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Styling Checkboxes and Radio Buttons With CSS and JavaScript

Styling Checkboxes and Radio Buttons With CSS and JavaScript
This JavaScript and CSS will allow you to use custom images to style checkboxes, radio buttons and drop down menu select lists. Have you ever wanted to use your own images for checkboxes, radio buttons or select lists? This script will let you do that. Easily. The unobtrusive script gracefully degrades, so if JavaScript is disabled, normal form input objects appear instead of your customized elements. This works flawlessly in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7, Opera and others. The example This script is stand-alone and does not require jQuery or other library to work. View a more comprehensive example How does it work? In a nutshell, the JavaScript looks for every form element with class="styled" on it; hides the real form element; sticks a span tag with a CSS class on it next to the element; and, finally, mouse events are added to the span that handles the visual stages form inputs go through when they are clicked. Download the full script Download the CSS file The CSS The HTML Checkbox

MIX Online JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Part 1 This article was written in 2001 and still remains one of our most popular posts. If you’re keen to learn more about JavaScript, you may find this recent article on TypeScript of great interest. It may be shocking news, but JavaScript is a very powerful object-based (or prototype-based, whatever you wish to call it) language. Yes, JavaScript is a powerful language, not just something that’s handy for image rollovers and other corny, flashy effects. First of all, JavaScript is not a full-blown OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) language, such as Java or PHP, but it is an object-based language. I hope that this article will turn an intermediate JavaScripter who’s itching to learn objects, into an expert, keen on the exciting object-oriented JavaScript world! In this tutorial, you’ll learn: JavaScript’s primitive data types What an object is in JavaScript How to create custom objects What a constructor is What an object’s prototype property is JavaScript’s Primitive Data Types Typeof

SimpleBits Mesh networking Illustration of a mesh network. A mesh network can be designed using a flooding technique or a routing technique. When using a routing technique, the message is propagated along a path, by hopping from node to node until the destination is reached. To ensure all its paths' availability, a routing network must allow for continuous connections and reconfiguration around broken or blocked paths, using self-healing algorithms. A mesh network whose nodes are all connected to each other is a fully connected network. Mesh networks can be seen as one type of ad hoc network. The self-healing capability enables a routing based network to operate when one node breaks down or a connection goes bad. Advantages[edit] Disadvantages[edit] The more extensive the network, in terms of scope or of physical area, the greater the investment necessary to build it will be, due, among other considerations, to the amount of cabling and the number of hardware ports it will require. Wireless mesh networks[edit]

Call to Action Buttons: Examples and Best Practices - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Call to action in web design — and in user experience (UX) in particular — is a term used for elements in a web page that solicit an action from the user. The most popular manifestation of call to action in web interfaces comes in the form of clickable buttons that when clicked, perform an action (e.g. "Buy this now!") How can we create effective call to action buttons that grab the user’s attention and entice them to click? Best Practices for Effective Call to Action Buttons Designing call to action buttons into web interfaces requires some forethought and planning; it has to be part of your prototyping and information architecture processes in order for them to work well. Draw user attention with size In web pages, the size of an element relative to its surrounding elements indicates its importance: the larger the element is, the more important it is. Size of call to action button versus surrounding elements A web page may have multiple calls for action.

JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Part 2 In Part 1 of this series, we covered objects, object methods, and object categories. Now, let’s move on. Arguments In every function, a private variable — argument — is automatically created, holding an array of the arguments passed to the function. function testArg(){ for(i=0;i<arguments.length;i++){ alert("Argument "+i+" is "+arguments[i]); } } As demonstrated in the example above, we can access the set of arguments passed when calling a function with the arguments variable that exists in the function’s scope. Therefore, we can use: testArg("PageResource","SitePoint","JavaScriptCity", "WebSite Abstraction"); …to get an alert of some of my favorite Web development sites. Complex Example Now that we have a foundation in object-based programming in JavaScript, let’s build an intricate object-based example, a library. function Person(lastName, firstName){ this.lastName = lastName; this.firstName = firstName; } And now, let’s create some instances of our Person object: Prototype Neat, huh?

