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David Beckham. A global icon who insists on perfection. Precision and style. A legend forged by accomplishments. On his wrist is the Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime, the ultimate traveler’s watch. Manufacture Breitling Caliber B05, officially chronometer-certified by the COSC, endorsed by a 5-year Breitling warranty.

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Quality Watches On The Net If you've been following Time Factors watches since the beginning, this one will be familiar to you. It first hit the drawing board in 2003 but techical problems delayed it for so long it was put back on the shelf until 2009, when the design and revised specification were given to another company, who overcame the original difficulties and produced what is a superb watch. At least one manufacturer boasts that it (only) takes a year to make their watches ;-). It would have been easy enough to make the watch without the rotating bezel with pointer under the crystal but this is such an important part of the watch that I wasn't prepared to omit this important feature.

A Basic Homemade Watchmakers Bench Photo layout Hello WUS Member's,This is my first contributory post and I hope some will find it useful. Yes I know all of you look forward to my comical and wise-cracking posts but after more than a hundred or so, it's about time I post something serious. Let's get Started...After looking over the web for plans for a watchmakers bench and finding very little in terms of dimensions I sat down an did some tinkering with the bench on my own. I came up with a bench 40 inches long by 40 inches tall and 18 inches deep.I picked out Birch ply panels 2' x 4' x 1/4" for the front and sides, this took four sheets of material, then the top I used another 2' x 4' Birch panel by 3/4 inch. 1 sheet of that material.

Buy Dievas Watches - Vintage Avant Garde Vintage 6152 ‘Black Diamond’ Dievas Avant Garde Vintage 6152 ‘Black Diamond’(AGV 6152BD) is conceptualized from high tech watch manufacturing and finishing. Limited to only 88 pieces worldwide, Dievas AGV 6152BD is highly sought after by collectors and gives a new meaning to the word Limited Edition. Each watch is individually engraved on the caseback with its unique serial number by our watchmaker after the completion of each and every watch. Vintage 2533 The Dievas Vintage 2533 is the latest addition to the Dievas range of mechanical watches.

List of watch manufacturers List of watch manufacturers From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Watchmakers[edit] Note: This list is a duplicate of Category:Watchmakers, which will probably be more up-to-date and complete. Watch Nerdist Interview: KM Independent Watchmaking by A Real Person on October 5, 2010 In my last post I talked about a couple of items that could be the future of the wristwatch. One not (necessarily) designed as a watch (the iPad Nano) and the other taking new technology into the wristwatch arena (Seiko E-Ink watches). While both of these designs could be the start of the next area of watches, the immediate future, in my eyes, belongs to guys like Keaton Myrick. As a young guy in his early twenties, Keaton decided that his future lay in watches.

**** PETIT GUIDE D'ACHAT DE MONTRES RUSSES **** Les moins de 100 € Vostok Komandiskie etVostok Amphibian "cadran décoré"ex. Plongeur, sous-marin, KGB, parachutiste etc... De 100 à 200 € Watchmaker Career Guide - Random Jobs A watchmaker is somebody who makes or repairs watches. A person skilled in horology is responsible for the concept, design, build and after-sales care of wristwatches for men and women. The manufacturing aspect of watch production can range from small cottage-industry, self-employed watchmakers (the traditional one-man band), through to the big-name established timekeeping brands with hundreds of employees, all covering different elements of watch construction. Examples include the famous design houses of Patek Philippe and Breguet.

Swatch Group - General Information Mission Statement: The Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School is dedicated to developing professional watchmakers and future after sales service leaders for the Swiss watch industry by providing a WOSTEP education that will lead to a rewarding career. Our staff and faculty are committed to instilling the time honored spirit of watch making, where tradition is balanced in harmony with cutting edge technology, truly preparing graduates for the demands of modern After Sales Services. The School WOSTEP was founded in 1966 by Ebauches SA and the Federation of Swiss Watch Manufacturers (FH) and is an institute for further education in watch making. The Swiss watch industry set up this school under the name of Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program (WOSTEP) in order to train foreign watchmakers in after-sales service methods for Swiss watches.

Nav B-Chrono 44, with leather strap - Chronographs - Steinhart Watches Chronographs - Art.Nr. C0401 870 EUR 19% VAT incl. 732 EUR without 19% VAT Swiss Made - 2 years warranty This pilot watch Nav B-Chrono II is the first chronograph made by Steinhart with the tried and tested ETA Valjoux 7750 Automatic movement. Tick Talk » The Lititz Watch Technicum I attended the Lititz Watch Technicum from Sep 2004 to Aug 2006. It was a wonderful experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants a career in watchmaking. The facility is truly amazing and the instruction is the best available. The program is constantly changing so I can’t tell you exactly what it is like today, but they follow the WOSTEP program which involves 3000+ hours of horological training. I attended classes Mon-Fri from 7:30 to 4:30. We spent 6 months working on micromechanical tasks (manufacturing parts) culminating in the completion of our “school watch” project.

Horological Meandering - An Industry in Danger First a quick update. For those who don't know, I left MB&F in December to pursue opportunities outside of the watch industry. As such, I am just a regular Purist once again. My opinion clearly is not representative of any brand, and in fact I can definitely say that those I worked closest with are undoubtedly the best in the industry. Dating Vintage Watches The information below was gathered and amalgamated from various sources on the Internet. Sadly, I didn't keep a record of where it all came from, but none of it is my own work. I can at least say thanks to Agent Orange, JoT, "mach 0.0013137", Mel and K.I.T.T. from The Watch Forum for some of the latest information added to this page.

Best Value Automatic Watches Desirable Watch features: – A good movement. Automatic (winded by wrist-movement) and Manual (winded manually) types are considered “mechanical” and charges last ~40 hours. Quartz is most accurate, powered by battery (lifetime ~2 years). Some Quartz types self-recharge battery (hold ~6 months charge, lifetime ~10-20 years), ie Kinetic (Seiko) recharges with wrist movement, and Solar (Seiko Solar, Citizen Eco-Drive, Casio Tough Solar) recharges with light.