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Step by step tutorials for various materials Several step by step tutorials with tricks, tips and hints on howto create such materials ranging from sometimes involving sculpting in a program like Zbrush and sometimes just using Photoshop. Includes a .PSD with all layers for each tutorial. Click image to view the material tutorials. Learn to use this handy tool to create normal maps fast Whether you want to create something totally free hand, only using photos or a mix of both I go through several tips on how you can do each of these using this very handy normal map tool for Photoshop. Includes a .PSD with all layers for each example. Click image to view the nDo tutorial. Howto build modular meshes and general workflow This tutorial is about how I work with modular sets. Click image to view the modular sets tutorial. Tutorial about creating rock/organic modular meshes This is a more step by step tutorial and some hints when it comes to more organic shaped meshes.

Music Blog, Music Videos, Mp3s | GORILLA VS. BEAR - Part 3 [directed by Jordan Michael Blake / via] “FIRST MIX OF 2014 AND IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK. THIS IS WHAT MY BRAIN FEELS LIKE AND IT’S WEIRD. LISTEN TO THIS ON HEADPHONES WHEN YOU’RE ZOOTED ON A GREYHOUND BUS HEADING HOME THINKING ABOUT HER PERFECT FACE.” — Ryan Hemsworth mp3:Ryan Hemsworth :: COOL DJ MIX Featuring A.G. … click for tracklist » [directed by Brian K. Napolian – DARPA Tue. Napolian‘s Incursio is out May 27 on Software. Recycle Culture‘s relatively slept-on In Transit was one of the best records of last year, and after a number of stylistically varied, also excellent releases, the prolific producer has released what he tells us is “the logical and spiritual successor to the headspace of In Transit“. We already know Jensen Sportag has been vibing to Jarreau lately, so this one makes perfect sense.

MICHAEL WOLF | PHOTOGRAPHY | HONGKONG all images copyright michael wolf Cinema of the World Roxanna & The Quest For The Time-Bird I'm visiting the 'rents this weekend and made a casual browse through one of my dad's old bookcases that contains the graphic novels he picked up while waiting for at various comic book shops and shows in my youth. One series that stands out, in retrospect, is Roxanna and the Quest for the Time-Bird. It was a series of four graphic novels by Le Tendre and Loisel. I believe it was originally French and has an original copyright of 1983, though the American version was printed in 1987. The story was, not surprisingly, a quest this Roxanna character was on to find... well, a time-bird. It had a lot of classic sword-n-sorcery things going for it with the added bonus of the titular character being rather well-endowed. So while she was often seen by others as all the nasty stereotypes that are heaped on women, she very clearly did NOT fall into those stereotypes. In retrospect, it was an extremely progressive approach to depicting females in the medium.

白痴ランド - Top - News - About - Blog - Mail [新] 2017/04/07追加 - 花見酒 - Joint - Asahi - 東風 - Mona Lisa - サブカル撫子 - スペースヤクザ - RAIZIN(ピエール中野「Chaotic Vibes Orchestra」ジャケットイラスト) - Roboto Hand - Real Toughness 2014 - 予襲復讐(マキジマム ザ ホルモン「予襲復讐」アルバムジャケットイラスト) - 謹賀新年2014 - 福沢諭吉 - Light My Fire - 女神像 - 恐竜戦車 - La Catrina - 第95代内閣総理大臣 - 或る日本人の肖像 - イナズマシャウト - ピース - 日本人の亡霊:警察官 - 日本人の亡霊:暴走族 - 巡査 A - 極東少女 - 猪の拳/鹿の拳/蝶の拳 - 新宿2099 - 六六六 - 暴行現場 - 東京GHETTOスカル - OTUYAさん - オトシマエ - バッター親分 - 温泉卓球芸者 - 謹賀新年2009 - ナルケマレバンガ - 茜の無念 - 極東不良群像 其の二 - 赤月の卯之助 - 極東不良群像・其の一 - バームインギリヤド - 勉強 - ゴム鉄砲 - 小夜子の激昂 - 切腹 - お菓子の国のアリス - 直角飲み - 巨大鯉魚退治之圖 - お菊人形 - グラサンゲイシャ - おSUSHIさん - ひゃ~っ - 響子の最期 - 死神 - 抜刀 - 男根一輪 - 仁義の墓場 - 時空を超えた性衝動 - 蛸と海女 - アリスの食卓 - 飛行少女 - 強いキミ - 肩車をする祖父 - 子鬼 - SM撫子 - 極東恋相撲 - 気狂いピーポ - シンナーを吸う男 - ドス - 鬼 - 肉棒天誅殺 画像の無断転載を禁じます。

