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MarkItUp! Universal Markup jQuery Editor
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Free Charts, Dials and Meters for Java, C/C++, C# / .NET, Web / Mobile Any GLG Widget is simply a drawing that may be loaded into any GLG application using one of the provided GLG Libraries (Java, C/C++/C#, etc.) and animated with real-time data. The GLG Graphics Builder is a graphical editor for editing widgets as well as creating new widgets. Any widget drawing may be loaded into the GLG Graphics Builder to customize the widget by editing its resources. A modified widget drawing may be saved into a file to create a custom version of the widget. The Graphics Builder's Run mode may be used to prototype a widget's run-time behavior by animating it with either simulated or real data. Click here to for more information on the GLG Graphics Builder. Deployment Options The following libraries provided with the Community Edition of the GLG Toolkit for deploying GLG Widgets: Click here for more information on the deployment options and libraries. Generating Chart Printouts The Graphics Builder may be used as a tool to generate chart print-outs for various projects.

What is RUP Main » TERM » R » Short for Rational Unified Process, a software development methodology from Rational. Based on UML, RUP organizes the development of software into four phases, each consisting of one or more executable iterations of the software at that stage of development. inception -- In this stage, the projects business case is stated and the team decides if the project is worth doing or if it is even possible. It is important to the process to first formulate the scope of the project and also determine what resources will be needed. elaboration -- In this stage, the developers take a closer look at the project to determine its architecture foundation and to evaluate the architecture in relation to the project. This stage is important to the RUP because it is here that developers analyze the risks associated with changing the scope of the project or adding new technologies along the way. construction -- In this stage, the development of the project is completed.

Object Pascal Tutorial Object Pascal Tutorial From Free Pascal wiki Jump to: navigation, search │ العربية (ar) │ English (en) │ español (es) │ français (fr) │ italiano (it) │ 日本語 (ja) │ 한국어 (ko) │ русский (ru) │ slovenčina (sk) │ 中文(中国大陆)‎ (zh_CN) │ Contents [hide] Overview Tao Yue has written an excellent Pascal overview and tutorial and generously agreed to let it be wiki'ized and posted on the Lazarus-ccr provided that: Our posting is linked to the original tutorial at: It's made clear that the pages may have been modified from the originals. Please contact the author and obtain permission before reposting the parts written by Tao Yue in other places than this wiki. The tutorial can be found here: Object Pascal Tutorial by Tao Yue or in the table of contents below See also Object Oriented Programming with FreePascal and Lazarus Retrieved from " Categories: Navigation menu Views Personal tools Navigation Tools

Orientação a Objetos — Brasil Acadêmico Apostila de O.O. - 02 2a. apostila - Princípios básicos da Orientação a Objetos. Freeware. Windows. 164 KB. Apostila de O.O. - 03 3a. apostila - Introdução ao Object Pascal. Apostila de O.O. - 04 4a. apostila - Herança em Object Pascal. Apostila de O.O. - 05 5a. apostila - Métodos como Procedures ou Functions. Jeliot Programa para visualização de aplicação. Open UP - Processo Unificado Aberto PROGRAMERO 54284-Regra de negócio para calculo do IR com INSS via API de Implantação e Pagamento - Linha Datasul - TDN FAQ: 54284-Regra de negócio para calculo do IR com INSS via API de Implantação e Pagamento Sintoma 54284-Regra de negócio para calculo do IR com INSS via API de Implantação e Pagamento Causa Regra de negócio para calculo do IR com INSS via API de Implantação e Pagamento Observações Caso a sua dúvida não esteja no manual ou nesta FAQ, favor abrir uma FO. Regra de negócio para calculo do IR com INSS via API de implantação e pagamento de Antecipações/PEFs e Títulos Normais: OBS: Caso se tenha valor máximo de INSS informado, este não será respeitado, pois este se baseia nos títulos de INSS. 3º Regra: Caso se tenha valor de INSS já retido no acumulado e na API o valor de dedução de INSS for igual a 0 e esta sendo gerado um outro título de INSS para este, será considerado o valor do INSS do novo título, mais o valor do INSS já retido do acumulado, para geração da nova base de calculo do imposto de renda. OBS: As mesmas regras são válidas para a rotina ON-LINE.