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A Comprehensive Guide for Effective Use of iPad in Teaching

A Comprehensive Guide for Effective Use of iPad in Teaching
iPad, this mystic gadget that has been making the news since its launch a few years ago, has now secured a strong foothold inside different educational settings. Its sharp design, practical portability, and the sublime sense of mobile gadgetry it bestows upon its users and, above all, its widespread among learners , all of these factors combined made this tablet an indispensable tool in the learning toolkit of students. With this huge presence inside our schools, several school districts have finally adopted it as a teaching and learning tool to be used inside the classroom. App developers, on their part, have also noticed this increasing potential of iPad in education and therefore started creating and developing apps targeting the educational audience. From apps for toddlers to advanced research apps, the app store now is teeming with all kinds of educational apps. In this context, several teachers are planning to incorporate iPad for the first time in their classroom instruction. Related:  iPad IdeasI Pad

The iPad Effect: A Top-10 List » Third Graders, Dreaming Big It’s only been a few months, but I’ve already noticed some drastic changes in our classroom when the iPads roll in…. I’ve labeled these Top-10 phenomena as being The iPad Effect, as they seem to occur every Tuesday and Thursday…. 1. Days when there are no iPads in the classroom, students seem to ask to leave to hydrate at the bubbler far more often than they do when the iPads ARE in the classroom. 2. We try to time our bathroom visits with regular breaks in our routine. 3. Seems that iPads are the latest cure for stomachaches, headaches, hang-nails, sore arms and legs and boo-boos. 4. I can say with confidence, during my eight years of teaching, I seldom have had students ask to do MORE work than what is required. 5. In a room full of students recording their voices, and playing them back, you would think that focusing would be more difficult. 6. Face it. 7. Students who are off-target in their behavior risk missing out on part of their iPad time. 8. 9. 10.

Google Doc Tip: Find Revision History If you are using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Draw you will notice next to the menu options is a message letting you know that your document is saved in Google Drive. This message is a hyperlink that will launch revision history. Revision history lets you see who made what changes when. It also allows you to revert back to an old version if you are not liking the current changes. Like this: Like Loading... The Best Free iPad and iPhone Kids' Apps According to Apple | Groovin' On Apps EmailShare 18EmailShare There’s a difference between popular kids’ apps and games that grab the world’s fancy momentarily, and the best kids’ apps and games that become all-time favorites, classics and “must-haves.” So which type of kids’ apps do you seek? Either way, Apple’s got you covered. Ultimately, Apps for Kids and Games for Kids give you the best kids’ apps and games according to Apple. You might also like our related post, Apple’s Top Apps and Games for Kids That You Can Try for Free. You can get nearly one-fifth of Apple’s top recommended kids’ apps and games for free Cool beans, right? But first, a few words about how to use the table below. Now, have at ‘em. Top Recommended Free Kids Apps and Games on the App Store

The Dos and Don'ts for Integrating iPads "Put your wands away!" Professor Umbridge from the Harry Potter stories would tell the students at the beginning of each class. After a few classes when Professor Umbridge would make the announcement, "Put your wands away," the students did not have to do anything because they never even bothered to take the wands out. Interestingly enough, I witnessed a similar experience in my own wizarding school, um, I mean just school. Our freshman and sophomore students all had iPads (wands) and some of the teachers would have them looking up information, collaborating on an app, or watching chemistry movies. Teacher Tech Blues When I asked them why they did not use the iPads in the classes they taught, these are some of the reasons they mentioned: I don't have time to both prepare a good lesson and then figure out how to fit the technology into it. As I reflected on this information, I pondered the ramifications: Mistakes Made Here are my suggestions for avoiding such mistakes: 1. 2. 3. In the Future

An Excellent New Feature for Google Docs July 1, 2014 A few days ago Google released a few interesting updates to its Drive applications. One important update that I want to share with you today is called "Suggested Edits". This new feature is great for collaborative work on Google Docs. Before, when you share a Google document with your collaborators and grant them the editing rights they can edit anything in it. But with "Suggested Edits" you, as the owner of the document, can control this editing process by allowing collaborators to make only suggestions which you can either accept or reject. This new feature is not available on Google Docs for mobile. Here is how you can enable "Suggested Edits" in your Google Docs : 1- Open the document. 2- In the top-right corner, make sure you are in Suggesting mode 3-To suggest an edit to existing text, highlight the text you want to change and type the suggested edit. Owners of the documents will receive an email with your suggestions and be able to accept or reject them.

iPads in Guided Reading Before a class set of iPads I was differentiating my literacy centers for guided reading. Here were some of literacy centers and how I differentiated them: 1. Word Study--At the beginning of the year, it is beginning sounds. As the year progresses it is ending sounds, short vowel sounds, blends, digraphs, long vowels, irregular verbs. The three students that come to this center listen to their individual tape player and complete their work. I made copies of the CD's or tapes so I would not use my originals in tape decks (so little hands would not ruin the tape by pushing record). Now, I use iPads during guided reading. Here are some of the apps I use. I am working on incorporating Raz-kids where the students will also be assigned leveled books based on their guided reading.

A Simple Way To Introduce Your Students To Coding A Simple Way To Introduce Your Students To Coding As apps and digital projects become more important to how we live and play, learning how to design and create those ideas is going to become more important as well. And if the current trend continues, more accessible than ever. While many coding resources for students exist, many of these look like they were designed by lifeless robots. Coding already has a reputation as geeky, dry, and alphanumeric, as opposed to the svelte, elegant, and engaging interaction that code produces. HopScotch is an iPad app that introduces students to the concept of coding by using simple graphics, lots of color, and easy to use tools. Using HopScotch, students can become familiar with the relationship with numbers and letters here, and subsequent movement or animation there. Coding is as much about planning, structure, design, and careful processes as it is software and programs–which, as an aside, makes it a brilliant way to teach the writing process itself.

Online Courses : free university lectures - computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry How To Safely Clean Your Tablet Or Smartphone's Touchscreen Cleaning a smartphone touchscreen is simple. You don’t need a special cleaning kit or cleaning solution to safely clean your tablet or smartphone’s touchscreen – you can do it with materials you probably have on hand. However, you do need to know what to avoid – many common types of cloths and cleaning solutions can damage a touchscreen. Once you understand what to do and what not to do, you can safely clean a smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen in just a few seconds, removing the build-up of oil, dust, and other grime that can accumulate on these devices as we rub our fingers over them all day. What Not To Do Before we go over a quick and easy method to safely clean your device’s touchscreen, let’s cover some things you should never do to clean a smartphone touchscreen: NEVER use harsh chemicals, including Windex, anything with ammonia, or alcohol-based cleaners. This process will be different if you have a screen protector on your screen. Get a Microfiber Cloth Why a microfiber cloth?

The Biggest Concern For Schools Deploying iPads When my mother-in-law recently got an iPad for her elementary school classroom , her initial response to us was ‘Really? How fast are they going to break that thing?!” While not all kids are going to break your classroom technology, they’re perhaps less likely than an adult to be careful with it. In the past we’ve looked at a few different options for protecting your classroom tablets , but we haven’t ever really looked at how often they’re actually damaged, and what damage is occurring. 22% of iPads are damaged within the first year Most (48%) are damaged in transit from school/home and back. 40% are damaged at home.