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12 Effective Ways To Use Google Drive In Education

12 Effective Ways To Use Google Drive In Education
Are you a Google Drive / Google Docs fan? Do you take notes, compose papers, construct spreadsheets, and build presentations in real-time on the web while collaborating with others? I’m not necessarily promoting Google Drive; just merely pointing out a few of the powerful ways the free tool can help you save time and keep you better organized. I’ve had a post about how to effectively use Google Drive in education on the back burner for several months. It’s been sitting as a ‘draft’ and is now finally ready for primetime. That’s because I stumbled across a fabulous new visual guide put together by Susan Oxnevad on Glogster. From building a self-grading quiz (yep, it can do that) to simply reducing the amount of paper used in your classroom, there are plenty of reasons to start considering using Google Drive for your classroom needs. The other big way I’d recommend trying out Google Drive would be for mind maps. Google Drive is also compatible with Microsoft Office products so fear not. Related:  Ed Tech

10 Free Google Chrome Extensions Teachers Should Try If you use Google Chrome as your go-to web browser, you may have seen a little icon for the ‘Store’ (like what you see on the right) when you attempt to open a new tab. Never clicked that? Only clicked that once or twice but never took the plunge into the wild world of the Chrome Web Store? In an effort to help you truly surface the best Google Chrome extensions for teachers of all stripes, I thought it might be useful to showcase some of my favorites. I’m a recent Google Chrome convert. What a pain. I had used the bookmark importer on Firefox many times in the past but it just wouldn’t work this time. In any case, my new foray into Google Chrome has let me explore the Chrome Web Store and truly test out some awesome web tools that aren’t available anywhere else. ClassDojo ClassDojo is an award-winning behavior management tool that helps teachers improve student behavior in class using realtime feedback. LearnBoost GoAnimate Voice Comments My Study Life SlideGo Presentation Blendspace

5 Dead-Simple Ways Your Students Can Use Hashtags For Learning 5 Dead-Simple Ways To Get Started With Hashtags In The Classroom by Kristin Marino Hashtags (those ubiquitous words and phrases that start with the # symbol) are used in social media such as Twitter and Instagram to label and sort tweets, photos and more. Hashtags are social media’s way of organizing photos, ideas, concepts, etc. Think of them as massive file folders, cross referenced with other file folders if more than one hashtag is used. In education, Twitter and social media in general and hashtags in particular can be a valuable tool for educators, administrators, parents and students to connect with each other and share ideas and discoveries. 1. For effective communication among students regarding general classroom matters, it’s important for users to agree on a classroom-shared hashtag that can be used by all students. 2. 3. 4. 5. Less Is More Kristin Marino writes about education, social media, and educational technology.

4 Apps and Web Tools Perfect For Digital Art Class There are lots of web tools and apps out there that teach specific educational material. If you tried to catalog the vast number of spelling, reading, writing, and math apps out there, you’d probably have a full time job just keeping track of everything that’s out there. There are apps for specific math concepts (like the series of iDevBooks apps that we’ve mentioned in the past) as well as more general ones. That said, once you make an exit from the basic reading-writing-math apps category, apps for teaching specific subjects are harder to come by. I find this to be especially true when looking at apps for teaching subjects like art or music. Google Art Project The Google Art Project is a web based tool that allows users to explore collections of art from different museums around the world. ArtSite ArtSite is a web-based platform and accompanying app made with art teachers in mind. PicsArt PicsArt is a free photo app and drawing tool for Android and iOS. Paper

5 MORE Chromebook Tips for Teachers Lots of people enjoyed my previous post with 5 Chromebook Tips for Teachers, so I decided to follow it up with five MORE quick tips that will help you start the school year in the best possible way with Chromebooks. So, see the presentation below for more Chrome OS tricks. Tips include… Taking Chromebook screenshotsHow to access your Mac or PC from your ChromebookPrinting with ChromebooksHow to connect your Chromebook to a projectorThe Hapara Teacher Dashboard And, if you haven’t seen it already, you may want to check our a previous presentation I did that was a Chromebook 101 for Teachers. Like this: Like Loading... Related 5 Chromebook Tips for Teachers Chromebooks seem to be the hot new device that everyone is talking about, so if you are lucky enough to be starting the school year with some of Google's laptops,… In "Chromebooks"

Five Essential Google Drive Skills For Teachers This school year I've worked with a few school districts that are using Google Apps for Education for the first time. A lot of what I have done with those school districts is help to get the teachers acclimated to using Google Drive. When I sat down to plan an upcoming Google Drive training session I thought about some of the essential Google Drive skills that teachers need in addition to creating documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4:

Tons of Ideas on How to Use Google Apps in your Classroom George Couros has recently shared a tweet about a wonderful resource on Google Apps in education. This is basically a work in progress in which educators and teachers from different educational stripes contribute with their ideas on how to use the various Google Apps in education. I have been reading some of these ideas and I was really stunned at the intellectual depth and stretch of some of them to the extent that I decided to share the document link with you here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Reading Google Apps for Education will provide you with a set of interesting tips on how to leverage the power of Google apps in your school and with your students in the classroom. Google DocsGoogle FormsGoogle SpreadsheetsGoogle CalendarGoogle SitesBloggerGoogle TalkGoogle Plus hangoutGoogle TranslateGoogle Apps Script Here is a snapshot of a part of this document, click HERE to access the full document.

