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Wuala - Stockage en ligne sécurisé. Sauvegardez. Synchronisez. Partagez. Accédez à vos données où que vous soyez.

Wuala - Stockage en ligne sécurisé. Sauvegardez. Synchronisez. Partagez. Accédez à vos données où que vous soyez.

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How to get the Google Plus App on you iPad, iPod Touch Yesterday was a day of happiness for some but sadness for many- the Google+ iPhone App was released, but Google didn’t include support for the iPad and iPod Touch. We weren’t satisfied, after all, we wanted everyone on Google+ to enjoy the awesomeness of having group conversations via huddles, reading up on their interests via sparks, or coming up with creative circle names for people they don’t like on the go. We did some snooping around and were able to get an awesome tip from iDB that lets you install the Google+ app on your iPad, iPod Touch. The installation requires you to download Apple’s free iPhone Configuration Utility, download the Google+ app on your computer via iTunes, and adding the App via the Configuration Utility. Here are the steps in more detail along with a video from iDB: +Instructions:

MIT Creates Amazing UI From Levitating Orbs Anyone else see The Avengers? Just like in Iron Man 1 and 2, Tony Stark has the coolest interactive 3-D displays. He can pull a digital wire frame out of a set of blueprints or wrap an exoskeleton around his arm.

Products : GeSWall Warning: include_once(/home/gentlese/public_html/inc/header_geswall.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/gentlese/public_html/geswall.html on line 4 Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening '/home/gentlese/public_html/inc/header_geswall.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/gentlese/public_html/geswall.html on line 4 Overview GESWALL FREEWAREEnsures safe use of the internet in a gentle way! GeSWall is intrusion prevention system that is non-intrusive and easy to use.

TC50: Is A Time Machine For The Web One of the best things about the web — its constantly evolving, easily modifiable nature — can also be one of its most frustrating faults. Because usually when a website modifies its content, any changes overwrite what came before it, sometimes without leaving a trace of the old content., a new site launching today at TechCrunch50, is looking to solve this problem by offering companies a way to easily back up their sites. The company says that every year, 5-8% of ‘bookmarked’ content vanishes from the web as pages are modified and removed. Take Notes & Annotate PDFs The Easy Way With Jarnal [Cross-Platform] You can use Delicious to organize your student life, Evernote to help you reduce your paper clutter and more! Evernote, in particular, can definitely be considered a giant when it comes to the many platforms it has apps for and how versatile it is. Jarnal is also a great note-taking application that can run in Windows, Mac and Linux and deserves a mention, without a doubt, for its extensive features. Getting Jarnal Jarnal is an open-source note-taking and sketching application that you can run without installing it (as the program is bundled in a zipped file), but there are also installable versions for Windows and Mac on the official wiki and SourceForge page.

for Students: The Ultimate Research Tool – Education Series Whether you’re writing a paper or studying for a test, odds are you spend more time gathering the pieces than actually working. Getting all of your notes together, hunting for quotes, and tracking down bibliographical information takes at least as long, if not longer, as writing the paper itself. In a group situation, sharing research and collaborating on the production of one document is even more difficult without the proper tools. Enter Evernote. For students, it’s an invaluable way to organize research and streamline the collaboration process. Here are some examples of how Evernote simplifies the student research process. This Gizmo Lets You Draw A UI On Paper, Then Turns It Into A Touch Screen You know those huge multichannel mixers--the massive boards that audio engineers manage during concerts to control everything from sound to lights? It’s the sort of highly specialized hardware that the average person would never come into contact with, because why would they? But what if you could just draw it? That’s the idea behind the SketchSynth, by Carnegie Mellon student Billy Keyes. It allows you to draw your own specialized piece of sound hardware--in this case, a MIDI board--on any random piece of paper.

Network Security Policy Interface Comodo Firewall The Network Security Policy interface is the nerve center of Comodo Firewall and allows advanced users to configure and deploy traffic filtering rules and policies on an application specific and global basis. Both application rules and global rules are consulted when the firewall is determining whether or not to allow or block a connection attempt. For Outgoing connection attempts, the application rules are consulted first and then the global rules. For Incoming connection attempts, the global rules are consulted first and then application specific rules. The Network Security Policy interface also allows users to define the Network Zones for specifying access privileges on them and Port Sets, which are predefined groupings of one or more ports of the system that can be deployed across multiple traffic filtering rules. The interface is divided into six main sections - Application Rules, Global Rules, Predefined Polices, Network Zones, Blocked Zones and Port Sets.

Email Preservation: Turnkey Capture Tool? Earlier today, I interviewed Crawford Neilson, IT system manager for the Social and Public Health Sciences Unit at the Medical Research Council (the UK analogue to the National Institutes of Health). Since 2007, he has been using an open source program, MailArchiva, to mirror a copy of every sent and received message for 120 employees, to an external, searchable index. I’ll be writing up a case study concerning their use of this tool and will be posting that soon.

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