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Scratch 1.4 Download

Scratch 1.4 Download
ScratchEd An online community for educators using Scratch, with stories, discussions, and resources, such as the Scratch curriculum guide. Scratch Wiki The Scratch Wiki contains a wide variety of articles by Scratchers for Scratchers, including advanced topics and tutorials. Scratch 2 Offline Editor Download the Scratch 2 offline editor. Scratch 1.4 Download Links and information on the previous version of Scratch. Scratch Statistics Explore up-to-date statistics about the Scratch online community. Scratch and the Physical World Connect your Scratch projects to the physical world with MaKey MaKey, LEGO WeDo, or PicoBoard. Scratch Logo Access the Scratch logo and other media files.

Energetic Science Ministeris - John Bedini: Radiant Energy Research Archive John Bedini | Radiant Energy John Bedini of Bedini Electronics has been an inventor, researcher, developer and pioneer of some of the most innovative energy producing devices available. He is most noted for his "School Girl" motor circuits and variations of them. John's circuits are easily the most efficient battery charging circuits in the world. Not only are they the most efficient, the batteries power loads much longer in addition to lasting many years more simply because of the way the batteries are charged.

Giac/Xcas Testez Xcas pour Firefox ou un navigateur compatible Dernière mise à jour Janvier 2017, version 1.2.3-25. Navigation : English version , Retour à ma page home . Présentation de Xcas: Résumé, Fonctionnalités, Fiches Xcas, Documentation et ajouts, Citations, Benchmarks, Nouveautés, Xcas dans votre navigateur (Firefox, Safari) (compressé), Télécharger Xcas pour : Windows , Mac OS X, Linux debian/ubuntu, Linux RPM, archlinux, Linux binaires, Free BSD. Windows CE, Linux ARM, Dans votre navigateurXcas, HTML interactif formel : latex+hevea+giac, Swiftcalcs, Smartcas, Python/C++/JavaInterface python, C++ (info développeurs), Interface java JNI, Client natif Chrome (taper et autoriser NaCl), Calculatrices : HP Prime, TI Nspire, Interfaces giac: Console, LaTeX, Open/Libre Office plugin : description et module (C.

Communication - Global Community - NoumeniaCS - Change happens! Communication: Our tool for survival Two major factors determine humanity:Our ability to reason and our ability to communicate. These two specific factors separate us from other species on this planet and have aided us on our journey to mastering our environment and ensures our global survival. This road to species supremacy was not without peril and is still not yet at an end. AlgoBox AlgoBox est un logiciel libre, multi-plateforme et gratuit d'aide à l'élaboration et à l'exécution d'algorithmes dans l'esprit des nouveaux programmes de mathématiques du lycée. (cliquer sur l'image pour voir la capture d'écran en vraie grandeur) Une démonstration vidéo d'AlgoBox sur un exemple simple est disponible ici

R&D Concept: Horto domi- the Open, Arduino Controlled Garden [Food+Tech Connect is launching a weekly column on conceptual food+tech ideas and R&D projects. Please let us know what kind of projects you would like to see featured in the comments section] Arduino, agriculture and Windowfarm nerds get excited for Horto domi, a new Kickstarter project to develop open source environmental controllers for raised-bed gardens enclosed within a geodesic dome. The idea is to use DIY Arduino sensors to collect moisture and temperature data, which can be used to automate conditions within the dome and make it easier for anyone to grow anything, anywhere. The goal?

karakuri network Karakuri Network (in Japanese), a recently formed NPO (Not for Profit Organisation) to educate and promote the Karakuri tradition internationally Karakuri Frontier (in Japanese) is a comprehensive website by the world's leading expert on Karakuri, Professor SUEMATSU Inuyama Cultural Artefacts Museum is where TAMAYA Shobei IX has a workshop and annex with several Karakuri works on display Hand-Cranked Karakuri Box Writes in Japanese This beautiful wood machine created by Osamu Kanda is able to write Japanese katakana characters. In a clever bit of reflexivity, the machine itself writes the word "karakuri" in pencil as the handle is turned twenty times through a complete cycle. The machine is 42cm long by 45cm wide by 30cm high -- smaller than it looks in the photos The machine is thoroughly documented and photographed and described in Japanese and English. There are even schematic drawings!

