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eQuizShow - Free Online Quiz Show Templates Meet Your New PD Tool Tiffany Della Vedova entered the social media universe gradually. She started with ASCD EDge, an online community of some 33,000 administrators and educators where she still regularly blogs. "I had been reading their publications and blog. And I thought, I'm going to join the conversation. I started blogging and reading other people's blogs. I think people gravitate toward the places that offer them their best human connection." Then she began following people from EDge on Twitter, and once she got the hang of it, a whole new world opened up. She did so simply by posting questions on Twitter, appending a relevant hashtag, and waiting to see what she got. Della Vedova is the academic dean of the Grandview Preparatory School in Boca Raton, Florida. But even for her, the breadth of information she's found by way of Twitter is mind-boggling. At first glance, Twitter doesn't seem like the place to gather information on how to run a school or craft a curriculum.

Storyboard That: The World's Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator Seven Free Online Tools for Scheduling Appointments If you have ever had to organize volunteers for an event, set appointments for parent-teacher conferences, or tried to organize a potluck, you know that it can become a communication mess. Fortunately, there are some good tools to help you out the next time you find yourself trying to organize appointments. Doodle is a free tool for scheduling group meetings with the input of all group members. Doodle is essentially a polling platform. Calendly is a tool that integrates with your Google Calendar and makes it easy to create appointment slots with just a click or two. SignUp Genius is a free and easy way to create and organize online sign-up forms for all kinds of group activities. Volunteer Spot is a free scheduling service that teachers, coaches, and others and use to coordinate volunteers. YouCanBook.Me is a free scheduling tool that integrates with your Google Calendar. SignApp Now is a very simple tool for creating online sign-up forms.

Serendip-o-matic: Let Your Sources Surprise You All About Adolescent Literacy | The Trusted Leader in HTML5 Document Viewing | Crocodoc Interact with your documents Crocodoc comes with a robust set of commenting and markup tools that enable interactive document workflows. These include: commenting tools, drawing tools, highlighting tools, textbox tools, and strikethrough tools. When enabled, Crocodoc's commenting and markup tools allow your users to: Collaboratively add and reply to comments on shared documents Take notes when collecting research Fill out forms and submit requested paperwork Send colleagues feedback on presentations Comprehensive API Our comprehensive API allows you to implement custom collaboration workflows by customizing the behavior of our built-in tools. Pass names to Crocodoc so they show up when comments are created Specify which annotations are visible when a document is viewed Receive real-time notifications when annotations are created Set per-user permissions when viewing, creating, or deleting annotations Download annotated PDF copies of any document Sample document

Distance and Blended Learning: Technology in the Classroom on the Rise Rotational… Flex… Self-blended… Enriched-virtual… What are these terms describing? Apps? Cars? New types of virtual gaming? Actually, these terms describe a nascent form of learning referred to as blended learning or hybrid learning. Indeed, a 2011 report by the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) indicates that blended learning is on the rise and being used more than online learning in some countries around the world. But wait… aren’t blended learning and online learning the same? To more fully envision blended learning, imagine a continuum that puts brick-and-mortar schools at one end and fully-online programs at the other. Source: Online and Blended Learning: A Survey of Policy and Practice of K-12 Schools Around the World, International Association for K-12 Online Learning, November 2011 [PDF] For a list of complete sources, please view the infographic.

How to use Mentimeter - Mentimeter Create your question Enter your question at and click on the create question button Add choices and select a theme Add different choices for the audience to vote on, pick a theme and voilá — your question is ready! Instruct your audience Instruct your audience to visit on their phones. See the result emerge in real-time The results are displayed instantly as the voting progresses. Go to the voting site Open your web browser and go to Enter the Voters ID You will always find the “Voters ID” in the the presentation view. Vote Make your opinion heard by selecting the desired option and press submit. To make the experience of using Mentimeter even better we have added the possibility to drag and drop questions into series. Go to your Dashboard were you can view all your questions. It's that easy! Create question Want to try Mentimeter? Was this information helpful? Yes No Thank you for the feedback!

Timeline JS - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use. Stoodle Create and Share Online Flashcards » Query a Google Spreadsheet like a Database with Google Visualization API Query Language ACRL TechConnect Blog Libraries make much use of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are easy to create, and most library staff are familiar with how to use them. But they can quickly get unwieldy as more and more data are entered. The more rows and columns a spreadsheet has, the more difficult it is to browse and quickly identify specific information. Creating a searchable web application with a database at the back-end is a good solution since it will let users to quickly perform a custom search and filter out unnecessary information. Creating a MS Access custom database or using a free service such as Zoho can be an alternative to creating a searchable web database application. Google Visualization API Query Language provides a quick and easy way to query a Google spreadsheet and return and display a selective set of data without actually converting a spreadsheet into a database. A free version of Google spreadsheet has a limit in size and complexity. A. B. C.

15 Serious Games Aiming to Change the World Using games for purposes other than entertainment is nothing new. There are war games, educational games, throne games. But a new class of games has sprung up in recent years, designed to create awareness and raise support for a variety of global issues. Catalysts for Change: On April 3, 2012, Catalysts for Change went live online for 48 hours. A Closed World: Game designers in Singapore created this game because of the shortage of content concerning LGBT issues.