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Code Conventions for the JavaScript Programming Language

Code Conventions for the JavaScript Programming Language
This is a set of coding conventions and rules for use in JavaScript programming. The long-term value of software to an organization is in direct proportion to the quality of the codebase. Over its lifetime, a program will be handled by many pairs of hands and eyes. If a program is able to clearly communicate its structure and characteristics, it is less likely that it will break when modified in the never-too-distant future. Code conventions can help in reducing the brittleness of programs. All of our JavaScript code is sent directly to the public. JavaScript Files JavaScript programs should be stored in and delivered as .js files. JavaScript code should not be embedded in HTML files unless the code is specific to a single session. Whitespace Where possible, these rules are consistent with centuries of good practice with literary style. Blank lines improve readability by setting off sections of code that are logically related. while (true) { Avoid excessively long lines. Use line comments. Is

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10 Must Have JavaScript Cheat Sheets More and more websites are realizing the power of client side scripting and AJAX to bring their site to the next level of interaction as JavaScript is becoming a second hand language to almost every serious web developer today. Here is our collection of 10 must have JS cheat sheets to help you along on your web developing adventures. I hope you enjoy and find this as useful as many developers did! Related Posts: Flex to HTML5 Considerations The web application landscape has shifted rapidly in the past six months. Due to Adobe’s changing view of the Flash Platform, many companies who have relied on technologies like Flex are looking to migrate to HTML5. This transition can be tricky both for an organization as well as its developers.

Additional Resources on JavaScript - Help / Questions - The freeCodeCamp Forum We've listened to everyone's feedback and made a ton of improvements to our forum. Improvement #1: HTTPS Our open source community takes security seriously. Now everything on our forum is encrypted using SSL. Improvement #2: Simplified Categories JSXGraph: interactive javascript graphs I’ve been investigating JSXGraph over the last few weeks and I’m quite impressed. JSXGraph is a javascript-based grapher from the mathematics people at the University of Bayreuth in Germany. Advantages of JSXGraph It works in all major browsers and is cross-platform. It even works on Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, since it is not Flash- or java applet-based. Disadvantages of JSXGraph

Flash Pro & CreateJS Following that is the handleComplete method. This remains almost identical to what was published, except that now it removes the Platypus instance that was on stage. We’ve also enabled touch interactions on our stage, so this game can be played on an iOS device. Quick Tip: In a more complex project, you’d likely get rid of the exportRoot , and add elements to the stage directly.

Supercharge JavaScript development in Atom – Satyajit Sahoo – Medium I know, editors are just tools, and the real power is within the programmer. The editor still plays a major role in writing good code. I don't know about you, but even though I can probably write a small program using nano, it'll be damn difficult to get it right the first time. Yeah, the good ol' typos, missing parentheses and all.

MathExt Welcome to the MathExt JavaScript library. This library was made to parse and calculate mathematical formulas of any kind and any complexity. It can easily be integrated into websites and web applications. As developer you can set all kind of settings. You can even specify what commands (» Actions) should be available to the user and in what priority they should be proceeded.

EaselJS Recent Updates Follow @CreateJS November 2014 Updates in preparation for next release (coming soon).New class model, with big performance increases October 2014 Lots of bug fixes and pull requests.New 'Extras' folder in GitHub with useful tools and classes