120 Excellent Examples of CSS Horizantal Menu Saturday, 13 December 2008 17:42 Menu is an important element of website. Menu has to be user-friendly and match the design in order to facilitate navigation. In this list you will find 120 excellent examples of css horizontal menu. flash: notions fondamentales pour les graphistes Flash , formation Flash sur Tuto Cette formation Flash CS5 s'adresse à tous les créatifs qui veulent débuter dans ce logiciel sans s'encombrer de notions complexes et superflues. Concentrez vous sur l'essentiel et le cœur des fonctions du logiciel, tout en restant complet et polyvalent. Des outils de dessin, à l'animation image par image, en passant par l'encodage de vidéos et leur affichage via un composant Flash, toutes les fonctions utiles aux graphistes sont expliquées avec des exemples simples. Le format des vidéos est adapté à une démonstration rapide et claire, afin d'apprendre facilement chaque outil et fonction principale de Flash CS5. Pas de ligne de code compliquée ou de fonctions cachées, ici tout est découpé par chapitre, avec une notion précise par vidéo. Chapitre 1 : Découvrir Flash CS5 Ce chapitre est dédié à votre première prise en main avec l'outil et ses fonctions principales. Chapitre 2: Les outils Découvrez le fonctionnement des outils de Flash CS5, ainsi que leurs options principales.

The Web Design Process Start to Finish | Lee Munroe I've always found it interesting reading the design process of others (David Airey, Contrast, Brian Hoff). It's good to have an insight into others work, to see if I can learn anything from their process but also for curiosity. So I've put together a break down of my design process, using a recent project as a real life example, Newsgroup Direct. Overview I was recently hired by Newsgroup Direct (NGD), a leading Usenet newsgroup service provider, to revamp their website, make it more modern and improve signups. Here is their previous design. Planning The first thing that happens when I get an enquiry is I send the potential client a website planner. The key objectives of the planner: Find out who the client is and what they do Who their target market/user is Who their competition is What deliverables they want from me Timeframe and budget In a nutshell, NGD require a makeover with a modern & easy to use interface. Research & Ideas Current site Competitors sites Ideas Logo Wireframes Mockups

Advanced Web Applications With Object-Oriented JavaScript Recently I interviewed a software developer with five years experience in developing Web applications. She’d been doing JavaScript for four and a half years, she rated her JavaScript skill as very good, and—as I found out soon after—she actually knew very little about JavaScript. I didn’t really blame her for that, though. In a way, that assumption is not entirely groundless. Indeed, until recently, I’d always been able to get by with whatever little JavaScript I knew, armed only with the MSDN® DHTML reference and my C++/C# experience. Object-oriented programming (OOP) is one popular approach that’s used in many JavaScript libraries to make a codebase more manageable and maintainable. JavaScript Objects Are Dictionaries In C++ or C#, when we’re talking about objects, we’re referring to instances of classes or structs. var userObject = new Object(); userObject.lastLoginTime = new Date(); alert(userObject.lastLoginTime); does exactly the same thing as this: OK, so what’s happening here?

20 Websites To Help You Learn and Master CSS - Six Revisions CSS can be both a tricky and easy to learn. The syntax itself is easy, but some concepts can be difficult to understand. It’s super important to understand because your website’s reputation partially relies on it, as it is the backbone of your web design. This article features 20 excellent websites to help you “grok” CSS. 1. A List Apart, the premier site to read articles about web design and best practices, has a collection of articles on the topic of CSS dating back to 1999. 2. CSS Help Pile is an aggregate of CSS resources, tips, and how-to’s. 3. CSS Basics is formatted like a book with 18 chapters dedicated to educating readers about fundamental CSS concepts. 4. Holy CSS Zeldman (not a site by Jeffrey Zeldman) is a useful collection of resources that link to standards-based CSS tutorials, tools, and layouts. 5. Here’s a collection of works by Eric Meyer (acclaimed web professional and author). 6. 456 Berea Street – CSS category 7. /* Position Is Everything */ 8. 9. 10. 11. 13. 14. 15.

Five Second Project “CMYK” | greyscalegorilla/blog UPDATE 2: Hey everyone this is Neal. So here is the low down on what is happening and why a lot of entries have not been posted. A couple of days before the deadline Vimeo updated their privacy settings, and that screwed up everyones videos that they uploaded. UPDATE: Hi everyone. Four colors constantly surround us: Cyan Magenta Yellow and blacK. What Are Five Second Projects? Rules 1. Why Should You Enter? 1. How Do I Enter my Video? 1. Sorry we are no longer excepting entries. Watch the videos at the vimeo channel, or at the FiveSecondProjects Archive