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Seven Traits of Highly Magical People

Seven Traits of Highly Magical People
Seven Traits of Highly Magical People (By Carolyn Elliott) 1. You know you’re magic. This is the big one. In their heart of hearts, everyone is magic. But most folks just don’t know it. Magic people always have a mission. So basically, if you know you’re magic, you’re ahead of the game. 2. And they tend to speed up when you spend a lot of time on meditation, art, ritual, intentional movement or prayer. The biggest synchronous thing that can happen to a magic person is to meet another magic person. When lots of synchronicities are going on, I like to say “the jewel net is moving.” Because we’re all jewels in an infinitely connected web of silken joy. And sometimes the net shifts and folds in on itself and we run smack into a whole bunch of other jewels. 3. The more magic you are (and remember, being magic is mainly a matter of… knowing that you’re magic!) You might find that you can’t sleep on full moon nights (all that energy, so ramped up!) 4. 5. Also, be careful with all that. 6. 7. Related:  Life

Emotional Detoxification Part 1 Part 1 Unresolved Emotional Issues Can Become Toxic to the Body In the course of following the detoxification suggestions in this book you have undoubtedly come up against some old, perhaps painful or intractable emotions. You may have been surprised by their existence, or by the energy with which they reminded you of their existence. In many respects, physical detoxification makes it possible to get to the emotions, buried, as it were, under layers of physical toxins and dysfunctional physiological states. Like the intestines, the body is a remarkable storage device for unprocessed thoughts and feelings. While the body is almost endlessly accommodating in this coping strategy, eventually it runs out of space, or the load in one place is too big a burden. How Unresolved Emotions Can Contribute to Illness Emotional issues carry a powerful charge capable of affecting your biology in profound and often undesirable ways. Dr. The body is always metaphorical, he says. In fact, Dr. Part 2

The Imperfect Stitch - Project Conversion I was saying the isha prayer (the night prayer) two nights ago when I suddenly felt compelled to stop. My forehead and tip of my nose on the red leaf pattern of my prayer rug during prostrations, I slowly leaned back and settled on my knees. I was at the end of my second rakah (prayer unit). Like a painter near the conclusion of his own work, I felt as if anything more would over-do the piece. So I sat there watching, waiting, listening, for nothing in particular…until I looked down at my red and cream prayer rug. My knees hurt after a while so I crossed my legs and lit the candle on my altar-shelf. “A Persian rug is perfectly imperfect, and precisely imprecise.” Traditional, hand-made Persian rugs have intentional flaws because the Muslim artists feel that only Allah is perfect and has the right to create perfectly. Did He, like the Persian rug makers, create reality with an imperfect stitch? My prayer rug. Of course most of us would say we are flawed, but how do we know we are?

Ten Tips From A Shaolin Monk On How To Stay Young Forever By: Shifu Yan Lei, Guest People always say health is the most important thing but how many people live by this belief? We need to start today. In order to help us stay on the path to health I have translated an extract from one of the Shaolin Classics. Written by a monk who was a great martial artist and scholar, here he gives advice to lay people as to how to stay young and healthy. Ten Tips From A Shaolin Monk On How To Stay Young 1) Don’t think too much. 2) Don’t talk too much. 3) When you work, work for 40 minutes then stop for 10 minutes. 4) When you are happy, you need to control your happiness, if you lose control then you damage your lung energy. 5) Don’t worry too much or get angry because this damages your liver and your intestines. 6) When you eat food don’t eat too much, always make sure you are not quite full as this can damage your spleen. 7) When you do things, take your time, don’t hurry too much. 10) Shaolin Gong Fu gives you everything. About the Author

What's On My PC | Learning Information Technology – a byte at a time! Mystic Games -- Free tarot readings, IChing, daily horoscopes, and more. New Study: The Healing Power of Cuddling Is there anyone who doesn’t like cuddling? On the physical affection spectrum, it may not be an all-star, but it’s definitely a winner in terms of improving our health and well-being. Besides the obvious physical pleasure of cuddling, there is a brain chemistry reaction that has far reaching effects. All those warm fuzzy feelings are nothing compared to the benefits we get from the release of the hormone Oxytocin. The next time you hold someone close, take a deep breath and let it go. Ever have that feeling that nothing can hurt you because you’re so in love? When our brains release oxytocin, we are more likely to have an optimistic outlook about connecting with others, better self-esteem and an easier time trusting those around us. Too much cortisol is bad news—for our moods, our weight and our hearts. We hear all the time that inflammation is unhealthy and increases the aging process. Studies show that snuggling doesn’t have to be with our fellow humans to increase oxytocin.

Theta Wave Brain Synchronization This is a replication of a Theta wave entrainment rhythm first created by scientists in the 1960s to lull patients into a deep, colorful, creative dream state. Listen to it for 10 minutes, longer if you can. The longer it plays, the deeper you’ll go. How It Works The human brain produces different levels of electrical activity depending on the amount of information it is processing. Throughout the day, the brain lingers between four different types of brainwave patterns: Beta (12 -30 Hz): the normal, awake consciousness associated with busy tasksAlpha (8 – 12 Hz): the relaxed and reflective state, like those induced by closing the eyes during waking hoursTheta (4 – 7 Hz): a very relaxed state associated with meditation and some sleep statesDelta (3 and under Hz): deep, dreamless sleep Theta waves (at around 4 to 7 Hz) are the sweet spot for many brain functions.

A Course In Miracles - Free Searchable Urtext Version - § 1: Miracle Principles 1-14 Details Category: 1: Introduction To Miracles 1: Introduction To Miracles It is crucial to say first that this is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what to take when. 1. 2. 3. a. (Q and A re first 3 points.) (HS fearful in taxi about a communication which related Dave’s healing and Jonathan’s hernia. 4. 5.Miracles are habits, and should be involuntary. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. (A miracle is misunderstood when it is regarded as a spectacle.)11. (When you say “If you want me to I will” please add “and if you DON’T want me to I won’t.” 12. 13. 14.

24 Rules For Being A Human Being In 2014 The lovely Chelsea Fagan outlined some rules for ladies and gentlemen to reach their best selves in 2014, and in light of that, I’d like to chime in, to generally blanket over everyone inclusively, as the art of being a good person begins with, first and foremost, recognizing yourself as a human being before anything else. 1. Learn to be okay with not being okay. 2. Learn to have conversations that do not consist of lambasting someone else, especially when that someone is you. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Want more life changing lists?

How To Exit The Reincarnation System Gregg Prescott, M.S., In5D GuestWaking Times We have all heard about the tunnel of light that our soul follows upon leaving the physical body, but what is the true meaning of the life review? Why does a life review almost always involve having us continuously looping back into this 3rd dimensional reality, and what can we do to stop these cycles of reincarnation? Commonalities Within The Near Death Experience Just about every person who has a near death experience will say that they didn’t want to come back to Earth and that the other side of the veil felt like “home”. As evidenced by thousands of near death experiences, there is a common theme that people experience upon leaving the physical body: The initial “death”The tunnel and the white lightThe other side of the tunnelMeeting “beings” including angels, guides, friends and familyYour life reviewGetting sent back to earthLessons learned from the other side The Life Review Spirit Guides According to the Wes Penre Papers: Schumann Resonance