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This past weekend I saw coastal wildflowers blooming purple and yellow, misty morning vistas, colorful buoys and wave-whipped fishing boats. I saw a friendly covey of quail, flashy red-winged blackbirds, sleek, needle-nosed blue herons, and a single jack rabbit with ears tall and straight. There was crystallized honey the color of creamy butterscotch, and seals bobbing amidst the rocks at the surf line. I was visiting friends in Bolinas - the perfect overnight. We had a tasty dinner of mostly leftovers, morning coffee by a fire. When it came time to fall asleep, it was so quiet compared to nights in San Francisco, all I could hear was my heart beating.

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The Tea Lovers Guide to Mother’s Day - Steep Thoughts Everyone knows that moms love tea. So in order to make her day extra special, we’ve come up with the ultimate Tea Lovers Guide to Mother’s Day. The best part? It all takes place in the comfort of home. Breakfast of Champions After letting her sleep in, wake mom up with breakfast in bed and a caffeinated cuppa. Cake Cravings There is a hilarious scene in an episode of Sex and the City where Miranda makes herself a homemade chocolate cake. She starts off by eating one thin sliver of the cake and then walks away. The camera frame doesn't leave the kitchen the entire scene.

Homemade Hot Sauce! Some of us are hot sauce people. I hear the other some of us say that it “takes over” and “burns” and all that nonsense. Clearly, I am hot sauce person. The Healthy Librarian's "Enlightened" Take on Veganomicon Baked Pumpkin Penne Pasta with Caramelized Onions and Sage Crumb Topping Veganomicon's Caramelized Onion Pumpkin Penne Pasta--the "Enlightened" Version Caramelized Onions, Crunchy Topping, Creamy Filling--Healthy Deliciousness Click here to get to the web version with photos & links, if you received this post via email.

5 Relaxing Teas to Help you Unwind - Steep Thoughts Looking for a little rest and relaxation? There’s nothing like a nice cup of tea to help you unwind. Particularly, one of these five relaxing blends. Now… put the kettle on, kick back and steep your troubles away. Saffron Lane :: Seasonal Food, Celebration + Life Welcome to Saffron Lane, a blog dedicated to seasonal food, celebration and life. I'm Elizabeth, a chef, food writer, recipe developer and food stylist.My culinary career began at an early age. While other ten-year-olds were setting up lemonade stands, I was meticulously crafting gourmet chocolates and picking fresh berries from the backyard (to pair with them, of course) for my stand. Among the many lessons that summer, I learned that chocolate doesn't sell very well after hours melting in the sun, no matter how great it tastes.Raised in a passionate family full of inspired cooks and culinary entrepreneurs, food was always the focal point at family get-togethers.

Get Cooking with Free Online Learning Resources Reading an unfamiliar recipe can be frustrating: What steps, exactly, do you take to butterfly a chicken? How small is a fine dice? When the recipe says, “cook until browned,” just how brown should it be? Cooking lessons can give you clarity on all those questions, and impart skills to improve your kitchen abilities. Impress at Happy Hour with These Whiskey + Champagne Cocktails Ready to bring some DIY into your cocktail hour? How about impressing the crowd with homemade cocktails *and* handmade etched glasses? Our latest round of Brit Kits includes two glass-etching kits to give your drinkware a major update – the Etched Whiskey Tumblers Kit and the Etched Champagne Flutes Kit. And since the best way to show off these glasses is to fill them with delicious cocktails, we’re bringing you our go-to champagne and whiskey cocktail recipes, each with an unexpected twist.

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