3D Stuff » 3D Gfx Stuff | 3d model Gfxworld Download Free Template Hotfile Rapidshare Depositfiles Megaupload Uploading Link Hot Babes Information of news Views: 30 Author: admin Date: 18 January 2011 18 January 2011 Category: 3D Stuff, Photoshop Brush, Vector, Wallpaper, Template, Other Stuff AND SHARE YOUR GFX STUFF WITH FRIENDs HERE Tags for this article: pay per click, mesothelioma, lawyers, search engine, site map, internet marketing, sitemap generato, web hosting, reseller hosting, seo, search, sitemap, web, website, marketing, reseller, google, pay per click companies, pay per click manager, pay per cl Views: 11 Author: dixe4banh Date: Yesterday, 15:51 Yesterday, 15:51 modelplusmodel vol.09: Kitchen Accessories Category: 3D Stuff modelplusmodel vol.09: Kitchen Accessories | 392 MB Vol.09 Kitchen accessories is a great collection of high quality 3d models for your interior scenes. Views: 13 Author: Mirana Date: Yesterday, 15:09 Yesterday, 15:09 Model+Model: Vol.09 Kitchen accessories Model+Model Vol.09 Kitchen accessories | 1.18 GB Views: 13 Author: dixe4banh Date: Yesterday, 03:42 Yesterday, 03:42 12 April 2014 11 April 2014

Free 3d Metal Sink kit model Kit means 3D models of a sink and a tap. The material of a sink is chromed but if arises a need of making it less glossy such as aluminum, try to turn up Refl. Glossiness spinner or change Reflection Color. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Can't download the free 3d model? Sorry, but the current settings of your browser or firewall block the download links.

Advanced Multi-pass Compositing with Cinema 4D and Fusion 5 | VFX Haiku This is a feature length tutorial on Advanced Multi-pass Compositing with Cinema 4D and Fusion. There’s a ton of material covering how to set up your render passes in Cinema 4D to working with them in Fusion 5. Advanced techniques | Taken to the next level | Your skills will increase! Here’s a quick overview of a few of the topics that are covered: Cinema 4D: • Working with 32bit floating point textures as materials • Overview of Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination settings • Overview of the Fresnel falloff shader • Dealing with blurry reflections • Setting up your Z-depth pass for post depth of field effects • Setting up your bit depth based on your composite • Straight vs. Adobe After Effects: • Importing the multi-pass comp from Cinema 4D into After Effects Eyeon Fusion: Adobe Photoshop: • Dealing with Gamma shifts when working with files in different applications • Using Looks and Actions to finesse your image • Adding final touches and colour adjustments Thanks!

3d studio max vray sky background - Free Tutorial and Design Idea - Search result - Page 18 on Oops, we screwed up and you discovered our fatal flaw. Well, we're not all perfect, but we try. Can you try this again or maybe visit our home page to start fresh or use our search form below to find what you looking for. We'll do better next time. Adobe Photoshop CS New Features This document shows you the new features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6. Create stunning 3D with 3DS Max This document is the Autodesk 3DS Max 2011 brochure that explain the new features of the software. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Top New Features With integrated tools that are available directly in the authoring environment, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 can help increase your productivity and virtually eliminates the need for external third-party browser-based... Photomerge Tutorial in Photoshop CS5 This tutorial is about Panoramic photo or image or photograph or picture, merge photos, photomerge, panoramic and photo merge in Photoshop CS5. Photoshop CS5 Introduction 3DS Max Tutorial – Mental Ray

Stash Magazine Battle Apes! Party Sharks! Friendship! Posted by SNP on January 27, 2014 · Leave a Comment Newcastle Brown Ale and Droga 5 prepare you for the Super Bowl ad they didn’t/couldn’t make. Buck Takes on Schnauzers, Origami and Giant Trout Posted by SNP on January 24, 2014 · Leave a Comment Ryan Honey and the Buck team show off their mastery of cel animation (and sense of fun) as they illuminate an eccentric ditty from CHI & Partners in this light and lithe :40 for the Hive next-gen thermostat control system from British Gas. Battling Toward the Olympics, Norwegian-Style Posted by SNP on January 24, 2014 · Leave a Comment Prodco Animasjonsdepartementet, Mill+ Studio and director Martin Engh spin a Norwegian folktale and cross-country skiing triple olympic champion Marit Bjørgen into an inspired mix of 2D hand animation, 3D, camera projection, and compositing, all inspired by the style of 19th century Norwegian illustrator Theodor [Read more] 1500 Slices of Cheese Later… Stop-motion cheese.