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Guinness wheelchairs basketball commercial

Guinness wheelchairs basketball commercial
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New Guinness Ad Breaks The Mold Vine gets better with age: How screens, speed and networks are changing the future of online video Earlier this morning when sitting in the San Diego Airport while waiting for my flight, I did what most people do these days in those situations — I peered into my phone and cycled through my various social media applications. One of them is Vine — a short-from video sharing service that is (now) owned by Twitter and recently passed the 40 million users mark. And what I found was a much more enjoyable and fun service than other social media media platforms, one that has become a lot more creative and has developed distinct network rhythms than my usual social feeds.. After my vine watching binge (the flight was late), I started to think about what I had missed when writing about the Vine app and its possibilities earlier. Well, shame on me forgetting that golden rule of social and media networks — that each they have their own behavior dynamics that are defined by the medium (in this case, the network.) Big Screen, Big Content. Time Scale & Vine So what about Instagram Video?

16 New Vine Shows to Watch Right Now The best new shows of the season aren't on TV — they are on Vine. For this week's Mashable Vine Challenge, we asked you to launch your own Vine show. There were six-second pilot episodes for comedies and stop-motion previews. The #NewVineShow challenge was guest-hosted by master of eerie stop-motion Vine videos “Jadebutter” Missett. The submissions were diverse and showed Vine at its best — with mesmerizing stop-motion, short bursts of humor and artistic six-second trips through the surreal. Enjoy these must-see #NewVineShow videos and stay tuned to Mashable for the next Vine Challenge. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Image: Vine, thedailysixpack

Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial "Chicken" Threadless / Make Great Together 9 Fast and Furious Vine and Instagram Videos via @NissanUSA #BrandSpeak Nissan challenged video creators to post a clip on Vine or Instagram using a print-out version of the Versa Note. Talented creators used the hashtag #VersaVid to submit their entries, which could be featured in a Nissan commercial. Below, we've rounded up our nine favorite stop-motion Vine and Instagram #VersaVid clips that will take you from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds. All of these videos showcase movement and visual wonder, as well as the printable Nissan Versa Note. The contest ends on August 19, so you still have time to create your own #VersaVid — submit your Vine or Instagram video with the hashtag soon!

6 Biggest Mistakes Brands Make on YouTube In the beginning, YouTube was a playground for amateurs to post home movies, webcam confessionals and videos of cats chasing string. And it was good. As the platform grew up, a new breed of talent emerged to dominate the landscape. These YouTube "creators" — amateur filmmakers, beauty experts, armchair pundits and a thousand other flavors of self-made star — produced a unique type of content built specifically for YouTube and its audience. And it was awesome. In 2013, we stand at the beginning of a new epoch; one in which brands are becoming creators themselves and, instead of producing interruptive advertisements, making content people actually want to watch. This requires more work than simply setting up a channel and uploading the videos you have lying around. Here are six mistakes that brands need to avoid in order to achieve YouTube success. 1. Legend has it that every time someone in brand marketing says the word "viral," an angel loses its wings. 2. 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. The Takeaway

Pepper spray campus police officer awarded compensation 24 October 2013Last updated at 06:05 ET John Pike, seen here in the 2011 video, received threats after the footage went viral online A former US campus policeman who pepper-sprayed peaceful protesters has been awarded $38,000 (£23,400) in compensation for psychiatric damage. Lieutenant John Pike received threats after footage of the incident went viral on the internet in 2011. It showed him casually spraying protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement as they sat on the ground at the University of California. His award is not much less than that received by the protesters he harmed. Mr Pike was suspended from his job at University of California Davis after the incident and left the force in July 2012. An official investigation found that university officials and UC Davis police used poor judgment and excessive force in the confrontation. In June, Mr Pike filed a worker's compensation claim with UC Davis over the incident, claiming he suffered psychiatric and nervous system damage.

Examples of Snapchat campaigns Have you heard of the photo messaging service Snapchat? You likely will have if you’re a teenager or watch how teenagers use their smartphones. But if not, you may not have heard of it, since it’s just 2 years since it launched. But it’s definitely one to watch, if your brand needs to keep up with the social media engagement of the youth audience. 350 million snaps per day shared via Snapchat (on a par with Facebook daily uploads)Valuation of $3.6 billion sought (on a par with Pinterest)9 percent of all call phone users in the US now use Snapchat according to Pew, which compares to 18% for InstagramFacebook recently trying to acquire it and it’s been rumoured that Google is following it closely What is Snapchat? It’s a photo messenging tool/platform where images can self destruct in 10 seconds. Snapchat marketing campaigns The Co-operative Travel The first UK retailer to use it for targeting students through a brand awareness campaign. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Vine - a year in six seconds 24 January 2014Last updated at 04:59 ET Vine co-founder, Colin Kroll Is six seconds enough to say anything interesting? Yes, according to Colin Kroll, the co-founder of the video app Vine, which lets users share clips lasting no longer than that. So, in a phone call to New York, I challenge him to define his company's mission in just six seconds. His response is this: "The future of Vine is everyone being able to create short looping videos from their mobile phone in the language that they speak and discover great content." Well, I make that 27 words, and with the average person speaking at three words to the second that's nine seconds, but maybe Colin is faster than average. Things have certainly moved at warp speed for him and his co-founders. Since then, others have moved into the short social video market - most notably the Facebook empire. “Start Quote End Quote He tells me he and his colleagues are convinced that brevity worked: "People create very elaborate stories in six seconds.

32 Lessons For Online Video Social Media Marketing Success I have previously mentioned Gary Vaynerchuk’s story and how he grew his family wine business from $4 Million to $45 Million using online video and social media. He started as the co-owner of a wine store in New Jersey. We will look more extensively on some of the lessons he has learned on his adventure, that may inspire you and motivate you to take your company and brand to the next level, using social media and online video. Blog about your passion: Focus on what you love to do. These lessons aren’t an easy act to follow, but just applying some of them will get you well on the way. Sure, Vaynerchuk’s having a good time, but all that fun is work. Wine Library TV is almost a masterclass in vlogging. 450inShare