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Starwest Botanicals

Starwest Botanicals
Starwest Botanicals is your on-line supply source for bulk herbs and natural products. Dried herbs, organic herbs, bulk spices, loose leaf organic teas, organic essential oils and aromatherapy supplies are part of the nearly 3000 natural products to choose from at Starwest Botanicals. Why Shop at Starwest for your bulk dried herbs, bulk spices and natural products? Over 3,000 Natural Products Extensive Lines of Organic Products Trusted Quality Since 1975 Free Shipping on Retail Orders $75+ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Excellent Customer Service Easy Return Policy Competitive Prices Starwest Botanicals not only utilizes our own milling and packaging operations for all organic herbs and bulk spices, we also conduct quality control testing on each and every product in our own laboratory.

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Herbalism Education: Classes & Memberships at the Herbal Academy Choose Your Path! There are many ways to practice as an herbalist. You may strive to become a community herbalist –the one that people seek out when they have questions about how to use herbs in support of illness. Maybe you prefer to stay a little closer to home where you can put your herbal knowledge to good use by helping family and friends.

Herbs for effective blood pressure management (NaturalNews) One in three adults in the United States today has high blood pressure, medically referred to as hypertension. However, lots of people are not even aware they have this condition, simply because it has no warning signs and symptoms. It is typically caused by improper diet, smoking and alcohol abuse. When high blood pressure occurs along with increased levels of blood sugar and cholesterol, it could cause severe damage to the vital organs of the body. Nevertheless, this is now easy to detect and manage clinically and naturally. Smokers or past smokers: Six ways to cleanse and revitalize your lungs Share by PF Louis – Natural News It’s been observed that even former smokers who quit years ago have traces of lung damage. Even if one has never smoked, second hand cigarette smoke, industrial pollution, vehicular exhaust fumes and now chemtrails with downward drifting heavy metal nano-particles all contribute to some level of lung damage for almost everyone. So whether you once smoked or never puffed on chemical-laden, radioactive (from the fertilizer) tobacco, detoxing and regenerating lung tissue may still be appropriate for you. By the way, the notion that lung damage is irreparable is not true.

Obamacare GMOs plus Obamacare: Your ticket to slavery by Jon Rappoport November 20, 2012 Make Your Own Natural Herbal Smoke Blend! - HARMONY HERBALS 1. Choose Your Base Your base should be something that is smooth, has body, and burns well. There are a few different bases I would suggest, depending on your desired flavor and effect. ~Damiana: Nice herbacious unique flavor, and stronger relaxing effect. Natural Products Association Issues Disinfo Announcement over Dietary Supplements and Swine Flu (opinion) (NaturalNews) The natural products industry leaders are engaged in a clever "disinfo" campaign to brainwash people into thinking that herbs and nutritional products are useless for defending against swine flu. Today, the Natural Products Association (NPA), Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) took part in issuing a joint warning against any "natural" remedies that are being promoted as ways to prevent or treat H1N1 influenza. Their joint statement is classic disinformation, stating, "We are unaware of any scientific data supporting the use of dietary supplements to treat swine flu." That's because according to health authorities in the U.S., there is no such thing as any dietary supplement that treats any disease whatsoever. If any dietary supplement were found to treat a disease, it would shift categories to become a "drug," not a "dietary supplement." Why is that the case?

How to Use Herbal Medicine As time goes by, more control measures are being put in place to ensure the quality and the safety of herbal medications. In addition, advanced studies and research are proving the value of herbal medicine in the prevention and treatment of various types of health conditions and diseases. With these improvements, it is not surprising that the use of herbal medicine is becoming more widely accepted. Herbal medicine can be purchased at your local drug store or online. Intestinal Parasites - 8 Natural Remedies to Consider Intestinal parasites are typically caused by protozoa or helminths, the two major types of intestinal parasites. Protozoa are single-celled organisms that can multiply within the body. The word helminth comes from the Greek word for worm. Helminths can't multiply in the human body, which means that they usually clear up with treatment without reinfecting you. The most common types of helminths are tapeworms and roundworms.

How to Make Cordials, Naturally Making cordials is a good way to use up surplus produce, to extend the eating season and to ‘add value’ to your crop. Like any culinary operation, cordial making is a mixture of science, cooking and washing-up. You need to balance the ratio of fruit to water to sweetener in order to obtain a tasty drink that keeps well, whilst not adding overly to your sugar intake. This is a spectrum rather than an absolute, and allowing for other variables such as weather, the contents of your cupboard and what is dangling from or plopping off the tree, I will focus on principles and generalisations rather than firm prescriptions. Which Fruit? Natural Detox to remove allergies, mercury, chemicals, GMOs, parasites Share by: JB Bardot Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a naturally occurring rock made from the skeletons of fossilized diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. When ground into a fine powder, diatomaceous earth works mechanically to destroy a wide range of pests, insects, parasites and pathogens by cutting through the exoskeleton, absorbing bodily fluids and causing them to die. Food grade diatomaceous earth is chemical-free and non toxic. Diatomaceous earth has many uses including detoxification of the body — inside and out; protecting pets and livestock from parasites and insect infestation; and keep your yard and garden pest-free.

The Miracle of Lavender Oil: 25 Amazing Uses When it comes to essential oils, you will find that everyone has their favorites. There are so many to choose from that deciding which ones to use on a regular basis can be rather daunting. The ultimate selection is further complicated by the fact that many different essential oils have the very same qualities when it comes to healing and other uses. magic bullet tapeworm remover, cheap and fast! at Parasites Cleanse Support Forum, topic 1792153 I've battled with Tapeworms for months. I bought a book to help my dogs with illness and worms, BUT lo and behold I also found a homemade recipe for tapeworms that not only works for dogs, but apparently can for people too. Makes sense, much of the herbs I give my dogs is what I use for myself for the same reasons. I made this concoction in the wee hours of the morning today, ate a cup of it and a few hours later I had loads of larvae coming out..I never saw so much. I kept cleaning out today AND kept seeing tons of larvae too. Next I started to see baby tapeworms of which I had no idea what they looked like, till now.