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High Performance Homes

High Performance Homes
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This is not a shipping container house. It is something far more significant. After seeing a post on Inhabitat titled Compact Prefab House is Made from a Single Shipping Container in Milan, Architect and writer Lance Hosey tweets: Lance is right about shipping containers. They are grossly over-designed for housing, being capable of stacking 9 high when full of tons of stuff; the floors and the paints are selected for international travel and are toxic. The corrugated walls are hard to insulate and they are structural so they have to be replaced with beams when removed. Lloyd Alter/ Container ship/CC BY 2.0 In fact, the important part of the shipping container isn't the container at all; it's the handling system, the amazing infrastructure of ships and cranes and and trains and trucks that move them around, delivering their contents for a fraction of the cost of the old break-bulk shipping. © Nova Deko That's why this Nova Deko house is so interesting and ominous. © Nova Deko/ Madrid unit © Nova Deko/ Installation

Storybook Homes » Order A Storybook Collection: Our Cottage Plan Books Our first soft-cover book, Storybook Homes: The Truly Charming Collection contains 45 Storybook cottage home plans. It has 95 pages of elevations (renderings) of all our cottages in this collection and their respective upper and main floor plans, and can be purchased for only $28.00 plus shipping. The Truly Tiny Collection currently contains 30 smaller Storybook cottages. It contains the elevations of these cottages and their respective upper and main floor plans, and can be purchased for only $24 plus shipping. We are also offering both books together at $52.00 plus shipping. Secure credit card purchasing is available through PayPal by using the form below. Books are sent USPS Priority shipping in the USA and can take 3-5 business days. We hope you find these collections of cottages to be as Truly Charming as we do, and we look forward to working with you on your new Storybook Home.

How to Make Structural Repairs by Sistering Floor Joists 1 of 2 Spread adhesive on the joist Apply ample construction adhesive to the existing joist 2 of 2 Nail the new joist in place Fasten the sister joist to the existing joist with three nails every 16 in. If you're concerned about the structural integrity of sagging, cracked or twisted joists in your house, first call in a structural engineer to inspect the floor and recommend strengthening measures that'll take out the sags and bring the framing up to code (search online or for “Engineers, Structural” in the yellow pages). First remove electrical cables, pipes and other obstructions. Then set new joists (same height as existing ones) alongside the old. If a crack or sag is isolated to one area, the sister joist should extend at least 3 ft. on both sides of the problem area. Back to Top

finish floor! | earthen acres July 15, 2011 by danielleacres Last Friday Greg came over to pour the final layer of the earthen floor. Almost 2 years ago, Greg had removed a layer of the earthen floor from a nearby cob cottage he was building, and I brought it over here in buckets, to use in my future cob home (which at that time existed only on graph paper). After waiting patiently through 2 summers, those buckets of clay, sand, and horse manure were finally re-hydrated, and at last were able to fulfill their destiny as my earthen floor. We added some more sand to the mix, as well as some freshly chopped and sifted straw, and then Greg got to work with the trowel. The color of the finish floor is an amazing red! I did some lime plastering last week as well, giving the interior cob bench one more coat of lime. Here’s the freshly limed bench, and the new curtains: And the bench by the front door. The lime around the stairs: Once the floor is dry, it’ll be oiled and waxed, and the room will be complete… except for a ladder…

LEED home sustainablilty rating We believe in better buildings; places that complement our environment and enhance our communities. Places that give people better, brighter, healthier spaces to live, work and play. Green building is a win-win, offering both environmental and economic opportunity. Greater building efficiency can meet 85 percent of future demand for energy in the United States and a commitment to green building has the potential to generate 2.5 million jobs. Who we are USGBC is made up of tens of thousands of member organizations, chapters and student and community volunteers that are moving the building industry forward in a way that has never been seen before. We are a diverse group of builders and environmentalists, corporations and nonprofits, teachers and students, lawmakers and citizens. What we do We are transforming the building landscape in a number of ways. LEED — The most widely recognized and widely used green building program across the globe. USGBC's mission USGBC's vision Leading by example

279 Sq. Ft. Mini Mod: A Modern Prefab Off-Grid Tiny House The Mini Mod is a 279 sq. ft. prefab tiny house. It’s designed for modern off-grid living and consists of four modules: Your bedroom, living room, dining area, and bathroom – all on one level (no lofts). Parts of the areas can be closed off for privacy or opened up for a more spacious feeling that brings the outdoors in. Pine plywood, treated recycled wood, and large glass windows surround you while you’re inside. I encourage you to enjoy the rest of this modern Mini Mod tiny home below: The large glass windows can be shaded to reduce solar heating and increase privacy (I’ll show you more how that works when you scroll down below). All units are prefabricated and pre-built at the manufacturing site then transported onto building site. Customers can choose to use one module or combine any number of modules to create whatever they wish. Learn more about the Mini Pod directly from the architects who built it at MAPA Architects. Photos by Leonardo Finotti.

