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Make a slideshow with your powerpoint & web cam

ZeroPC - Your content navigator for the cloud scroll kit Freesmith Freeware - Free Video Player, Free Youtube Downloader, Free Audio/Video Converter for Windows and more Welcome - All your online visits organized, archived and searchable Whenever you search the Web, Peerbelt looks for related pages in your browsing library Peerbelt organizes the top items from your browsing library according to relevance. A click on the logo brings you to your visual library screen so you can review more than just the top few entries. The history link pins the visit in your library, so you can explore items from a similar time. A page viewed in the past is marked with our logo. Stats disclose visit count, last visit date. Hint Click on the snapshot opens the pageHint Explore related items with a click on a link tim berners-lee Hint Years of browsing can be navigated with just a couple of clicks. The snapshots help recall the visit at a glance Hint double click on hit space to open the page All of your online visits on your device will be organized and searchable, regardless of which browser is used Finding a visit within years of browsing starts here Order the results by time or relevance depending on what you are after

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