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Guinness wheelchairs basketball commercial

Guinness wheelchairs basketball commercial
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New Guinness Ad Breaks The Mold 40 Absolutely Brilliant Billboard Ads! How many billboards did you take a look during your walk or driving in your life? I’m sorry that I can’t remember many of them, but I sincerely believe that it’s not my problem, as the billboard itself should be great enough to attract me! (Image Source: Ads Of The World) What makes a great billboard then? Or ask yourself a question, what can cause the drivers to endanger their lives to take a look at your billboards while they’re driving? Great billboard can answer this question well. Sounds insane? Anando Milk: Building. Australian Childhood Foundation: Invisible. Belt Up. Bergey: Sky. Bic Razor: Billboard. BMW: Checkmate. Calgary International Film Festival: Crying Billboard. Coca-Cola: Straw. Coca-Cola: Straw, Poster version. Colorado State Patrol: Billboard Collision. Dairy Milk: Chocolate. DHL: Maze. Donastos Pizza: Model. Elm Grove Police Department: Slower is better. Ford Mustang: Burnout. Ford Mustang: Fast. Formula Toothcare: Bite. Frontline: Mall. Heineken: 3D Billboard.

The Pastels IJA2013 Threadless / Make Great Together Vine gets better with age: How screens, speed and networks are changing the future of online video Earlier this morning when sitting in the San Diego Airport while waiting for my flight, I did what most people do these days in those situations — I peered into my phone and cycled through my various social media applications. One of them is Vine — a short-from video sharing service that is (now) owned by Twitter and recently passed the 40 million users mark. And what I found was a much more enjoyable and fun service than other social media media platforms, one that has become a lot more creative and has developed distinct network rhythms than my usual social feeds.. After my vine watching binge (the flight was late), I started to think about what I had missed when writing about the Vine app and its possibilities earlier. Well, shame on me forgetting that golden rule of social and media networks — that each they have their own behavior dynamics that are defined by the medium (in this case, the network.) Big Screen, Big Content. Time Scale & Vine So what about Instagram Video?

British Airways Billboard Tracks Airplanes as They Fly Overhead British Airways launched a new campaign called "Look Up," and you might want to take that advice to get the full experience. A video ad in London's Piccadilly Circus features a young boy pointing to the sky. If you follow the path of his finger, you'll notice that it's aimed at an actual plane above. The billboard updates in real time, displaying the flight's number and origin. According to The Drum, the billboard uses custom-built surveillance technology to pull off the feat. BA's experiment with interactive advertisement isn't a new idea. Image: Getty/Adrian Dennis

98m WORLD RECORD Basketball Shot | Euromast - How Ridiculous & Bavaria 16 New Vine Shows to Watch Right Now The best new shows of the season aren't on TV — they are on Vine. For this week's Mashable Vine Challenge, we asked you to launch your own Vine show. There were six-second pilot episodes for comedies and stop-motion previews. The #NewVineShow challenge was guest-hosted by master of eerie stop-motion Vine videos “Jadebutter” Missett. The submissions were diverse and showed Vine at its best — with mesmerizing stop-motion, short bursts of humor and artistic six-second trips through the surreal. Enjoy these must-see #NewVineShow videos and stay tuned to Mashable for the next Vine Challenge. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Image: Vine, thedailysixpack

The 9 Most Creative (Least Gratuitous) Brand Vines With any new technology or platform or device, one thing is inevitable: Brands looking to innovate will rush in headfirst, whether or not there is a convincing reason to do so. On one hand, that’s not a bad thing—experimentation is the only way to learn about a new tech and grok its strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, it makes for a lot of gratuitous brand stuff. The everybody-into-the-pool effect has been particularly strong with social video app Vine, owing in part to ease of use and in part to, well, the fact that it’s sort of a fun thing to do. At first blush, it would be easy to discount Vine as having staying power beyond that early experimentation. Six seconds isn’t much time to tell a story and in lesser hands the results often resemble glorified GIFs. So what makes a good brand Vine video? Lowe’s: "Using cayenne pepper can deter rodent pests." For Lowe’s, success with Vine was born out of an already proven strategy. [Image: Flickr user Rupert Ganzer]

Volvo Trucks - The Hamster Stunt (Live Test 2) Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial "Chicken"