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Com: A complete guide to ADD, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in adulthood and the documentary ADD & Loving It?!

Com: A complete guide to ADD, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in adulthood and the documentary ADD & Loving It?!
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ADHD rings such a bell with me, says Rory Bremner 23 May 2011Last updated at 01:56 Rory Bremner says he was "scatty" as a child Comedian Rory Bremner has found success in his ability to switch between impersonating many different people. But behind this comic persona is a man who struggles to focus, loses the thread and takes on too many tasks that can leave his personal and professional life in disarray. Bremner had always put his chaotic lifestyle down to his personality. However, after a young relation was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, a few years ago, Bremner decided to investigate if he too could have the condition. In a BBC Radio 4 documentary, ADHD and Me, he says: "When I think back to my childhood it's with a mixture of amusement and embarrassment. "My mum called me scatty because I could never sit still. In a support group for adults with ADHD, at St Catherine's Hospital in Merseyside, Bremner met Gary, who was diagnosed in later life when his son was told he had ADHD. School misbehaviour

Managing Adult ADHD – The 5 Rules ADDers Should Live By Do you feel like you're on a treadmill? Managing the daily details of life with adult ADHD is hard. Deadlines at work come and go, unmet. Impulsive comments alienate friends and possibly cost you your job. ADHD medication can level the playing field, but you can do more. It's hard to resist impulses. Your boss proposes doubling your sales goals for next year, and before you can bite your tongue, you laugh and say, "Are you crazy?" Your neighbor buys a new lawn ornament and asks you if you like it. You see a gorgeous pair of designer shoes in a store window and rush in to buy them, even though every penny of your paycheck is already spoken for. You don't give yourself time to think and measure your words and actions. STRATEGY: Make a list of the situations in which you are most likely to behave impulsively. When you are about to enter one of the situations you’ve identified, buy yourself a few thoughtful seconds by performing any of the following actions: page 1 2 next »

AADD-UK What Causes ADHD? ADHD is a disorder of the mind, affecting attention, behavior, and other so-called “higher mental functions.” As such, its underlying cause is complex and not completely understood. The human brain The brain is responsible for controlling most aspects of bodily and mental function. Medical researchers long ago discovered that different parts of the brain controlled different functions, such as muscle movement, detection of sounds heard through the ears, and psychologic and behavioral capacities such as emotion, memory, and social interactions. The basic abnormality in ADHD is related to an imbalance of the levels of various neurotransmitters (particularly norepinephrine and dopamine) in the areas of the brain that control complex thoughts and behaviors such as knowing right from wrong, understanding the consequences of actions, personality traits, and more (mostly the prefrontal cortex and connections in the basal ganglia). So what causes ADHD? What Doesn’t Cause ADHD?

Recent Research: “First Direct Genetic Link” (Maybe) The study’s lead investigator, Professor Anita Thapar, explains the important new research behind the headlines. Congratulations and gratitude go to the hardworking scientists who teased out this discovery. As for the reporting of this research, ADHD Cyber Command finds that some did better than others, especially in implying that until now we had no evidence that ADHD wasn’t caused by bad parenting or that this is the first news of a genetic link to ADHD. What? Meanwhile, here’s a sampling of how various news organizations covered the study, some of them as if stuck in a time warp from, oh, 30 years ago: New Scientist: Have gene findings taken the stigma from ADHD? For the first time, evidence has emerged of genetic mutations linked to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. (the report includes this question) But the researchers found the CNVs in only 16 per cent of the ADHD kids. Possibly. HealthDay/ Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Gene Disorder Linked to ADHD Washington Post Reuters BBC News

