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Tortoisegit - Porting TortoiseSVN to TortoiseGit

Tortoisegit - Porting TortoiseSVN to TortoiseGit
Git Version of TortoiseSVN. It is a port of TortoiseSVN for Git. TortoiseGit supports you by regular tasks, such as committing, showing logs, diffing two versions, creating branches and tags, creating patches and so on (see our Screenshots or documentation). You're welcome to contribute to this project (help on coding, documentation, Translation, testing preview releases or helping other users on the mailing lists is really appreciated). If you upgraded to TortoiseGit and TortoisePLink reports "missing MSVCR110.dll", go to TortoiseGit settings, Network and select "TortoiseGitPLink.exe" as ssh client (which is located in the TortoiseGit\bin directory; issue #2156 ). There seems to be a bug in the MFC library, so please make sure you have the latest service pack installed. The latest and recommended release of TortoiseGit is:, see ReleaseNotes for details. Download TortoiseGit System prerequisites and installation howto Get a full list of screenshots. Context menu Commit Dialog Related:  git

Git Download - tortoisegit - Download overview page - Windows Shell Interface to Git The current stable version is: For detailed info on what's new, read the ReleaseNotes. System prerequisites and installation howto Donate Please make sure that you choose the right installer for your PC, otherwise the setup will fail. Before reporting an issue, please check that your problem isn't fixed in our latest preview release. Language Packs The language packs contain no standalone localized version of TortoiseGit, you need TortoiseGit from above. Other resources Debug symbols, language dlls and other resources can be found here Preview releases The preview releases are built from the latest code that represents the cutting edge of the TortoiseGit development. Older releases Older releases are available here.

has_many :through - Agile git and the story branch pattern I've been using git for source code management for over a year now and I'm totally hooked. I won't rave about all the usual reasons WhyGitIsBetterThanX since it's been done already. Instead, I'm going to share how I use git for easy agile development. The basic idea is to never do anything in the master branch except use it to move changes between the remote repo and local branches. Keeping master clean takes very little effort and will save your bacon when you get into trouble. The example I'll use here is working on a story to render title text in a bold style on a page. 1. What do you mean you're not using Pivotal Tracker? 2. $ git checkout master $ git pull $ rake db:migrate # if there are new migrations $ rake # if you don't have a CI server 3. $ git checkout -b bold_titles 4. Since you are committing locally, you can commit often. $ git commit -am "Don't bold empty titles" When you are done... $ rake $ git commit -am "Render titles with bold style" 5. a. $ git diff master b. c. $ rake d.

Why DVCS provides better central control « Software Whys I previously discussed how distributed version control systems (DVCS) can help with keeping the tip always compilable. DVCS is also useful in making sure the tip always passes a test suite, or maintains any other standard of quality. It does this by giving more control where control is needed. When you first hear about DVCS, that statement seems counter-intuitive. In our company we have product-specific code for a number of embedded products, and a large base of code shared between products. So how can we set up our branches to mitigate this problem? We want the “official” branch for a product to consist of a series of successfully tested builds. Here we have the log for a fictional Product A. Okay, so where do the developers come in? At this level you can clearly see which features made it into each promoted build. This shows the changes for Product A as if Product A is the most important product in the world. Another method we use to improve code quality is code reviews. Like this:

Recherche et téléchargement de fichiers sur Github Github est un service formidable où les gens stockent leurs codes sources et leurs projets... Mais c'est aussi une mine d'or de fichiers en tout genre. Certains utilisateurs de Github font d'ailleurs preuve de négligence et synchronisent même parfois des fichiers contenant des mots de passe en clair ou des infos plus ou moins confidentielles. Pour effectuer ce genre de recherches sur Github, il existe un petit script python qui permet tout simplement de récupérer sur votre ordinateur, les fichiers qui vous intéressent. Par exemple, en tapant : . vous récupérerez tous les historiques bash qui trainent. . vous récupérerez tous les htpasswd qui trainent . vous récupérez des boites mails qui trainent . et des logins/passwords de connexions à des bases de données. Je ne passe pas tout en revue. Pour installer ghrabber, il faut faire un petit : sudo easy_install pip sudo pip install beautifulsoup requests Puis téléchargez ghrabber ici. Vous avez aimé cet article ?

