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Survival School Survival Library PDF's - Survival School

Survival School Survival Library PDF's - Survival School

Preparedness Capability Checklist – Minimum & Extended Levels Posted on Sep 07, 2011 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Featured Articles Kevin Hayden - Source: The Preparedness Blog by Rob Hanus Preparedness Capability Checklist The Preparedness Capability Checklist (PCC) is a list of functions, or capabilities, that you need to provide for in each of the survival categories. Another way of stating it is that the checklist will tell you WHAT you need to accomplish, but not HOW you need to accomplish it. The list is broken up into general categories to help keep things organized and each Category is broken up into several sub-sections, allowing for Minimum and Extended Capabilities. The Minimum Capability is the minimum amount of preparedness that you should strive to accomplish as fast as possible. This Preparedness Capability Checklist is a work in progress. Alternate Energy Clothing Communications and Computing Defense (Safety and Security) Economic First-Aid & Medical Food & Cooking Information, Entertainment & Plans Lighting Water

SHTF Blog SHTF Plan - When the Shit Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You. Survival Manuals for Preppers - usCrow The survival manuals and prepper guides available on usCrow are for self-defense, and by no means do we believe in utilizing most of this information as things currently stand. The information available here is strictly available to the American public for self-defense when SHTF. You can view each survival manual by simply clicking on it, or you can save these documents to your hard drive by right clicking on the document and selecting ‘Save As’. usCrow CMF Survival Manual 0313 Available for purchase on Amazon. The CMF Survival Manual is a hard copy version of the usCrow original guides and manuals. United States Domestic Articles usCrow operates under these sacred proclamations set forth within our nation’s founding documents. Survival Manuals and Preparation Survival manuals and tactical guides can assist in basic training and survival methodologies. Medical Prepper and Survival Manuals CBRNE Guides and Manuals Ammunition Ballistics Guides Department of Defense Survival Guides

Survival Topics Top 50 Survival Blogs! FM 23-10 Chptr 8 Tracking/Countertracking When a sniper follows a trail, he builds a picture of the enemy in his mind by asking himself questions: How many persons am I following? What is their state of training? How are they equipped? Section I Any indicator the sniper discovers can be defined by one of six tracking concepts: displacement, stains, weather, litter, camouflage, and immediate-use intelligence. Displacement takes place when anything is moved from its original position. a. b. c. A stain occurs when any substance from one organism or article is smeared or deposited on something else. a. The sniper can also determine the seriousness of the wound and how far the wounded person can move unassisted. b. c. Weather either aids or hinders the sniper. a. b. c. d. e. A poorly trained or poorly disciplined unit moving over terrain may leave a trail of litter. Camouflage applies to tracking when the followed party employs techniques to baffle or slow the sniper. a. b. c. a. b. c. Section II a. b. c. a. b. c. d. e. f.

Survive Whatever army/field manuals Survival Gear Review 38 Survival Downloads and Handbooks – Pioneering, SHTF, Engineering, Urban Gardening, Defense, and More Posted on Aug 16, 2013 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Featured Articles, Urban Gardening, Farming & Homesteading Kevin Hayden – If you find this material helpful, please consider donating $1 or $2 to the website! Thanks! Field Manuals & Military Handbooks (.pdf Format) *New* > Internment and Resettlement Operations FM 3-39.40 Psychological Operations (PsyOps) AFDD 2-5-3 CBR Shelters ETL 1110-3-498 Map Reading & Navigation FM 3-25-26 Terrain, Maps, and Direction *New* > Aircraft Recognition FM44.80 Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) Field Handbook FM 3-7 Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) Protection FM 34 Military Chemical & Biological Agents and Compounds FM 3-9 Counterinsurgency Operations FMI 3-07.22 Updated: Counter Insurgency Tactics FM3.24.2 Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape (SERE) AR350-30 US Army Ranger Handbook *New* > Special Operations – Using Pack Animals FM3.05.213 *New* > Special Operations – Caching Techniques TC.3129A Expeditionary Maneuver Warware