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APIs & Developer Products

Effective Digital Learning I was asked yesterday what I considered to be the four components of effective digital learning. (Why four? The person who asked me wanted four, there may be more but this is the parameters I was given.) The question intrigued me. The focus was a little bit to do with tools to use for learning, but also pedagogy was an underlying core. So I have pared down my four core elements, but I have embedded these in a number of underlying assumptions. Startup America: A Campaign To Celebrate, Inspire And Accelerate Entrepreneurship Note from the editor: This is a guest post from Aneesh Chopra, United States Chief Technology Officer. During last week’s State of the Union address, President Obama challenged the Nation to out-educate, out-innovate, and out-build our competition to win the future. A critical ingredient in this endeavor is the creative spirit of the American entrepreneur that featured prominently in the President’s Strategy for American Innovation – a framework for long-term economic growth and sustainable job creation. Today, President Obama celebrated the launch of Startup America, a national (public/private) campaign to celebrate, inspire, and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship across all corners of the country, and the formation of the Startup America Partnership to catalyze private support for entrepreneurial ecosystems. To kick-start the campaign, the Obama Administration announced 27 public and private commitments organized across five key goals:

Visio 2003 For Dummies Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet When you’re working in Microsoft Visio to create diagrams, use helpful shortcuts to work with shapes, perform common Visio commands, and open dialog boxes. Don't forget the Visio toolbars; they'll help you work quickly and efficiently. Critical thinking web We have over 100 online tutorials on different aspects of thinking skills. They are organized into modules listed below and in the menu above. Our tutorials are used by universities, community colleges, and high schools around the world. The tutorials are completely free and under a Creative Commons license.

63 EdTech Resources You May Have Missed–Treasure Chest, Feb. 6, 2011 Here is this week’s edition of Treasure Chest–63 EdTech Resources You May Have Missed. I know, that’s a lot! What’s funny though is that I thought this week would bring my fewest number of resources. Due to time constraints this week, I didn’t think I was doing a very good job of curating resources.

Self-tracking links to get you started About Videos Forums Self-Tracking Links Check out the new Quantified Self Complete Guide to Self-Tracking! Making A Cool Login System With PHP, MySQL & jQuery Martin Angelov Introduction Today we are making a cool & simple login / registration system. It will give you the ability to easily create a member-only area on your site and provide an easy registration process. Patterns: Learning, Thinking, Creating By Kevin Washburn, on January 10th, 2012 It seems contradictory. The brain seeks and sees patterns, but when asked to find patterns, many people become uneasy.

The Innovation Lounge From GPWiki Saturday 12 of April, 2014 Innovation Through a Conducive & Creative Environment Our experience, applying 4D and Structured Visual Thinking in nearly 2500 client assignments and interventions, is that the space we create is a critical member of the team Google preuve »est Dieu - Eglise de Google By Matt MacPherson Google is the closest thing to an Omniscient (all-knowing) entity in existence, which can be scientifically verified. She indexes over 9.5 billion WebPages, which is more than any other search engine on the web today. Not only is Google the closest known entity to being Omniscient, but She also sorts through this vast amount of knowledge using Her patented PageRank technology, organizing said data and making it easily accessible to us mere mortals. Google is everywhere at once (Omnipresent). Google is virtually everywhere on earth at the same time.

Write, Photograph And Film Local News As It Breaks With Meporter Meporter is a location-based news app that enables you to write, photograph, and record video of your local news as it breaks, and then to share those stories with anyone who owns a mobile phone or has an Internet connection. Using the Meporter app on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can take a picture, make, a video, or write your own story, and post it for the world to see — all in a matter of minutes. You can post about items for sale, new styles and trends, local politics, area businesses, yard sales in progress, traffic conditions – anything that’s happening in your neck of the woods.

Google Plus: Tips, tricks & how-to's Google Plus is another social network where you post status updates and share photos, just like Facebook — or is it? Actually, Google's latest project combines multiple services that make it more flexible and customizable than its competitors; for example, users can control exactly how their information is shared with features like "Circles," which separate contacts into distinct groups like friends, family and co-workers. While it's currently open to invited users only, it will soon be available to everyone. Described by Google as "real life sharing, re-thought for the web," Google+ makes it easy to tailor your online communication to your own needs and preferences. How to use Google+

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