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*SWEET edit paper, get suggestions, check for plagerism

*SWEET edit paper, get suggestions, check for plagerism

10 Search Engines to Explore the Deep End of the Invisible Web The Invisible Web refers to the part of the WWW that’s not indexed by the search engines. Most of us think that that search powerhouses like Google and Bing are like the Great Oracle”¦they see everything. Unfortunately, they can’t because they aren’t divine at all; they are just web spiders who index pages by following one hyperlink after the other. But there are some places where a spider cannot enter. Take library databases which need a password for access. Or even pages that belong to private networks of organizations. Search engine technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. To get a more precise idea of the nature of this “˜Dark Continent’ involving the invisible and web search engines, read what Wikipedia has to say about the Deep Web. How do we get to this mother load of information? That’s what this post is all about. Infomine Infomine has been built by a pool of libraries in the United States. The WWW Virtual Library Intute Complete Planet Infoplease DeepPeep IncyWincy DeepWebTech

Vocabulary Builder - latch He spoke with the diffidence of a man who knew how slight a thing would overset the delicate organization of the mind, and yet with the confidence of a man who had slowly won his assurance out of personal endurance and distress. ``From this prison here of horror, whence I every hour tend nearer and nearer to destruction, I send you, Monsieur heretofore the Marquis, the assurance of my dolorous and unhappy service. She had high animal spirits, and a sort of natural self consequence, which the attention of the officers, to whom her uncle's good dinners, and her own easy manners recommended her, had increased into assurance. The very first sentence conveyed the assurance of their being all settled in London for the winter, and concluded with her brother's regret at not having had time to pay his respects to his friends in Hertfordshire before he left the country. Her power was sinking; everything must sink under such a proof of family weakness, such an assurance of the deepest disgrace.

creative writing prompts . com ideas for writers Transition Words • • • A Comprehensive List As a "part of speech" transition words are used to link words, phrases or sentences. They help the reader to progress from one idea (expressed by the author) to the next idea. Thus, they help to build up coherent relationships within the text. Transitional Words This structured list of commonly used English transition words — approximately 200, can be considered as quasi complete. There is some overlapping with prepositions and postpositions, but for the purpose of usage and completeness of this concise guide, I did not differentiate. Agreement / Addition / Similarity The transition words like also, in addition, and, likewise, add information, reinforce ideas, and express agreement with preceding material. in the first place not only ... but also as a matter of fact in like manner in addition coupled with in the same fashion / way first, second, third in the light of not to mention to say nothing of equally important by the same token again to and also then equally identically uniquely like as too moreover likewise

SPARKNOTES Attributions are inferences that people make about the causes of events and behavior. People make attributions in order to understand their experiences. Attributions strongly influence the way people interact with others. Types of Attributions Researchers classify attributions along two dimensions: internal vs. external and stable vs. unstable. By combining these two dimensions of attributes, researchers can classify a particular attribution as being internal-stable, internal-unstable, external-stable, or external-unstable. Internal vs. Attribution theory proposes that the attributions people make about events and behavior can be classed as either internal or external. Example: Maria’s car breaks down on the freeway. Stable vs. Researchers also distinguish between stable and unstable attributions. Example: Lee gets a D on his sociology term paper. Attribution Bias When people make an attribution, they are guessing about the causes of events or behaviors. The Fundamental Attribution Error

5 Building Blocks of Your Characters Personality by Mark Nichol Now that you’ve decided what your character’s motivation is, it’s time to actually construct the vessel in which this purpose will reside. Just how do you build a person? By creating a life where none existed. Start at the base, and work your way up: 1. How was the character’s early life? Is domestic trauma in the character’s past? 2. Is the character a loner, or a social butterfly? 3. What does the character do for a living? Do they like their job? 4. What does your character do after work, on weekends? 5. Is the sun always shining, or does a perpetual rain cloud perch just over the character’s shoulder? What are your character’s political views and social opinions? So many questions!

Invacare TDX SP with Formula CG Power Seating, TDXSP-MCG Invacare TDX SP with Formula CG Tilt Powered Seating Top of the line Power Chair with Center Wheel Drive! Product ID: TDXSP-MCG HCPCS Code: K0861 HMESA CODE: 20-10-04-02 The TDX-SP is the first model in the next generation of TDX (Total Driving eXperience) power wheelchairs. The TDX SP takes all the best features of the TDX series and improves upon them with enhanced performance, superior ride quality, quieter chassis, and an elegantly simple design. With built-in technologies such as a True Center Wheel drive, Enhanced SureStep, Traction Control Design, Quiet Stability Lock, MK6i Electronics, and powerful 4-pole motors, the TDX SP is designed to meet the needs of rehab clients who demand performance and style. Now available, the Formula CG Tilt Recline on the TDXSP base. Specifications:*Back Height, Conventional 20"-26" *Contoura: 25" and 29.5" Base Width: *24" base width with 22NF battery tray *25.5" base width with 24TRY & 22TRY3 battery tray Incline Capability: *9 degrees Seat Depth: Speed:

