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El edén creativo MediaVoice - The native advertising platform. | Polar The native advertising platform. A powerful platform that leverages your existing CMS and ad serving infrastructure, placing them in-stream across desktop and mobile sites. Finally, a truly scalable solution. Present Pixel-perfect presentation. Start by installing MediaVoice Plugin, our front-end script that adapts native ads to your site’s existing look and feel. Create Content creation and management. Using MediaVoice Content Creator, create your native ads in our self-serve, web-based CMS. Serve Amazing ad server integration. MediaVoice integrates seamlessly into your existing ad server, including DoubleClick, Mocean, and 24/7. Report Report – screen shots See more reporting screenshots:

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Laughing Squid Web Hosting The Horror, the Horror In Unutterable Horror, his deeply knowledgeable, lively, and unabashedly opinionated history of supernatural fiction, S. T. Joshi suggests that a taste for ghost stories and weird tales is far more than a slavering hunger for blood and grue. The most important supernatural fiction doesn’t merely aim to make our flesh creep. Through it, ambitious writers—and their readers—are able to explore the full range of human experience. Like many classical tragedies, these unsettling stories typically introduce a sense of wrongness, followed by growing dread, and gradually build to a moment of supreme crisis and terror. Vincent Price strangling Basil Rathbone in ‘Tales of Terror’ (1962) everett collection Nothing human is alien to supernatural fiction. And, yes, they are also scary. In some ways, the first chapters of Unutterable Horror are largely backstory. Up to this point, one can make no serious objections to Joshi’s history (though, in my view, he undervalues E. Keep a light on.

VivaKi Partners With Nativo For Native Ad Campaigns Native advertising startup Nativo and VivaKi , a tech-focused agency within ad giant Publicis , announced today that they’ve formed a strategic partnership — basically, VivaKi will be using Nativo technology to run campaigns for Publicis clients. The partnership is another sign that the ad industry is becoming interested in native advertising (a loose term that basically covers sponsored posts and other ads that match the format of the surrounding content) generally and Nativo particularly. Rishad Tobaccowala, VivaKi’s chief strategy and innovation officer, told me that this is part of the agency’s interest in “next generation storytelling.” As for why VivaKi is partnering with Nativo in particular, Tobaccowala said that the big challenge with native has been achieving scale. The two companies have a relationship that started before the formal partnership, even before Nativo changed its name from PostRelease earlier this year, Tobaccowala said. → Learn more

Grind365 CodeIgniter A Brief History 2006: CodeIgniter was born. CodeIgniter is a powerful open-source PHP framework with a very small footprint, created by Rick Ellis in 2006. CodeIgniter was born from ExpressionEngine, essentially a collection of refactored classes originally written for EllisLab's flagship CMS. 2008: Industry leader. 2009: ExpressionEngine 2.0. Where is CodeIgniter Now? 2014: BCIT Stewardship. snapscore - providing insights to your accomplishments and professional career - snapscore

Interviews Nightclub Doorman Confesses Nightlife Secrets City Never Sleeps gets a few doormen to confess the secrets of the nightlife. For confidential reasons we can not disclose their names or workplace. We wouldn’t want them to get fired now, would we? Read Full Story The Combat Jack Show: Jessica Rosenblum Interview You really don’t know Jack until you talk to Jessica Rosenblum. Read Full Story Day In The Life: Candice Galek Candice Galek has been working in the nightlife industry as a bartender and waitress for about 5 years. Read Full Story Day In The Life: Lala Santolla Lala Santolla has been in the hospitality service since the age of 16, then transitioned over to the nightlife industry as a go go dancer. Read Full Story The Craziest Things Witnessed in a Nightclub (Part 1) We chatted with a few staff members of a nightclub to discuss some of the craziest things they have witnessed during club hours. Read Full Story Q&A: Club Owners Scott Sartiano & Richie Akiva What sets 1 OAK apart from its peers?

Java EE Servlet/JSP tutorial: Building a simple listing in JSP - Resin 4.0 Wiki This cookbook in the Java EE Servlet tutorial covers building a simple listing in JSP and Servlets. This tutorial is part of Java EE Tutorial covering JSP_2.2, and Servlets 3.0. This cookbook assumes very little knowledge of HTML, Java and JSP. It does not cover HTML and Java at length, but it does point you in the right direction. You will find that you can get started with Java Servlets and JSP (Java Server Pages) quite easily. Feel free to use whatever IDE you would like. If you are new to Java and/or Java development, I suggest starting with Eclipse. Any IDE that supports Java EE will support creating a war file. Optional: Getting started Eclipse Java EE IDE First go here to get Eclipse for Java EE: Install Guide for Eclipse for Java EE Indigo or higher. Using Eclipse Indigo or higher Install Resin (lightweight, fast, easy to use Java EE 6 Web Profile server) plugin: Go to File menu -> New Project -> Dynamic Web Project In New Dynamic Web Project Dialog-> New Runtime... Resources ...

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation This week's column by Ctein After my earlier column, "We Need Our Audiences," Kathy Li (a.k.a. inkista) and I continued to discuss online venues and audiences. When I wrote that column, I got things a little wrong. Now, why did I discount Flickr? So, no, it's not a disrespect for Flickr. No, it doesn't guarantee that they'll like your work, but it gets you past the hurdle of unconscious dismissal. A photo from Dave Reichert's clean, simple, and functional website To me, Flickr is just what it says it is, a social sharing site for photographs. Yes, some folks can look at photographs that way and do the deep investment/scrutiny thing almost instinctively and with astonishing rapidity. Serviceable siteI repeat, this kind of casual social viewing is a fine thing, in and of itself. It doesn't have to be a fabulous site, it just has to be serviceable. Mostly it's about having the web equivalent of a nice, competent looking portfolio case or binder. ©2013 by Ctein, all rights reserved

DAILY CHIEFERS | Smokin' and Bloggin' Producer/rapper Hit-boy releases a new track Grindin’ My Whole Life featuring, B. Carr, Big Hit, Audio Push, Bmactthequeen, and Kent M$ney. This cut will appear on the HS87 compilation project We The Plug, due out this year. Read More While we await the release of Logic’s While You Wait EP, the VMG artist keeps the anticipation going with releasing a collaboration between him and Big Sean titled Aright. Read More Producer C4 releases the full version of the record he produced for Young Thug featuring IAMSU!. Read More The homie Sean Falyon enlisted Roc Nation’s Brandon Rossy on his latest joint, Truth Be Told. Read More Joey Bada$$ releases a new track in honor of UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis who will be walking out to this record before his fight on Saturday night on the UCF 172 PPV. Read More Shortly ago, Pharrell released a new video for his single, Marilyn Monroe off of his latest solo album, G I R L. Read More (more…) Read More (more…) Read More Read More G.O.O.D.