20 Cosas que todos querríamos tener en una casa de campo Sentarse una tarde con amigos al calor de una fogata; relajarse a tomar el sol o sencillamente preparar algo rico en la parrilla son cosas que le gustan a la mayoría de nosotros. A los diseñadores también, por eso algunos de ellos han inventado elementos muy útiles y bonitos que hacen de un día al aire libre algo aún mejor. reunió 20 de esos inventos que tanto quisieramos poder tener en una casa de campo, o al menos soñar con hacerlo. Fogata portátil modfire Sofá colgante funtema Muebles con iluminación para la terraza tipicoshop Vasos que enfrían la bebida que contienen thegadgetflowofficial Cama mecedora para el jardín fab Colchón de agua deavita Macetas/jardineras con iluminación amazon Trampolín pinterest Mesita plegable para barandas ebay Cojines inflables amazon Una tirolesa (canopy) pinterest Teatro de jardín amazon Cocina de verano lubimyidom Ducha tropical yorkshirewaterfeatures Maletin BBQ hammacher Mesa con espacio para guardar bebidas pinterest Hamaca tamaño familiar dizayn-interyerov lookathome

Sistering Joists Over a Beam - The term “sistering” joists is the practice of overlapping two joists by a certain distance across a beam to create an extended joist. This is unusual in new deck construction and would only be necessary for very long spans that exceed the length of your longest boards. Sistering joists is commonly used when adding on to an existing deck or repairing a deck. In these cases the overlapped joists help tie the framing together by combining the rigid members over a beam. The longer the overlap distance the stronger the connection. You should overhang at least a couple of feet on each side of the beam. Balconies are defined as small decks built without support posts usually constructed with projected joists that are run back into the house.

Maisons intégrées dans le paysage Les anglais les nomment "earth house". Une "earth house" est un style architectural caractérisé par l'utilisation du terrain naturel dans la construction des murs de la maison. Une earth house est habituellement installée partiellement dans le sol et recouverte d'une fine végétation. Ce type de maison est l'une des plus efficaces sur le plan énergétique. En Suisse (Dietikon), village conçu par Peter Vetsch, version très moderne : Cette implantation contraste avec l'environnement des maisons individuelles traditionnelles. La résidence se compose de 9 maisons, dont certaines peuvent comporter jusqu'à 7 chambres. États-Unis : Cette maison est intégrée dans le paysage et possède des murs en béton sur deux côtés avec des murs de verre entre. Surface totale de la maison : 255 m² pour 3 chambres. Écosse, îles Hébrides Version moderne d'une construction de l'âge de pierre. Pays de Galles Maison qu'on peut facilement louper si on n'y prête garde. Maison enterrée unique en Suisse (Vals)

Scottsdale Arizona Gardening | Phoenix plants, fountains, bbqs & more - A house built in four days! | EDF Pulse Innovation Award #Smart Living © Crédit photo : Une maison passive, pas chère et recyclable, construite en quatre jours, c’est la Pop-Up House, créée par un cabinet de designers et d’architectes marseillais. Le prototype de cette habitation préfabriquée a été construit avec succès. Carte d'identité Nom de l'inventionPop-up HouseEntrepriseMultipod StudioInventeurCorentin ThiercelinOrigineFrance Vous aimez les Lego ? Pour le construire, il suffit de se munir de bonnes paires de bras, d’un peu de jugeote et d’une simple visseuse 250 € le m2 En quatre jours chrono (hors circuits électriques, raccordement à l’eau ou encore chauffage), une maison à la fois passive, pas chère et recyclable sort de terre . Pour aller plus loin Une maison à construire soi-mêmeL’habitat solidaire sous toutes ses formes.Pop-Up HouseMultipod Studio

Concrete Leveling & Lifting | National PolyLevel® Contractor Network Elica Corner Kitchen Hoods | CFT411 « Previous — Next » Elica Corner Kitchen Hoods 14 January 2010 “The WOW Factor” There is a quiet revolution going on under our noses that not many are aware of, and it’s led by a cutting-edge European company that manufacturers one of the more pedestrian products any kitchen has, namely the kitchen hood. Or that is to say, Elica manufactures what was FORMERLY the most mundane, etc., because I have to tell you that there is nothing mundane about the hoods these people have come up with. And that brings us to one of my motifs with these blogs. That’s how I began one of my blogs, but it really underlines a theme I have developed in a number of blogs I have written on this subject. Here’s how I look at it. I say, rip out that cabinet and put in a glorious kitchen hood. Joseph Technorati Tags: Elica,kitchen hoods Posting your comment. Leave a Reply

earthbag dome Earthbag Lodge with Domes Posted in Domes, Over 1000 sq. ft., Polygonal (Hexagonal, etc.), tagged 2 bath, 3 bedroom, blueprint, design, dome, dome plan, earth lodge, earthbag, earthbag dome, home design, home plan green home, house plan on December 18, 2011 | 32 Comments » Earthbag Lodge with Domes (click to enlarge) Specifications: Lodge = 800 sq. ft. interior, 19’ interior DIA master bedroom dome plus loft = 452 sq. ft., two 16’ interior DIA bedrooms plus lofts = 600 sq. ft., one 16’ interior DIA bath/mechanical dome = 201 sq. ft., two baths, total = 2,053 sq. ft., Footprint: 62′ x 66′ Description: A first of its kind earthbag home that captures the timeless and magical appeal of earth sheltering in the round. Based on ancient Native American designs, this modern earth lodge with living roof will keep you cozy and warm even in the harshest climates, because it is compact, earth-sheltered and superinsulated. Earthbag Lodge with Domes floorplan (click to enlarge) Read Full Post »

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