause some problems. Deleting the KeyLook functions (and their invokes in Update) and taking the transforms out of the if statements will leave you with a JS version of MouseLook.

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