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Wuala - Secure Online Storage - Backup. Store. Share. Access Everywhere.

Wuala - Secure Online Storage - Backup. Store. Share. Access Everywhere.

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Figshare: a carrot for sharing - Helping researchers share their research more quickly. Helping researchers share their research more quickly. Figshare, a tool designed to enable researchers to release all of their research outputs quickly, and in an easily citable, sharable and discoverable manner, has just launched a significantly upgraded site today. Originally launched in March 2011, Figshare has since received support from Nature’s sister company, Digital Science. The tool provides an interesting way to quickly publish all file formats, including videos and datasets that are often demoted to the supplemental materials section in current publishing models.

Wiki Online Team Collaboration & Group Knowledge Sharing Tool Categorize your content into independent, fully customizable workspaces for effective knowledge seggregation. Each workspace acts as an independent portal. Teachers can create separate workspace for each class. Organizations can create different workspace for each team or project. EU-IBM Vision Cloud project The European Commission is investing €15.7 million in a research programme that will investigate cloud storage technologies and processes. IBM’s research team in Haifa, Israel, will lead the project with contributions from SAP, Siemens, the National Technical University of Athens and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. Solving Advanced Cloud Storage Challenges Called Vision Cloud, the project will attempt to solve advanced cloud storage and retrieval challenges, particularly those applying to video recordings. Hillel Kolodner, lead architect for Vision Cloud and a researcher at IBM Haifa, described a few of these challenges.

FSL - BakadoPlayer Subtitles oriented media player: No more subs overlapping! Some features: Separated and sizeable areas for subtitles and movie (no more subs overlapping!). Overlapped subtitles (Classic Media Player) Separated subtitles, no ovelapping (BakadoPlayer) Email Preservation: Turnkey Capture Tool? Earlier today, I interviewed Crawford Neilson, IT system manager for the Social and Public Health Sciences Unit at the Medical Research Council (the UK analogue to the National Institutes of Health). Since 2007, he has been using an open source program, MailArchiva, to mirror a copy of every sent and received message for 120 employees, to an external, searchable index. I’ll be writing up a case study concerning their use of this tool and will be posting that soon.

SciGit Blog SciGit is an online platform that helps scientists collaborate on documents easily. SciGit’s goals are to help scientists track changes made to their documents, not require any alteration of workflow or environment for it to be used, and provide easy to use publishing tools with peer review. SciGit provides three services: A website where you can browse projects, including their history, team members, and files.A desktop client that provides a simple, Dropbox-like interface where you drag and drop files into a folder to have them automatically cloud-synced.A publishing service on the website with integrated crowdsourced peer review. Website

Take Notes & Annotate PDFs The Easy Way With Jarnal [Cross-Platform] You can use Delicious to organize your student life, Evernote to help you reduce your paper clutter and more! Evernote, in particular, can definitely be considered a giant when it comes to the many platforms it has apps for and how versatile it is. Jarnal is also a great note-taking application that can run in Windows, Mac and Linux and deserves a mention, without a doubt, for its extensive features. Getting Jarnal Jarnal is an open-source note-taking and sketching application that you can run without installing it (as the program is bundled in a zipped file), but there are also installable versions for Windows and Mac on the official wiki and SourceForge page. CloudLeverage Rich Web 2.0 Browser Access Cloud Leverage’s rich Web 2.0 browser access lets users work across Windows®, Mac, and Linux OS platforms to store, share and access their digital files from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud Leverage Web 2.0 Browser Client Features Easy-to-use intuitive interface for easy adoption. Centralized view of all stored content with tools for easy organizing, managing and sharing of files.

FSL - Super Finder XT Powerful replacement for Windows XP™ built-in search.Search files, folders and other data efficiently and easily. Are you frustrated by the standard search utility? Try Super Finder! An example: Windows XP search utility won't search the source codes for html file, but Super Finder does, and that's very useful for web designers. Right-click on the results, and you get the usual context menu, letting you open the html files with notepad or our preferred editor. (this is just one of many cases that Super Finder can solve)

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