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Share, synchronize, back-up and protect files. Online and offline.

Share, synchronize, back-up and protect files. Online and offline.
Nomadesk helped us save on overhead expenses and time. – Breslau Insurance & Benefits Nomadesk provides a seamless method to share documents; very easy to use. – Insurative Risk Solutions US, Inc. We enjoy the convenience of having all files available to the entire staff. It is super!

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Figshare: a carrot for sharing - Helping researchers share their research more quickly. Helping researchers share their research more quickly. Figshare, a tool designed to enable researchers to release all of their research outputs quickly, and in an easily citable, sharable and discoverable manner, has just launched a significantly upgraded site today. Originally launched in March 2011, Figshare has since received support from Nature’s sister company, Digital Science. The tool provides an interesting way to quickly publish all file formats, including videos and datasets that are often demoted to the supplemental materials section in current publishing models. Files that aren’t ready for publication can be stored privately for free in the cloud.

Managerial Accounting Standards & Features - QuickBooks Online * LIMITED TIME OFFER: Receive a 20% discount off the current monthly price for QuickBooks Online Simple Start, QuickBooks Online Essentials, or QuickBooks Online Plus for the first 12 months of service, or a 50% discount off the current monthly price for QuickBooks Online Essentials with Payroll or QuickBooks Online Plus with Payroll for the first 6 months of service, starting from date of enrollment, followed by the then current monthly price. Your debit or credit card account will automatically be charged on a monthly basis until you cancel. QuickBooks and Payroll services are billed separately. You will see two charges on your debit or credit account if you selected a bundled offer of QuickBooks + Payroll. For your Payroll service, your credit or debit account will automatically be billed monthly for the monthly fee plus an additional fee (currently $1.50) per month/ per employee you pay.

Tech Weekly: Web Minute: Make Gmail work like Outlook Are you like me you in that you really miss some of the natural ability of MS Outlook to keep you organized throughout your day but you are on the go or you don’t have a MS Exchange server at your small business or at home? You can make yourself a nice portable office suite for email and productivity. I have used the following: 1.

SciGit Blog SciGit is an online platform that helps scientists collaborate on documents easily. SciGit’s goals are to help scientists track changes made to their documents, not require any alteration of workflow or environment for it to be used, and provide easy to use publishing tools with peer review. SciGit provides three services: A website where you can browse projects, including their history, team members, and files.A desktop client that provides a simple, Dropbox-like interface where you drag and drop files into a folder to have them automatically cloud-synced.A publishing service on the website with integrated crowdsourced peer review. Website The SciGit website is where the most action happens.

Tech To Watch 2012: The Cloud Eclipses Gadgets The cloud isn’t new. The personal cloud is. “The current state [of the cloud] is this type of digital locker,” explained Gartner Research’s Michael Gartenberg. But with last year’s release of iCloud and Microsoft improving its Windows Live Skydrive, the cloud has begun to move toward a multi-device synchronization model, with users able to sync and update files across all of their gadgets. Why It’s Important

Github for Writers - Made By Loren Short version: I'm building Penflip, a collaborative writing platform. It's similar to GitHub, but designed for writing instead of coding. Longer version: For the past three years, I've used GitHub for hosting code projects, discovering bleeding edge tech, and collaborating with an engineering team. Ultimate iCloud Guide: Everything You Need to Know Even before Apple’s iCloud came along, the idea of “the cloud” was, well, nebulous. Apple’s definition is a method by which you can synchronize all your data—such as photos, music, calendars, address books, and eBooks—wirelessly between all your devices over the Internet. No sync cables, no drag and drop. The cloud also provides backup, since copies of all that data live not on puffy white cushions but on servers in a warehouse. Apple’s new, mostly free iCloud service is a latecomer to the genre. Google’s been at it for nearly a decade.

Editor Hey! I’m your first Markdown document in StackEdit. Don’t delete me, I’m very helpful! Use Github for Scientific Writing - Zenf tl;dr: GIT is a very good tool to manage scientific writing, either if you write it on your own or with collaborators. The rich set of tools supporting collaborative work makes github a good place for storing all information there. There are many reasons why I adore github! For me, it stands for all the good things associated with open content — the beautiful mindset behind it where many people participate to create amazing things! Openness, which is still largely missing in scientific research. Collaborative work on a scientific paper is carried out in the worst case by emailing LaTeX code.

Cloud computing: gaps in the “cloud” No. 336 - Bochum, 24.10.2011 Massive security flaws at Amazon Web Services discovered and remedied RUB researchers present hack at the ACM Cloud Computing Security Workshop in Chicago Researchers from Ruhr-University Bochum have found a massive security gap at Amazon Cloud Services. Using different methods of attack (signature wrapping and cross site scripting) they tested the system which was deemed “safe”. “Based on our research results, Amazon confirmed the security gaps and closed them immediately”, said Prof. JotGit is a Git-backed real time collaborative editor Years ago, in a graduate computer science course, I was tasked with implementing an algorithm for "variational image segmentation by motion detection." The algorithm was, as they say, a doozy. Tersely described over the course of half a dozen papers, it had dozens of subroutines, which when implemented grew to span thousands of lines of MATLAB code. But there was one subroutine, mysteriously called the "numerical upgrading" routine, whose description was mysteriously absent from the scientific record.

Researcher cracks Wi-Fi passwords with Amazon cloud A security researcher has tapped Amazon's cloud computing service to crack Wi-Fi passwords in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of using his own gear. Thomas Roth of Cologne, Germany told Reuters he used custom software running on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud service to break into a WPA-PSK protected network in about 20 minutes. With refinements to his program, he said he could shave the time to about six minutes. With EC2 computers available for 28 cents per minute, the cost of the crack came to just $1.68. “People tell me there is no possible way to break WPA, or, if it were possible, it would cost you a ton of money to do so,” Roth told the news service. “But it is easy to brute force them.”

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