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You Need To See This 17-Minute Film Set Entirely On A Teen's Computer Screen

You Need To See This 17-Minute Film Set Entirely On A Teen's Computer Screen
These words are probably unfurling inside one of many open tabs on your computer screen. Perhaps one tab is for work, one is for chatting, and another is for Twitter. You probably even have some others open for no particular reason. This is the way we receive information and the way we communicate now: constantly, simultaneously, compulsively, endlessly, and more and more often, solitarily. This strange new mode of living—and its indelible effect on our humanity—is perfectly captured in a new short film that debuted this week at the Toronto International Film Festival. The 17-minute, mildly NSFW Noah is unlike anything you've seen before in a movie—only because it is exactly like what many of us see on our computers all the time. From the desktop photo of a young couple posing for the camera, we learn that Noah has a girlfriend. Lending the project authenticity is the filmmakers' attention to detail.

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Mr Newton has had enough… Mr Newton has had enough… It’s not you it’s me. Why I’m taking a break from social media. I was arrested on Saturday and held in a police cell for 12 hours whilst Her Majesty’s finest made their investigations to establish the facts around a claim made against me. Man loses 'right to be forgotten' Google court bid A man involved in a £51m VAT scam has lost a legal bid to have news stories about him removed from Google under the so-called "right to be forgotten". Malcolm Edwards originally applied for an injunction forcing five media organisations including the BBC to remove their articles about him. He discontinued this claim, then applied for permission to serve proceedings on Google instead. The judge at Nottingham County Court dismissed the application. In his judgment, His Honour Judge Nigel Godsmark QC said the applications were "totally without merit". He granted three of the defendants - the Nottingham Post, Derby Telegraph and Associated Newspapers - costs of £6,627.

My First Slice of Raspberry Pi - Easy Mono Setup Guide This is a step by step guide to get Mono (Open Source implementation of .Net) running on the Raspberry Pi. All the way from the beginning. You will at least need a Pi, a memory card and a micro USB power supply. Whatever you like doing, do it! His generous, encouraging response can be read below. Transcript follows. Also of note: Pete Docter's handwritten letter to a fan in 2008. (Source: Mr. Kelsey; Image: Pete Docter, via.) Google takes wider action on 'right to be forgotten' Image copyright AFP Tech giant Google says it will hide content removed under the "right to be forgotten" from all versions of the search engine when viewed from countries where removal was approved. Under the "right to be forgotten" ruling, EU citizens may ask search engines to remove information about them. Now, removed results will not appear on any version of Google. EU privacy regulators previously asked the firm to do this.

Easy Plastic Text with Layer Styles In Photoshop Written by Steve Patterson. In this Photoshop text effects tutorial, we’re going to learn how to use Photoshop’s Layer Styles to easily make text look as if it’s made out of plastic. To create the effect, we’re going to be using some "contours" that we’ll be loading in, since they’re not readily available to us by default, but don’t worry, loading them is easy, and so is everything else we’ll be doing. Here’s the effect we’re going for: The final result. Let’s get started!

U B U W E B : Film & Video The following films are presented for educational and non-commercial use only. All copyrights belong to the artists. About UbuWeb Film & Video UbuWeb is pleased to present hundreds of avant-garde films & videos for your viewing pleasure. The 15-Second Films Taking Instagram By Storm Shield 5 is a captivating new thriller that follows a wrongfully accused man on the run, desperate to clear his name. It has a lot in common with shows like Homeland and 24, except for one tiny thing: Each episode is only 15 seconds long. Shield 5 is a new dramatic and cinematic series being released on Instagram in installments, just one recent example of what is being labeled as "social cinema." It is the brainchild of British director Anthony Wilcox, who was looking for a quick project to work on while he finished developing a bigger feature.

Underwater Scene - Here’s a detailed look to help simulate underwater scenes. I first began with a 500×500 size document preset, set the foreground color to a shade of blue (I used #1680D1) and the background color to a dark blue (I used #0C1B6C). Create a new empty Layer (Shift + Ctrl + N (Mac: Shift + Command + N)), just above the default document background Layer. Activate that new empty Layer by selecting it in the Layers Palette.

Douglas Rushkoff: 'I’m thinking it may be good to be off social media altogether' Douglas Rushkoff emerged as a media commentator in 1994 with his first book, Cyberia. His debut examined “the early psychedelic, rave roots of digital technology. I was trying to infer what a digital society might be like given the beliefs of these people,” he tells me, while speaking on phone from his home in Hastings-on-Hudson, some 20 miles north of Manhattan. He has published 10 books detailing an increasingly fierce critique of digital society. Along the way Rushkoff has coined terms that have slipped into the lexicon such as “digital natives”, “social currency” and “viral media”. He has also made several documentaries and written novels both graphic and regular; consulted for organisations from the UN to the US government and composed music with Genesis P-Orridge.