Java-Editor - Download - heise online Name: Java-Editor Sprache: Deutsch Betriebssysteme: Windows XP, Server 2008, Server 2012, Vista, 7, 8 Benötigte Laufzeitumgebung: Java Download-Größe: 2,19 MByte Preis: kostenlos Einschränkungen: keine Hersteller/Autor: Gerhard Röhner E-Mail-Adresse: Java-Editor in Themen-Specials Top-Downloads 2010 Java-Editor steht auch in der Rubrik: Tools Bewertungsrang: Download-Rang: Programmdaten aktualisieren(nur für Autoren/Hersteller) Datensatz zuletzt aktualisiert am 16.04.14 Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. Anzeige Melden:Neue Version | Falsche Programmdaten | Download-Probleme | Viren/Trojaner/Spyware Meinungen zu Java-Editor Nr. 38 zu Java-Editor 11.29a vatsug 31.01.13 15:32 melden Ein Java-Editor, der nur unter Windows läuft, das begeistert mich persönlich weniger. Kommentar bearbeiten Nr. 37 zu Java-Editor 11.29a Daniel Ruf 21.01.13 23:11 melden Nutze den Java-Editor seit dem Programmierunterricht in der Schule, wo ich Java gelernt habe und bin vollkommen zufrieden damit. Kommentar bearbeiten Toll! Kommentar bearbeiten

A Gaggle Of Git Tips | Web Development Blog: Web Development Insights, Best Practices, Tips & Techniques : Viget Labs Almost a year ago, our first post about Git hit this blog. Since then, our posts about Git have been popular with you, our readers. Clinton’s overview of git-svn, for example, remains one of our most popular posts, months after he first wrote it. Like much of the Ruby and Rails world, we’re using Git every day, and finding little ways to exploit its power for fun and profit. This post brings together several of our little Git discoveries. Tony Pitale: My favorite Git tool that I’ve never heard of before a few weeks ago is git-bisect. $ git bisect start$ git bisect bad$ git bisect good 128dafd75384f42c2544acd28d432c8abef79878 Once that’s done, it’ll go through the tree and help to pinpoint changed commits that may cause the breakage. If you have a lot of commits between good and bad, you can checkout, run tests and add to the list of good or bad commits. (Brian Landau adds: I like the idea of git bisect but haven’t used it yet myself. Justin Marney: $ git rebase -i HEAD~3 Patrick Reagan:

Git for the lazy - Spheriki From Spheriki Git is a distributed version control system . No, you don't need to know what that means to use this guide. Think of it as a time machine: Subversion or CVS without the cruft. If you make a lot of changes, but decided you made a mistake, this will save your butt. This guide is for people who want to jump to any point in time with their project/game/whatever, and want something to use for themselves. Windows For Windows, you have two options: msysGit Download and install msysGit to use Git in Windows's cmd.exe console. Cygwin Download Cygwin . Put setup.exe in a folder of its own in your documents. Launch setup.exe . While installing Cygwin, pick these packages: from the DEVEL category (if you're wimpy) or (if you know it), both in the EDITORS category You'll now have a shortcut to launch Cygwin, which brings up something like the Linux terminal. Linux Install the git package using your preferred method (package manager or from source). Fire up your Cygwin/Linux terminal, and type: git init

Migrer d'un serveur git à un autre Dans une entreprise, ça bouge beaucoup, et en général, le code suit le mouvement… Si vous voulez migrer du code d’un serveur git à un autre, alors il y a une méthode toute simple : utiliser le script ci-dessous. C’est tout simple, il suffit de copier / coller le script dans un fichier et de le lancer en ligne de commande. Il faudra toutefois, avant les réjouissances, paramétrer quelques variables d’environnement, en tapant simplement (et par exemple) : GIT_SERVER_FROM=git@github.cedrik.frGIT_SERVER_TO=git@gitlab.digitas.frREPO_PREFIX=:myproject/REPOS= »core module1 module2″ Cela migrera : les projets : core + module1 + module2à partir de : : Et voilà ! [Ce script a été vu pour la première fois sur] Vous aimez cet article ? Partage

