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The Graphics Fairy - DIY: 12 Easy Image Transfer Methods for DIY Projects

The Graphics Fairy - DIY: 12 Easy Image Transfer Methods for DIY Projects
The Graphics Fairy is a resource for Home Decorators and Crafters. Find over 4,500 FREE Vintage Stock images, Illustrations, Old Pictures, Antique Graphics, Vintage Printables, to MAKE craft projects, collage, DIY, scrapbooking, etc! DIY and Craft Tutorials, and Home Decorating Ideas are offered as well. Daily vintage image downloads since 2007. Most are Jpegs, or PDFs, but there are some Vectors as well. As far as I know these are all Royalty Free Images that are in the Public Domain. ShareThis Copy and Paste

A Sweet Little Curio Cabinet This was a fun transformation, it might be way to sweet for some of you! I found this great curio that needed just a little help. I almost forgot to take before pictures until after I had taped off the glass I used heirloom white paint And added a water slide decal on the inside of the glass. How to Print on Fabric With an Inkjet Printer Inkjet fabric printing greatly expands quilters' choices. Quilters love to collect fabric, and being able to print their own makes a great personal statement. Printable fabric can be purchased or prepared at home. Making an entire quilt from fabric printed on an inkjet printer isn't practical, but customized small portions of a quilt add a special touch not to be found anywhere else.

Reverse Tie Dye Scarves First of all, we’ve got a secret to share. A jersey-knit scarf is also known as a quarter yard of jersey-knit fabric available at your local fabric store. Jersey is the same as t-shirt fabric, and comes in a variety of blends and softnesses (just like that scarf you bought at American Apparel). TUTORIAL - Alterations to the FREE Buttercup Bag Pattern A few of us Craftsters have made the free Buttercup Bag Pattern from here: I made a bag with quite a few alterations to it, including enlarging the pattern to 125% on the photocopier. Here's the link to the one I made: The alterations I made were: Firstly - enlarged to 125%Added a mobile phone pocket instead of a flat pocketAdded a zipperLengthened the strap to 24"Interfaced the outer topA couple of words of advice.

Transparency Transfers I’m a lot slower getting this posted than I had intended…sorry about that. But here I am now, with the BIG SECRET TRANSFER METHOD (no, not really) that I promised when I posted about my French Chocolate Bar Stools. I have had lots of fun transferring vintage French ads (courtesy of the Graphics Fairy) to various pieces of furniture, such as the French Chocolate table, Café table, the Postcard table, the Black Coffee table and French Twist table. I used an overhead projector for all of those, and I really love the look I was able to get. Tutorial: Homemade Bubble Jet Set *Edited with new recipe* *Edited using inks* I made this bag last night (the pictures show each side of the bag - the pictures are of my gorgeous boys!!!) using a homemade bubble jet set recipe I have been experimenting with. I was so excited that it worked, I want to share it with all you gorgeous craftsters:

DIY Alcohol Inks, Mod Podge and more As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been experimenting with some more cost effective alternatives in the crafting/scrapping/art journaling area and I want to share some of those with you. 1. Alcohol Inks and Spray Inks. Sewing Tips: Attaching Buttons with a Sewing Machine Don’t you love realizing there’s a faster way to do something? [If only there was a faster way to potty train a snarky little 3 year old boy who tells me it's not time to poop (or pee for that matter) in the potty yet. While I was changing his messy diaper yesterday, I suggested he give his potty chair another try......and he quickly responded, so matter-of-factly, "Not today mommy, maybe when I'm 4!" No sirree little buddy. The 4 year mark doesn't include diapers.] Anyway, I digress.