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Android Freeware: Best and Free Software for Android mobile platform

Android Freeware: Best and Free Software for Android mobile platform
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Introducing the HTC Desire The Desire is HTC's latest Android offering, which they themselves have modestly dubbed a "SuperPhone" rather than a regular "SmartPhone", and even after only a few hours with the device I have to say it is worthy of the title. Running the latest version of the Android operating system (version 2.1, or "Eclair"), the Desire packs a number of new features over older HTC Android models including an updated Exchange email client, support for Bluetooth file transfer, support for VPN connections, Version 3.1 of the WebKit browser as well as HTC's new "Friend Stream" social networking client. I will look at all of these features in more detail. HTC's own marketing blurb summarises the key features of the Desire as follows: Highlights Specifications

Android Software AT&T is now rolling out the Android 4.4 KitKat update for the HTC One Mini along with the HTC Sense™ 5.5. Just like always, the update is a staggered one which means that the OTA update will be available for some users right away, while it might reach other customers a week or two later. The update carries the version number 3.10.502.3, and since it is sized at 658 MB, you will need to be on Wi-Fi to download it. Based on the changelog posted on AT&T’s website, the new update includes “key enhancements to the user interface, phone dialer app, lock screen, caller ID, HTC BlinkFeed™ apps”. In addition, you will get an improved user interface with restyled status and navigation bars, emoji support, enhanced bluetooth and security as well as the ability to directly look up for contacts from the dial pad and much more.

android-scripting - Project Hosting on Google Code SL4A's source has moved to github. The issue tracker, wiki, and downloads will continue to be hosted here. Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) brings scripting languages to Android by allowing you to edit and execute scripts and interactive interpreters directly on the Android device. These scripts have access to many of the APIs available to full-fledged Android applications, but with a greatly simplified interface that makes it easy to get things done. Selling On Society6 Selling your artwork as a product on Society6 is as simple as making a Post - except you make money from it. All you have to do is post your artwork to make it immediately available for sale as a variety of products. When you sell a product, we'll produce it, package it and ship it for you, so that you can focus on making more art!

How To Install Google Android On A Windows Mobile Phone Google is the Nirvana of most nerds. They’ve given us things we could only dream of for free. They’ve showed us on multiple occasions that they’re more than just ‘the search engine guys’. One of those occasions was very recently. With its own mobile operating system, Google has been challenging Windows Mobile (not much of a challenge) and the iPhone. If you’ve got an HTC Windows Mobile phone, you might not have to buy yourself another device to enjoy the hype.

6 Android Websites You Should Check Out In today’s world, almost everything electronic has some sort of information available about it online. Whether it be an official webpage, a fan site, or a collection of forum posts, you can almost always find it online somewhere. Android devices are no different””in fact, in many ways an Android device relies on this internet information system like any other phone operating system.

FreeMind - Download From FreeMind The latest stable release of FreeMind is 1.0.0. Downloading and installation instructions are given below. Installing FreeMind 5 Awesome Android Applications That Could Make Life Easier On Christmas day, I became the excited owner of a Motorola Droid, one of the best phones currently on the market running the Android 2.1 Operating System. Like most people who got a Droid that day, I went straight to the app store to find free Android applications that would improve my experience, increase the usability of my phone, and yeah””appeal to that geeky side that got me a Droid in the first place. I actually found that even though the app store is smaller in comparison to the iPhone app store, I really didn’t notice a difference or even a deficiency of applications. In fact, I found quite a few Android applications that I now consider indispensable.

How to Write Google Android Apps Want to know how to write Google Android apps? Most Android applications are written in Java – a relatively easy to learn, friendly language for new developers. Aside from the possibility some money, you could actually contribute to the Android community. If you’ve got innovative ideas and the drive to see them spread, the Android market is for you! Let’s get you started on your very first Android application design. Before we get to how to write Google Android apps – first, a bit of overview. Geeks Weigh In: What Makes an Android Phone Different? There’s been a lot of buzz about the new Android-powered cell phones that have been coming out more and more lately. Some of them are touted by their mobile carriers as potential competitors for the iPhone and others are ready to be completely personalized by their owner. Android phones have also been luring people in with their Google branding, making some call Android phones “Googlephones”. But what is an Android phone and what’s so special and different about this new and emerging mobile phone operating system? Let’s find out.

AndroLib: Android Apps Directory AndroLib is probably the only android apps directory which lets users search for and download Android apps on the web instead of doing it directly from their Android cell phones. You can browse for Android apps and games under different categories. It offers filtered search results which makes your search quick and effective & also provides RSS feeds for the latest additions to its marketplace.

5 Best Addictive Free Multiplayer Android Games That said, there are actually quite a few free multiplayer games out there for the Android that are nothing short of addictive and amazing – they’re just hard to find. In preparation for this article I was doing some research online to see if there were any multiplayer apps I hadn’t come across, and I kept seeing Cestos, Gang Wars, and Parallel Kingdom. Not that these aren’t great games, but because I’ve seen them so much in reviews, I’m only going to mention Cestos in this article (because yes, I’m addicted). Keep that in mind while reading – I’m trying to hit on a few of the best Android games that may be new to you. Awaken WordPress Theme Documentation 1. Introduction This is the documentation page of the Awaken WordPress Theme. We will try to keep everything well documented.