Varsity Tutors Debuts Free Test Question Site Assessment | News Varsity Tutors Debuts Free Test Question Site By Dian Schaffhauser11/07/13 Varsity Tutors, a providor of private tutoring to students online, has launched a new, free service with the intention of becoming the "Khan Academy" of practice tests. Varsity Learning Tools, as it's called, makes hundreds of free practice tests available in 95 subjects. Each question can be shared through social network services. "Teachers often use poorly written free content, buy expensive content from big publishers, or have to create practice problems on their own," said Marketing Coordinator Cathryn Sloane. She added that the company currently produces 5,000 new problems each month and anticipates scaling that up to 50,000 "in the near future." The test question service can be adopted by a teacher who can create custom tests for the class, invite test-takers to try out questions, track learner progress, and maintain group progress from a single dashboard. About the Author

Tablets in Schools: What Could Go Wrong? With the consumer market for mobile devices hurtling toward saturation, tech companies are falling back on the old adage: Get ‘em while they’re young. And if you’re looking for young people, there’s no better place to find them than in schools. Amazon (AMZN) said on Thursday that it had acquired TenMarks, a company that makes math apps that comply with standards for the Common Core curriculum, which has been adopted by a majority of U.S. states. TenMarks says its products are already in use at tens of thousands of schools. The deal allows Amazon to load up its Kindles with exclusive content. This will bolster its pitch as it elbows for space in the crowd of tech companies trying to get in on the educational-technology buying binge. According to Interactive Data Corp. They’ll have choices. Still, it’s already clear that this march towards a brave new world of education is going to be about as orderly as a fire drill for first graders. The tablets could break. That was the plan, at least.

5 Chromebook Tips for Teachers Chromebooks seem to be the hot new device that everyone is talking about, so if you are lucky enough to be starting the school year with some of Google’s laptops, check out the quick presentation below that has 5 Chromebooks tips especially for teachers. The tips include… Saving to Google Drive instead of the Files appA new full screen mode for the latest version of Chrome OSThe Screen Magnifier that lets you zoom in on specific parts of your screenEnabling Caps Lock on a ChromebookHelp with Offline Apps that make your Chromebook more versatile You may also want to check out a previous post I did that was a Chromebook 101 for Teachers, and if you liked this, be sure to click through to see the followup to this post that has 5 MORE Chromebook Tips for Teachers. Like this: Like Loading... Related 5 MORE Chromebook Tips for Teachers In "Chrome"

Five cool things about Google Docs 7 Ways To Make A Google Map Using Google Spreadsheet Data If you maintain a lot of data in Google Spreadsheet, you’ve probably at least once thought, “Hey, I should be able to get all those locations and quickly plot them in a Google Map”. Well, you can of course. But doing this is not quite as obvious as you might expect. With Google writing both the spreadsheet and the map-making software, there should be several easy ways to do this. I’m sure you’ve done this before. Google Spreadsheet Mapper For many years now, Google has been revising its Spreadsheet Mapper tool in order to give you an easy way to create KML files for Google Earth maps and matching URLs for Google Maps. What is great about this method is that you can change the styling easily and produce map location data that looks fabulous. Also, don’t try anything smart with the Spreadsheet Mapper, like importing data from another spreadsheet automatically. error: Script invoked too many times per second for this Google user account Google Fusion Tables Map A List A Non-Google Option

Free Visual QR Code Generator | Custom QR Code Design | Visualead 12 Principles Of Mobile Learning 12 Principles Of Mobile Learning by Terry Heick Ed note: This post has been updated and republished from a 2012 post Mobile Learning is about self-actuated personalization. As learning practices and technology tools change, mobile learning itself will continue to evolve. It is only within these communities that the native context of each learner can be fully understood. 1. A mobile learning environment is about access to content, peers, experts, portfolio artifacts, credible sources, and previous thinking on relevant topics. 2. As mobile learning is a blend of the digital and physical, diverse metrics (i.e., measures) of understanding and “performance of knowledge” will be available. 3. The cloud is the enabler of “smart” mobility. 4. Transparency is the natural byproduct of connectivity, mobility, and collaboration. 5. Play is one of the primary characteristics of authentic, progressive learning, both a cause and effect of an engaged mind. 6. 7. 8. With mobility comes diversity. 9. 10.

Top 90 Tips for Google Chromebook Getting started with a Google Chromebook is very easy so is being a normal Google Chromebook user. But to be a power user, you need to know some tips, tricks and secrets. Here is a few to get you started! Towards the end of the list you will find tips mostly found on development channel or beta channel of Chrome OS. Thanks everyone who shared these tips on various forums and communities. Chromebook Tips, Tricks and Time Savers <img src=" alt="" width="448" height="212" />You can create a recovery media right from the Google Chromebook. Hope you learned a thing or two here.