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Open Source Rails

Open Source Rails

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Rails Tutorial · Devise with RSpec and Cucumber Devise with RSpec and Cucumber Introduction Ruby on Rails tutorial showing how to create a Rails 3.2 application using Devise with RSpec and Cucumber. Devise provides ready-made authentication and user management. RSpec is a popular framework for unit testing.

Learn Ruby, Ruby on Rails tutorial Ruby on Rails is the web development framework of the moment, powering GitHub, Twitter, Hulu and many more successful apps and websites. The arrival of Rails 4 is the perfect time to learn it. SitePoint’s newest ebook, ‘Jump Start Rails’, from Andy Hawthorne, will get you up to speed with Ruby on Rails in just a weekend. Andy has also prepared the ‘Build your first Rails’ app online course to take you from creating a complete Ruby on Rails 4 app with a log in system all the way to deploying it to Heroku, a leading Rails application hosting environment, in a couple of hours. Also, our all time great, 10 part tutorial from Patrick Lenz can be found here: Learn Ruby on Rails: the Ultimate Beginner’s Tutorial.

Loading a single fixture in rails. UPDATE: At the time of this posting I did not know that there was already a way to do this in rails but thanks to Robert Siemieniec for letting me know. rake db:fixtures:load FIXTURES=name_of_fix_file,name_of_other_fix_file So just use this in the future. My solution still works if you wanted to have a separate rake task. However honestly there is no point just go with what rails has out of the box. If you really want to have your own rake task then read on. 13 Free Adobe AIR Apps That Can Make Your Lives Easier @ Smashin Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. Adobe AIR is a cross-platform runtime environment for building rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, or Ajax. It’s popularity is increasing every day and getting more lovers who are using tools developed on Adobe AIR for diversified purposes.

17 Awesome Things To Do With The Ruby Programming Language Ready to try your hand at Ruby? Join the brand new Skillcrush 104 class: Create Your First Web App With Ruby. Learn Ruby, Sinatra, Command Line, Git & GitHub! Get started today. Learning Ruby: Expert Advice for Absolute Beginners The Web Development Series is supported by Rackspace, the better way to do hosting. Learn more about Rackspace's hosting solutions here. The Ruby community and the language itself are a fast-growing phenomenon that plays an ever-increasing role in the ecosystem of web apps we all know and use. If you're a beginning Ruby dev, this post is for you. We have polled seven experts in the Ruby community — developers who have come highly recommended and respected by their peers.

Posting to Twitter from a Ruby on Rails App Similar to Tuesday's Posting to Facebook post, here is how to link a model in a Ruby on Rails app with Twitter and post to Twitter. This one does the exact same thing, but of course needs to use different code because everyone implements OAuth differently. To post to Twitter, I use the OAuth gem to connect, and the Twitter Gem to do posting. Note that this uses the 1.0 version of the Twitter gem which is not yet released, so the Gemfile pulls it from Github directly.

Rediscovering the Button Element Introduction Creating a consistent interface for your users is a constant struggle for every application designer. Building consistency on the web is especially tough because the visual rendering differences across browsers and operating systems are wildly different and almost arbitrary in what can and cannot be done. No where does this become more apparent than when you’re dealing with form elements and the biggest loser of them all in the battle for a standardized look is the infamous Submit button. As is, the input with the type=”submit” is either too ugly (Firefox), a little buggy (Internet Explorer) or completely inflexible (Safari).

Ruby on Rails - Blogueur - Guillaure Barillot Selenium is a great tool for integration testing but it has two major drawbacks : it relies on Firefox engine, so every time Firefox updates, you have to cross your finger and praise your test suite will still be usable it is f**** slow Solve those 2 problems in just a few minutes, switch to [...] When it came across image manipulation using Rails, I had to make a choice : Paperclip to handle high traffic/popular websites, and DragonFly for privates, more confidential but also more evolutive applications. Let’s start with an example : # Paperclip typical image URL /system/pictures/877/thumbnail/my_thumbnail_image_name.jpg?1352719049 # DragonFly image URL /media/BAhbB1sHOgZmIjIyMDEyLzA5LzE0LzE3XzI0XzA0XzMyMl9BdXLDqWxpZV9DSEFVVkVBVS5KUEdbCDoGcDoKdGh1bWIiCjUweDUw Paperclip resizes the image on upload, then [...]

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