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Services - Engine Service Design

Services - Engine Service Design
Engine explore the challenges and opportunities for your current or future services. From interpreting existing research, to revealing qualitative customer understanding, our insights are grounded in the market context and are actionable - ready to be directly translated to the improvement and innovation of services. We encourage internal teams to join us in key activities, such as: Ethnographic studies and in-home interviewsExpert panels and stakeholder interviews Service auditsService trends forecasting.

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Guides – Loomio Blog In a self-managed company, everyone is a decision-maker. You need an effective process that enables group input while empowering individuals to act – and effective tools for running it. The Advice Process in one sentence: Every person can make a decision, as long as they seek advice from those who will be meaningfully affected and people with relevant expertise. Continue reading “Move the Advice Process Online in 3 Steps” Remote collaborative sketching, brainstorming and design studio techniques I’ve been facilitating design studios with collocated teams for years. Many, including me, have covered the benefits of collaboratively sketching new ideas and concepts with a cross-functional team. Recently though, I was tasked with bringing this exercise to a distributed team. With the product and user experience team in New York and the development team in Vancouver, it proved to be an interesting challenge. What follows is a play-by-play of how we set up the exercise and executed as well as an analysis of the successes and failures of this first attempt.

3 Trends That Will Define The Future Of Infographics Now that everyone loves them, early adopters and forward thinkers want to know what is next for the infographic. Is this just the beginning of a visual revolution, or have they already jumped the shark? This is an important question, especially for those who are making large investments in the medium, such as publishers and marketers. Is the Infographic Dead? My cofounder, Jason Lankow, says it well when people ask about the fate of infographics in the face of increasing web saturation. As he describes it, we are seeing the death of the novelty of infographics, not a decline in their value.

Tomorrow Partners Gaby is the intrepid leader of Tomorrow and the CEO of Sparkwise. Her passion for design as a catalyst for positive change is the driving force of Tomorrow’s worldview. A hands-on leader, she curates and mentors our interdisciplinary team, oversees the creative process, and builds lasting relationships with clients. Classifying Experiences Wednesday February 22, 2006 / 8 Comments I’m excited to announce that I’ll be presenting at the 2006 IA Summit in Vancouver Canada. While it’s not a formal lecture style presentation (maybe next year?), I’m very grateful to have been asked to convert my proposal into a poster presentation (you can view the 2005 presentations here). In hindsight, my model is certainly more suited to this format. And, I’ll have a chance to get feedback from some of the really smart people in the IA community.

About us : Fit Associates LLC Fit Associates Founded in 2005, Fit Associates has been a leader and influencer in the use of human, social, and artistic approaches for business and organizational questions. For most of that time, we’ve used ethnographic research and facilitation to help companies connect design and strategy to the realities of their customers’ lives. Our experience has taught us that the real work is bigger than research, strategy, design, management and innovation. We’ve seen that most challenges in business and life don’t boil down to straightforward “solutions,” because they involve too many people, too much culture, and plenty of dynamic complexity. We’ve learned that the better answers usually emerge from among the people who live the challenge every day.

Digital Digressions: Running Creative Brainstorms: A Collection of 'Non-method' Methods Recently I was yet again faced with the prospect of running a series of brainstorms to generate new product concepts. This time, with a team of people I had never met before. Aside from being a slightly daunting prospect, it got me thinking about the role of the catalyst in such situations - what is it that brings out the best in us and stimulates parts of our accumulated knowledge and insights and turns it into great ideas we felt we had all along, but struggled to articulate. At the start of the day I was asked what methods I was intending to use and must say I struggled to name specific methods.

Scrum Lego City With the Scrum Lego City from agile42 you can find out how powerful Scrum can be. Scrum Lego City by agile42 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. LInk to buy the Material Material LEGO, a lot, with plans (possibly CREATIVE boxes where you can build many things with the same blocks)Product Vision: a document containing the Vision to build the LEGO cityRequirements and User Stories (Cards): pre-compiled Requirements and Stories related to various building and elements of the CityPlanning Poker CardsWhiteboard or electrostatic sheets to write sprint outcome and velocity and make a whiteboard for the teamPost-It to write tasksPen and whiteboard markersUnexpected (Cards): some cards containing unexpected behavior to steer from outside the Game (e.g: you are ill, you leave the team for 4 min.)