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The Physicians Committee

The Physicians Committee
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The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) Companies That Still Test on Animals Many manufacturers of personal care and household items still test their products on animals, despite the growing number of alternative methods for evaluating product safety. The following list contains all such companies known and their associated brand names. This list originally was compiled from two primary references (cited at the bottom of this page). In addition, it is updated as new information is made available to us. We do our absolute best, but we cannot fully guarantee its accuracy, so please use the list accordingly--and do let us know if you can offer any further updates. You may wish to print out the list and take it along next time you go shopping! Companies That Still Test on Animals (and associated brands): Primary Original References: American Anti-Vivisection Society, Guide to Compassionate Shopping (8214.GCS) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Consumer Products Companies That Test on Animals (edition concurrent with origin list)

Vegsource - Your source for all things vegan and vegetarian. Farms 2 Forks | Farms 2 Forks Vegan Recipes, Diets, & Information Welcome - National Anti-Vivisection Society log in to my account | RunKeeper VIVE LA B12 ! | Un site de la Société végane française.

CambridgeDeclarationOnConsciousness.pdf (application/pdf Object) Tableau de conversions Sur cette page se trouve divers tableaux de conversions pour la cuisine; conversions de mesures liquides et solides, de chaleur du four et d'aliments. Vous pouvez également vous référer à notre page des Substitutions des aliments afin de trouver des remplacements pour certains ingrédients. Mesures liquides Note : Certaines mesures ont été arrondies légèrement. oz = once (système impérial) 8 onces = 1 tasse 1 litre est noté 1 L 1 décilitre est noté 1 dl 1 centilitre est noté 1 cl 1 millilitre est noté 1 ml 1 litre = 10 décilitres = 100 centilitres = 1000 millilitres 1 décilitre = 0,1 litre = 10 centilitres = 100 millilitres 1 centilitre = 0,01 litre = 0,1 décilitre = 10 millilitres 1 millilitre = 0,001 litre = 0,01 décilitre = 0,1 centilitre Chaleur du four Note : La chaleur des fours n'est pas uniforme et peut varier d'un appareil à l'autre. Il est important d'ajuster la cuisson à son four. °C = degrés Celsius °F = degrés Farenheit Mesures solides Règles concernant certains aliments Termes

UW Madison Cruelty: Photos The University of Wisconsin–Madison fought for more than three years to keep these photographs of Double Trouble’s abuse a secret until a successful PETA lawsuit compelled the university to release the disturbing images. WARNING: The photographs that follow are graphic. Double Trouble was subjected to several invasive surgeries on her eyes, ears, and brain. Experimenters drilled a hole in Double Trouble’s head and screwed this steel post to her skull. Electrodes were inserted into her brain, and electrical devices were implanted deep into her ears. Wires protruded from the grotesque contraption on Double Trouble’s head. Double Trouble would be deprived of food for days at a time, and experimenters would hold a feeding tube in the metal device in front of her mouth to deliver morsels of food so that she would cooperate during experiments. Double Trouble’s open, bloody head wound became a breeding ground for a serious bacterial infection.

La Santé dans l'Assiette - Nutrition, cuisine saine, conseils détox Americans For Medical Advancement | AFMA

Promotes preventative medicine, good nutrition and plant-based diet, and high ethical standards in research and alternatives to animal experimentation. by cellospot May 11