software sunday « Search Results BLOG | Search results for “software sunday” (31 posts) November 20, 2011 AT 5:32 pm SOFTWARE SUNDAY! DokuWiki – Wiki backends for documentation Getting Started With CNC Computer numerical control (CNC) is a type of technology where computers control various types of fabrication tools to produce an item based on a digital design. CNC can be used to control many types of fabrication machines – including additive manufacturing (3D printers) and subtractive manufacturing (lathes, milling machines, routers, laser cutters, plasma torches). The main advantages of CNC are: You can perfect the design virtually before actually committing to using consumable materialsYou can develop designs that may be too complex or intricate to fabricate manuallyOnce the design is done, you can fabricate one item, or many, all with consistent accuracy and precision The design is usually created, on a computer of course, using a computer aided design (CAD) application to create a digital model of the item. The resulting CAD file is transferred to a CNC computer that translates the digital model into a series of machine tool movements to fabricate the part.

Open Hardware Design: 50 robust, efficient machines to make a farm or village and transcend artificial scarcity, and that's just the start of Marcin Jakubowski's vision I've been reading through various versions of the Open Source Ecology website for several years previously known as My interest has been drawn to it repeatedly by my interest in compressed earth block construction. (The first machine they focused on is an open source compressed earth block machine.) I seem to recall that I was intrigued but skeptical. It sounded too ambitious to be true. But it seems to be coming true, at least Chris Anderson, the curator for TED thinks so. View topic - open-source open-reel tape machine? OK. This is hypothetical, but seeing that Gunther Loof custom tape machine made me think. Also looking into the original AEG machine that Ampex were given to work from by Bing Crosby and Jack Mullin... there isn't that much to it.

Cheap, Energy-Efficient Robots that Build Houses (Slideshow) LEGO CNC milling machine & open source robotic arm. Image credit: Marta Malé-Alemany. Meet George Jetson: (FAB)BOTS are robots or machines that fabricate structures and spatial formations for architecture. Designed by students, the robot prototypes shown here are inspired by insects, use recycled plastic bags to create structures, fabricate floating houses for the future and even use the sun to laser cut. Intended to meet on-site deployment strategies using locally available materials, these robotic proposals could serve as alternative construction methods for building customised habitats -- particularly in remote locations with limited infrastructure and access to new technology. They are cheap, more accessible and adaptable than current digital fabrication systems, and currently on show at the Fabrication laboratory at the DHUB in Barcelona, Spain.

Cheng Xu » Piccolo » Cheng Xu Piccolo is an open-source CNC platform for experimenting with 2D and 3D digital output. Unlike many other CNC machines, Piccolo is small (a palm top device), simple (one hour to assemble), and inexpensive (under 70 bucks). This makes Piccolo an excellent educational toolkit, and opens up possibilities like icing cupcakes, plotting generative graffiti, or writing an one-off business card on the fly. Piccolo is entirely built from lasercut components and off the shelf, easily obtainable hardware. A Piccolo library for Arduino will be available to output svg files. Build your own mini-CNC artbot for $70 For those of you who can relate to being artistically challenged, there is hope for you today. Pictured in the video above is the Piccolo, a tiny CNC artbot that is capable of making your artistic dreams a reality. Created by diatom studio, the Piccolo is an open-source piece of hardware that will cost you only $70 to purchase and put together. Not at all a bad deal for a CNC machine! Designed to allow you to create 2D or 3D artwork on a small scale, the Piccolo really is meant to allow you to experiment and fool around with CNC design. You won’t be painting the Sistine Chapel with one of these devices, but you certainly could make custom business cards or interesting designs on your walls.