IrfanView - Download - heise online Meinungen zu IrfanView Nr. 45 zu IrfanView 4.36 sllauncher 26.10.13 10:28 melden Bei Irfanview genial für den Workflow auch: die Kommandozeilenoption /clippaste. Programmverknüpfung mit diesem Switch auf die Taskbar, und man hat ein z.B. im Browser kopiertes Bild mit einem Klick sofort im Viewer. Kommentar bearbeiten Nr. 44 zu IrfanView 4.36 Technetium 07.10.13 10:21 melden Ausgezeichneter und sehr vielseitiger Bildbetrachter mit vielen nützlichen Zusatzfunktionen. Kommentar bearbeiten Nr. 43 zu IrfanView 4.36 saktering 31.07.13 09:27 melden Guter und schneller Bildbetrachter. Kommentar bearbeiten Alle Kommentare anzeigen » Bitte teilen Sie anderen Ihre Meinung mit. Sie müssen sich einloggen um Kommentare schreiben zu können.

Git Protip: A picture is worth a thousand words (git tag) | unethical blogger Scott Oberlin Most ppl don't know this, but Apple computer hardware is actually manufactured by Asus (which is why the hardware is good even if the software stinks!) Virtual Hosting with HAProxy and WSGI · 3 weeks ago schiffsratte Cool this is exactly what I was looking for, just before I was changing all my name based vhost to ip based ones . Jørgen Tjernø I wonder if there are impatient twats who put "Sent from my iPhone" as the signature on their desktop client. ;-) rtyler created branch master at rtyler/maildir-notifier rtyler created branch issues19 at rtyler/jenkins.rb Alpha release of the GitHub Mylyn connector for Eclipse WSJ: Microsoft to buy Skype for $7bn. Monitoring better with Behavior Driven Infrastructure and Cucumber Weighing test structure and readability with RSpec and Test::Unit Git Protip: A picture is worth a thousand words (git tag) Tim is extremely busy, most of his days working at an exciting, fast-paced start-up seem to fly by. The second option is to make use of tags.

Git Reference Getting and Creating Projects In order to do anything in Git, you have to have a Git repository. This is where Git stores the data for the snapshots you are saving. There are two main ways to get a Git repository. docs book git init initializes a directory as a Git repository To create a repository from an existing directory of files, you can simply run git init in that directory. $ cd konnichiwa$ ls README hello.rb This is a project where we are writing examples of the "Hello World" program in every language. $ git init Initialized empty Git repository in /opt/konnichiwa/.git/ Now you can see that there is a .git subdirectory in your project. $ ls -a . .. .git README hello.rb Congratulations, you now have a skeleton Git repository and can start snapshotting your project. In a nutshell, you use git init to make an existing directory of content into a new Git repository. docs book git clone copy a git repository so you can add to it On to Basic Snapshotting »

TechDuell 66: Welcher ist der beste Messenger? | TechStage Whatsapp, Threema, Skype, Facebook, SayHey und wie sie alle heißen: Instant Messenger gibt es wie Sand am Meer. Und von Sicherheit über Verfügbarkeit bis Praktikabilität – alle haben sie Ihre ganz persönlichen Vor- und Nachteile. Wir fragen uns diese Woche im TechDuell: Welcher Messenger ist der beste? Wir wünschen allen Zuschauern viel Spaß und ein erholsames Wochenende! Daniel oder Fabi? In der folgenden Umfrage könnt Ihr abstimmen, wer diese Woche das TechDuell gewonnen hat. Umfrage: Wer hat gewonnen? Permalink: Tags

A web-focused Git workflow After months of looking, struggling through Git-SVN glitches and letting things roll around in my head, I’ve finally arrived at a web-focused Git workflow that’s simple, flexible and easy to use. Some key advantages: Pushing remote changes automatically updates the live siteServer-based site edits won’t break historySimple, no special commit rules or requirementsWorks with existing sites, no need to redeploy or move files Overview The key idea in this system is that the web site exists on the server as a pair of repositories; a bare repository alongside a conventional repository containing the live site. Two simple Git hooks link the pair, automatically pushing and pulling changes between them. The two repositories: Hub is a bare repository. Using the pair of repositories is simple and flexible. Getting ready Obviously Git is required on the server and any local machines. If this is the first time running Git on your webserver, remember to setup your global configuration info. Getting started