7 Examples of Passive Voice (And How To Fix Them) by Mark Nichol The sentence construction “(noun) (verb phrase) by (noun)” is known as passive voice or passive construction, because the true subject is relegated to the end of the sentence and is thus acted on, rather than acting, which often weakens the statement. The solution is simple: Give the focal point of the sentence its due — “(noun) (verb) (noun),” and demote the false subject to the back of the line. 1. The actors in this little drama are the spam spenders — or, to be more active, the spam senders are the actors in this little drama. 2. Again, the subject is weak and indeterminate. 3. We is stronger than it as a sentence opener, but “our neighbors” is stronger still: “Our neighbors invited us to attend their party.” 4. 5. The content may be about the proposed initiative, but that doesn’t preclude given a sentence about it a more dynamic structure: “Abortion rights groups will bitterly oppose the proposed initiative.” 6. 7.

THE BRAIN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM One of these structures is the hypothalamus, and more specifically its suprachiasmatic nucleus, which receives a certain number of connections from retinal axons. The suprachiasmatic nucleus is considered the primary site of the body's internal biological clock. The visual signals that it receives from the retinal axons keep it continuously informed about the darkness or lightness of the environment, thus enabling it to synchronize a wide range of biological rhythms, including sleep and wakefulness, that are linked to the cycle of day and night. Axons from some other retinal ganglion cells project to the pretectum, a part of the midbrain that controls the opening of the pupil and certain eye movements. Lastly, about 10% of the axons emerging from the retina project to a part of the tectum (roof) of the midbrain called the superior colliculus. Like the lateral geniculate nucleus, the superior colliculus also receives connections from the primary visual cortex.

Margaret Moore - Narrative Tension This column is based on questions Margaret gets asked by those who also want to write romance novels. The answers are based on her personal experience. Every author must and should find their own way along this path; however, sometimes it helps to know how it was for an author who's reached the goal of publication. This column's question: Narrative Tension: What is it and how do I get it? Margaret answers: To put it in its most simple terms, narrative tension is what keeps the reader reading, because they're wondering what's going to happen next. The best way to do that, in a romance or any other work of fiction, is to create characters that the readers care about, that they feel emotionally invested in. But there's more to it than that. In a romance, the reader knows the eventual outcome (a lasting, loving relationship between the hero and heroine), so the narrative tension comes from the various conflicts. HOWEVER,unrelieved tension is not good, either. Index of Aspiring Author Columns

Multiple Regression with Two Predictor Variables - Text Multivariate Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications David W. Stockburger Multiple regression is an extension of simple linear regression in which more than one independent variable (X) is used to predict a single dependent variable (Y). The predicted value of Y is a linear transformation of the X variables such that the sum of squared deviations of the observed and predicted Y is a minimum. The computations are more complex, however, because the interrelationships among all the variables must be taken into account in the weights assigned to the variables. With two independent variables the prediction of Y is expressed by the following equation: Y'i = b0 + b1X1i + b2X2i Note that this transformation is similar to the linear transformation of two variables discussed in the previous chapter except that the w's have been replaced with b's and the X'i has been replaced with a Y'i. in the same manner as in simple linear regression. Homework Assignment 21 Example Student PSY645 Dr.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Waterfalls Mingo Falls is located just outside the park on the Cherokee Indian Reservation. Photo by Robert Crootof. Every year over 200,000 visitors hike well-worn trails to view Grotto, Laurel, Abrams, Rainbow, and other popular waterfalls in the park. Large waterfalls attract the crowds, but smaller cascades and falls can be found on nearly every river and stream in the park. The Great Smoky Mountains abound with the two ingredients essential for waterfalls-ample rainfall and an elevation gradient. In the Smokies high country, over 85" of rain falls on average each year. The following are brief descriptions of the Smokies most popular waterfalls.

How To Inspire Yourself To Write At Least 750 Words Per Day 750 words was originally designed to help writer creativity, by encouraging writers to write 750 words on any topic first thing in the morning. The theory is that once you start writing and getting the ideas on paper you have both begun your writing and have formed more coherent thought processes about what you will write. Why Write 750 Words? Writing without a plan is an ideal method to overcome writer’s block, since you relieve the pressure of writing formally, yet encourage the flow of ideas. Writing is deliberately kept private – there is no way to make this writing public using the 750 words site. How To Begin With 750 Words Sign up is simple using Facebook, Google, Yahoo or OpenID for access. If you wish, 750 words will email you a daily reminder to write 750 words. To use, simply write. The page is clean and simple. The site keeps track of which days you attempted writing and which days you achieved your 750 words. Motivation Through Challenges Badges For Motivation Get Writing