The A.D.D. Clinic is an outpatient psychiatric office specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of, A.D.D. Clinic, Inc Las Vegas, NV dodson Real-World Office Management of ADHD in Adults This article is reproduced with permission from William Dodson, M.D. …In the real world of psychiatric practice, we see every patient who comes through the door. We use only active treatments, and we persist until we find the best one for a particular patient. Because we are dealing with complex human beings, who often have other coexisting illnesses, we examine every aspect of their lives to find the best possible combination of therapeutic options. Our understanding of ADHD and its treatment was changed by a 2004 study from the New York University Child Study Center 1*. The findings have led to the relatively new concept that ADHD is not a disorder characterized by deficits or effort, character, willpower, brain activity or size, or integrity. Neither is it caused by poor parenting skills or by diminished executive function, self-control, neurotransmitter levels, or intelligence. Stages of ADHD treatment in adults: Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3

Adult ADHD and "Time Blindness": Dr. Russell Barkley's Tactics for Taming That Trickster, Time Time. That's one word that always makes the top of the list when I ask adults in our local CHADD discussion group to name their top ADHD-related challenges. Keeping track of time.Estimating the time it will take to complete a project.Planning for future time instead of getting totally wrapped up in present time. Managing time is a constant challenge for most humans, especially in our speeded-up age. Yet, for people with ADHD, time can be a particularly shape-shifting trickster. The following excerpt, from Chapter 10, offers tips for taking charge of your time. Of special note: "Eight Everyday Rules for Success." Nearsighted to the Future To put it simply, you and other adults with ADHD are blind to time–or at least myopic.You're not lacking knowledge or skill. Dealing with Your ADHD: The Big Picture This description of ADHD tells us that the strategies and tools that can help you most will be those that help you do what you know: Fit the Solution to the Specific Problem Make time physical.

William Dodson, M.D. | ADDitude: Information on Attention Deficit Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Parenting and More Dr. Bill Dodson is a board-certified adult psychiatrist who has specialized in adults with ADHD for the last 23 years. He has written on how the basic research on ADHD can be applied to everyday clinical practice. Dr. Dodson is currently in private practice in Denver, Colorado, at the Dodson ADHD Center. Feature Articles This Is Why You're Always So Tired Sleep disturbances caused by ADHD have been overlooked for a number of reasons, including the... Ask The Expert Q & As ADHD Sex Drive: Do Medications Help or Hurt? Blogs Vaccines, ADD/ADHD, and Autism "I have heard many concerns about the risks of vaccinations and immunizations for children and... ... Adderall: Complete ADHD Medication Overview The most critical information available on the stimulant medication Adderall, including its common usage guidelines,... more » Does Your Child Have ADHD or Bipolar Disorder? | Home Women and ADHD: Hormones, Puberty, Menopause, Menstration, Period | ADDitude - Attention Deficit Information Slide 1 of 5 ADDitude Magazine Do your ADD symptoms worsen at certain times of the month? Is your thinking a little fuzzier the week before your period? Are you organized and efficient at mid-cycle? Doctors who treat women with ADHD have noted correlations between ADHD symptoms and hormonal fluctuations, not only monthly but over the lifetime of a woman. "The average age of diagnosis for women with ADHD, who weren’t diagnosed as children, is 36 to 38 years old,” says Patricia Quinn, M.D., director of the National Center for Girls and Women with AD/HD, and author of Understanding Women with ADHD. When doctors diagnose girls and women with ADD, they rarely consider hormonal fluctuations when developing a treatment plan. Next: ADHD and Adolescence This article comes from the Spring 2009 issue of ADDitude. To read this issue of ADDitude in full, buy the back issue. slide 1 2 3 4 5 next » Share your comments, questions and advice on ADDConnect!

How do you describe ADHD to a non-ADHDer? | Jeff's ADD Mind Note to the reader: This is my 400th blog post How do you describe ADHD to a non-ADHDer? At the mere mention of the word many will conjure up images of a disheveled boy who is literally bouncing off the walls. So, in light of the misunderstandings and, in some cases, outright denial of the existence of ADHD, how do you describe ADHD to a non-ADHDer? Problems with memory in daily life. Based on The Ten Signs of ADHD Post Script Did you click on the link labeled The Ten Signs of ADHD? Tags: self-knowledge, Time

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