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Present perfect aspect – tips and activities

Present perfect aspect – tips and activities
By Kerry G.Maxwell and Lindsay Clandfield Tips and ideas from Kerry Maxwell and Lindsay Clandfield on teaching the present perfect aspect. Introduction When teaching the present perfect, or explaining the present perfect, it is often easiest to focus on the use of the present perfect than the meaning. This is especially true for the first time students encounter it (usually associated with the use of talking about experiences). However, sooner or later you will be looking at different uses of the present perfect, and more often than not its relation with the past tense. An easy way of explaining perfect is to use the word before. Experiences A frustrated teacher once asked “How many activities can you make for the present perfect?” Cinema experiences Have you ever met a movie star? These can be done by students in pairs, or organised into a larger survey, with students having different questions and reporting back their findings. Why not? Because I’ve seen it a hundred times! Life line

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I slept like a log. (Sleep idioms) – About Words – Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog by Kate Woodford This week, we’re looking at the surprising number of idioms in English that relate to sleep and rest. Try to stay awake till the end! Present Perfect Progressive (Present Perfect Continuous) Present Perfect Continuous Exercises on Present Perfect Progressive The present perfect progressive expresses an action that recently stopped or is still going on. It puts emphasis on the duration or course of the action. Gaming Resources: Educational Games for Children and Teens, offered by Zur Institute, Inc. for Psychologists, MFTs, SWs, Nurses and Counselors Compiled and Updated by Azzia Walker, B.A. This Resource List is a companion to the article On Digital Immigrants & Digital Natives: How the digital divide creates conflict between parents and children, teachers and students and the older and younger generations Games are designed to be fun and engaging, and educational games are no exception! They harness the desire of today's youth to have instant, constant feedback and teach skills and information at the same time. Players are rewarded for knowledge, memory, mental agility, and creativity. Topics range from math, to reading, geography, planning, time and project management, language skills (primary and other languages), archaeology and other sciences, and business.

'As American as Apple Pie' Why is apple pie so American? (USDA photo by Scott Bauer) Welcome back to Words and Their Stories from VOA Learning English! Each week we explore the roots and meaning of common American expressions. Present perfect Present perfect continuous - a mind map - created and sent by Agnès Pihuit Imbert (Ac. Nantes) Present perfect simple - a mind map - created and sent by Agnès Pihuit Imbert (Ac. Nantes) INTERACTIVE exercises : Present perfect simple : 13 ESL Speaking Activities to Give Adult Students the Gift of Gab Ah, to be young again. Younger ESL students know what’s up. They treat being in ESL class like being on the playground.

We Put Things in "Apple Pie Order" Now, the VOA Special English program Words and Their Stories. Today we tell about the expression “apple pie order.” It means “in perfect order, very well organized.” Nobody is sure where and when the expression “apple pie order” began. Some say that Scottish and English writers used the expression a long time ago.

Present Perfect and Past Perfect in English + Exercises Download two free English Grammar e-Books Both present perfect and past perfect talk about something that happened before a point in time (reference point). In the present perfect, our reference point is the present.

LESSON PLANS - The Learning Network Blog Video “I think everyone should have wings, just like the birds. But since we don’t have wings, we fly kites.” High above Rio de Janeiro’s crowded favelas, kites soar and dive — and attack. In this short documentary, we learn how kite fighting is more than just a simple pastime for the young people holding the strings.